Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

diplomatic relations   (relaciones diplomaticas)

Turkey broke diplomatic relations with Syria in 2012.

2000 — Full diplomatic relations concluded with France.

Both countries established diplomatic relations in 1996.

diplomatic mission   (Misión diplomática)

She then was assigned to the diplomatic mission in Cairo, Egypt.

The diplomatic mission is led by Ambassador Jamal Mohamed Hassan.

She left the diplomatic mission at Mangalore, and sailed to Batavia.

diplomatic missions   (Misiones diplomáticas)

Colombia has diplomatic missions in all continents.

Botswana has a small number of diplomatic missions abroad.

As a result, he was entrusted with various diplomatic missions.

diplomatic service   (Servicio diplomático)

In the same year he entered the diplomatic service.

In 1791, he entered the British diplomatic service.

Another ambition was to join the diplomatic service.

diplomatic relations between   (relaciones diplomáticas entre)

She called for full diplomatic relations between the countries.

Official diplomatic relations between Ireland and Poland were established in 1976.

The diplomatic relations between the two countries were established on May 8, 1992.

established diplomatic

Both countries established diplomatic relations in 1996.

Both countries established diplomatic relations in 1957.

Both countries established diplomatic relations in 1947.

established diplomatic relations

Both countries established diplomatic relations in 1996.

Both countries established diplomatic relations in 1957.

Both countries established diplomatic relations in 1947.

diplomatic ties

After the handshakes, Ortega said he would re-establish diplomatic ties with Colombia.

Eventually, the diplomatic ties between the Eastern Roman Empire and the Mauro-Roman Kingdom would break down.

On 1 June 2007, Costa Rica broke diplomatic ties with Taiwan, switching recognition to the People's Republic of China.

diplomatic career

He started his diplomatic career in Constantinople.

He began his diplomatic career in 1999 where he was assigned to the Balkans desk.

Throughout his diplomatic career, he has lived in the US, Africa, and the Caribbean.

diplomatic corps   (cuerpo diplomático)

He joined the Czechoslovak foreign ministry and its diplomatic corps in 1992.

The EEAS will serve as a foreign ministry and diplomatic corps for the European Union.

He also continues his educational services to the US military, diplomatic corps and the NATO.

diplomatic recognition

Throughout the Kuomintang years, no country gave Tibet diplomatic recognition.

In 1933, the Massachusetts State Council opposed diplomatic recognition of the Soviet Union.

Washington's interest began in 1824 with the diplomatic recognition of the five states of Central America.

diplomatic efforts

Yudhishthira made numerous diplomatic efforts to retrieve his kingdom peacefully but in vain.

Those diplomatic efforts to normalise the relations initiated by Armenia eventually faltered.

The stunt was timed to coincide with Argentine diplomatic efforts at the UN Decolonisation Committee.

diplomatic representative   (representante diplomático)

Goshkevich also became the first Russian diplomatic representative in Japan (1858–65).

Vesnić was the diplomatic representative from Serbia at the Paris Peace Conference at Versailles in June 1919.

After some negotiations, and an interview with Lepel Griffin, the diplomatic representative at Kabul of the Indian government.

diplomatic immunity   (inmunidad diplomática)

Anger arose when the Saudi claimed diplomatic immunity.

Since 1961, Vatican diplomats also enjoy diplomatic immunity.

He confessed his guilt despite the protection of diplomatic immunity.

diplomatic crisis   (crisis diplomática)

The longstanding dispute became a diplomatic crisis in 1895.

The airdrop led to an escalating diplomatic crisis in relations between Belarus and Sweden.

The Saudi Foreign Minister al-Jubeir announced that the Qatar diplomatic crisis would not be discussed at the Summit.

diplomatic post

Wallace served in this diplomatic post from 1881 to 1885.

He then spent a few weeks at his diplomatic post in Beijing before returning home.

He went on to praise Boesak as 'one of the most gifted young men in the country' who deserved a 'high diplomatic post'.

formal diplomatic

France does not have formal diplomatic relationships with North Korea.

