İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

not directly   (dolaylı)

The Left Alliance did not directly own any stocks.

Parasequences are not directly related to sequences.

Acid rain does not directly affect human health.

directly elected   (doğrudan seçilmiş)

These ten have directly elected provincial councils.

The mayor is (CDU), directly elected in 2015.

Miloš Zeman was the first directly elected Czech President.

directly related   (doğrudan ilgili)

Parasequences are not directly related to sequences.

Neopaganism is directly related to Hermeticism.

This is directly related to the non-greyness of the real atmosphere.

directly or indirectly   (doğrudan veya dolaylı)

Bullets can achieve this directly or indirectly.

Jain owns 23% of IIFL, directly or indirectly.

directly or indirectly interested."

directly involved   (doğrudan dahil)

"Not a single German" was directly involved," he added.

Ivens was directly involved in labour activism during this period.

Near the end of 1968, Adams got more directly involved in the struggle.

located directly

This is located directly before the gene sequence.

Stables are located directly behind the house.

It is located directly underneath the existing station.

directly across   (doğrudan karşısında)

It is located directly across the Overseas Highway from Rockland Key.

It is located directly across the Ohio River from Louisville, Kentucky.

It is located directly across the Overseas Highway from East Rockland Key.

either directly   (ya doğrudan)

Its grains can be either directly consumed or milled into flour.

Most genes involved affect ion channels, either directly or indirectly.

These toxins act mainly on the heart, either directly or through the nerves.

directly connected   (Doğrudan bağlı)

They are directly connected by a 200-mile pipeline.

Jabaranpur is directly connected to Varanasi by bus.

In total, 12 capitals are directly connected by BR-101.

directly through

Zi River, known as "Mother River", flows directly through the town.

Again, the line had to run directly through the narrow village street.

This knowledge is imparted directly through the work of the Holy Spirit.

directly above   (doğrudan yukarıda)

The glass roof is directly above the single centre platform.

The epicenter is the point at ground level directly above the hypocenter.

With RCMP badges, no badge is worn directly above a badge containing a crown.

more directly

Near the end of 1968, Adams got more directly involved in the struggle.

This has led to products more directly aimed toward toddlers such as a Mr.

Other commentators incorporate consent more directly into their definitions.

directly onto   (doğrudan üzerine)

Its rear facade faces directly onto Horse Guards Parade.

They can also be done freehand directly onto a print, without using a printing block. "

The water flowed directly onto the earthen hillside below the emergency spillway, as designed.

directly behind   (doğrudan arkada)

Stables are located directly behind the house.

The dirt track is directly behind the original asphalt facility.

The steps up the Giant's Lance starts directly behind the Gates of the Moon.

directly responsible   (doğrudan sorumlu)

Each project has a "directly responsible individual" or "DRI" in Apple jargon.

The constituents of each ward are directly responsible for electing three aldermen.

Constituents of all wards are directly responsible for electing the Lord Mayor of Darwin.

qualified directly

First 3 from each heat (Q) qualified directly for the final.

directly linked   (doğrudan bağlantılı)

This lack of resources is directly linked to ethnicity and race.

Deforestation is directly linked with a decrease in plant biodiversity.

The progression of HIV is directly linked to excess, unregulated apoptosis.

elected directly

The mayor is elected directly every two years.

Council members are elected directly every four years.

The president and vice president were not elected directly by the voters.

directly in front   (doğrudan önde)

The radar tower on Dooncarton Hill is situated directly in front of the village.

Bay 1 is directly in front of the hospital, while the bathhouse feeds into Bay 4.

The city was bombarded; many people were killed by bombs directly in front of him.

directly opposite

The govt bus stand in Itagi is directly opposite to the Mutt.

The pub was directly opposite another, larger, music venue, the Rainbow Theatre.

Our pitch is located on the Naas Road directly opposite The Red Cow, Moran Hotel.

led directly

The boat's wake led directly back to the lighthouse.

This led directly to the original SHIVA effort in 1971.

The rails led directly to the area around the gas chambers.

directly affected

This directly affected the German built Volkswagen vans.

Thousands of workers—estimates range from 12,000 to 20,000 —were directly affected.

