differs from other   (他とは異なる)

It differs from other members of the taxane class (e.g.

It differs from other dialects in having a velar nasal phoneme.

In this respect, Advaita Vedanta differs from other Vedanta schools.

differs between

Tax rate differs between these categories.

Their clothing differs between genders.

Such cortical regulation differs between its left and right sides.

differs significantly

The smell differs significantly between the two forms.

The cash rate differs significantly to the above rates.

Sexual assault differs significantly from other crimes of assault.

differs based

However, the incidence rate differs based on population, region and races.

Nutritional diseases during life are recorded in an individual's bones, and their presence and severity differs based on access to resources, which is also related to social standing.

As the pronunciation of the Arabic letter Ẓāʾ is often closer to a strong "d" sound, therefore the name's pronunciation differs based on the spoken varieties of Arabic and consequently in its transcription.

differs slightly

Their mechanism of action differs slightly.

The Granada TV adaptation with Jeremy Brett differs slightly.

Buckton's gatehouse differs slightly in having the passage offset to one side.

meaning differs

However, as with other stems, actual meaning differs from verb to verb.

differs greatly

Equipment set up differs greatly from country to country.

Their analyses suggest a phylogeny that differs greatly from George's taxonomic arrangement.

The vent communities that co-occur with "S. thermophilus" differs greatly between seamounts.

differs from most   (ほとんどとは異なります)

The game differs from most roguelikes in a number of ways.

Ovid's version of the myth of Actaeon differs from most earlier sources.

The CAC also differs from most tournaments in that there is no "rebounding."