In 1993, it established formal diplomatic relations with the United States.

It was designed to allow the opening of borders and to set up a formal diplomatic relationship.

diplomatic cables

According to Nazi German diplomatic cables, he did so because he feared that the Soviet Union would profit from the unrest and invade Romania.

According to WikiLeaks leaked US diplomatic cables, he was alleged in the past by other businesspeople to have carried handguns to business meetings in Russia.

The content of some of Chu's conversations with Stephen Young of the American Institute in Taiwan was included in US diplomatic cables that were released by WikiLeaks in 2011.

diplomatic pressure   (presión diplomática)

However, intense diplomatic pressure brought about a change of mind.

He was persuaded to give the matter time and continue with both military and diplomatic pressure.

By 1908 public and diplomatic pressure had led Leopold II to annex the Congo as the Belgian Congo colony.

full diplomatic

Both countries established full diplomatic relations in 1940.

She called for full diplomatic relations between the countries.

The Soviet Union maintained full diplomatic relations with the Vichy government until 30 June 1941.

list of diplomatic

List of diplomatic missions of Laos This is a list of diplomatic missions of Laos.

List of diplomatic missions of India This is a list of diplomatic missions of India.

List of diplomatic missions of Chile This is a list of diplomatic missions of Chile.

military and diplomatic

The Balkan Pact provided for regular military and diplomatic consultations.

He was persuaded to give the matter time and continue with both military and diplomatic pressure.

Apart from military and diplomatic problems, he was also concerned with the management structure of the state.

establishment of diplomatic

In 2015, both nations celebrated 40 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between both countries.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, there have been 11 Presidential-level visits between India and Romania.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, both nations have become increasingly close politically and bilaterally.

establish diplomatic   (establecer diplomático)

The new Soviet government was anxious to establish diplomatic relations with China.

Italy was one of the countries that was able to establish diplomatic relations with Azerbaijan.

Morocco was the 2nd African country to establish diplomatic ties with China since the founding of the People's Republic in 1949.

diplomatic posts

He then took on diplomatic posts in Venezuela and Peru.

Gene Cretz previously served in key diplomatic posts in Israel, Egypt and Syria.

During World War II Hawthorne served in many diplomatic posts, including commercial attaché in the British Embassy in Belgium.

diplomatic incident   (incidente diplomático)

This diplomatic incident became known as the "Uruguay River pulp mill dispute".

After a brief trial, Jackson executed both of them, causing a diplomatic incident with the British.

The fallout became a major international diplomatic incident in North Korea–United States relations.

entered the diplomatic

In the same year he entered the diplomatic service.

In 1901 he entered the diplomatic service.

He entered the diplomatic service of the Holy See on 1 July 1995.

political and diplomatic

The Declaration accepted the growing political and diplomatic independence of the Dominions in the years after World War I.

Thus St. Adalbert's bones were preserved in Gniezno, which assisted Boleslaus I of Poland in increasing Polish political and diplomatic power in Europe.

Due to his activities, Akiva has been disowned by Ari's father, Barak, who heads the mainstream Jewish Agency trying to create a Jewish state through political and diplomatic means.

off diplomatic

This sparked Cuba to cut off diplomatic relations with the EU.

As a result, Georgia broke off diplomatic relations with Russia and has left the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The 1973 Chilean coup d'état and the Pinochet dictatorship brought pressures in both countries to cut off diplomatic ties.

official diplomatic

The two countries have had official diplomatic relations since March 11, 1992.

The Holy See also has established official diplomatic relations with the State of Palestine.

Nogueira replied that his government was not going to accord official diplomatic recognition to Reedman, and that Dupont understood this.

diplomatic negotiations

In 1881, Qing recovered the Gulja region through diplomatic negotiations in the Treaty of Saint Petersburg (1881).

There were diplomatic negotiations during the Trienio Liberal (1820-1823) but they were quashed by the return of absolutism.

The arrest of these human rights defenders attracted international media attention and led to several diplomatic negotiations.