Queens hibernating underground during the winter are not directly affected by the parasite.

directly south

LaBagh Woods forest preserve is directly south of Sauganash.

It is on Rattanakosin Island, directly south of the Grand Palace.

It is directly south of Bear Peninsula, Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica.

directly below

The Continental Divide Trail passes directly below the wall.

It is not unusual for the batter to stand almost directly below the wire.

The true archaeological findings are directly below this indicated constellation.

directly north

It lies directly north of the Port of Dakar.

Fairwarp is a small village directly north of Maresfield.

The axis of the valley runs almost directly north to south.

taken directly

This concept is taken directly from the men's series.

Syrinx is taken directly from the ancient Greek word for "tube."

However, very virtuous beings are taken directly to Svarga (heaven).

does not directly

Acid rain does not directly affect human health.

NetQuote does not directly provide insurance.

The NDA does not directly manage the UK's nuclear sites.

did not directly

The Left Alliance did not directly own any stocks.

The Union in turn did not directly engage him.

He did not directly answer if he had ever made such a statement.

directly adjacent

The bunkhouse was built nearby, then moved directly adjacent to the barn.

It is located directly adjacent to Interstate 78 and south of South Mountain.

The innermost cortical layer, the zona reticularis, lies directly adjacent to the medulla.

directly influenced

Two legal predecessors directly influenced Bracton.

His teaching directly influenced Gandhi's non-violence philosophy.

It is unclear whether or not she was directly influenced by their works.

go directly

All donations from the sets go directly to War Child Canada.

100% of listener donations go directly to the chosen charity.

The remaining two pairs will go directly into the danger zone.

directly proportional   (doğrudan orantılı)

The program's run-time is directly proportional to its input size.

The intensity of the signal is directly proportional to the amount of unknown analyte.

The amount of Pi liberated is directly proportional to the activity of the transporter.

connected directly

The device itself is not connected directly to the network.

In 2003, Vechoor got connected directly to Kottayam via Kumarakom.

Closed-loop: Motor-return is connected directly to the pump-inlet.

reported directly

It reported directly to the Commandant of the Marine Corps.

It reported directly to the commander of the Northern Front.

Military intelligence units reported directly to the president.

reports directly

Additionally, the 20th Comptroller Squadron reports directly to the wing commander.

The holder of the position reports directly to the lady of the house or sometimes to the housekeeper.

The Commissioner of Police serves as the commander of the HKPF and reports directly to the Secretary for Security.

directly affect   (doğrudan etkilemek)

Acid rain does not directly affect human health.

TBX3 is not thought to directly affect "KITLG" expression.

Nongenotoxins do not directly affect DNA but act in other ways to promote growth.

went directly

The fifteen athletes went directly to final.

So Kock went directly to President Lincoln.

He graduated from high school in 1966 and went directly into the Army.

directly subordinated   (doğrudan bağlı)

On May 4, 1938 the district was directly subordinated to Kalinin Oblast.

It had the rank of Division, and was directly subordinated to the Ministry of the Army and Navy.

In February 1932, okrugs were abolished, and the districts were directly subordinated to the oblast.

placed directly

They instead are placed directly on the stylobate.

Such pickups are usually placed directly underneath the guitar strings.

The local clubs or workshops are organisationally placed directly under the regional branches.

directly and indirectly   (doğrudan ve dolaylı olarak)

He was still a PhD advisor directly and indirectly.

Booms cause injuries and deaths directly and indirectly by knocking people overboard.

Most of town's population are employed directly and indirectly in the mining industry.

directly inspired

The track was directly inspired by The Cure song, "The Love Cats".

The resumption of the northern enterprise, opposed by Rupert and directly inspired by Digby, led to nothing.

Most of his songs were in Piedmontese language and were directly inspired by French chanson and chansonniers.

not directly related

Parasequences are not directly related to sequences.

It was not directly related to the events of any game in the series.

Skylab was the only launch not directly related to the Apollo lunar landing program.

directly between

Transactions on a regional level are agreed directly between the groups.

Polled devices usually moved data directly between the device and the A register.

There are no major roads that run directly between the south and north of the county (e.g.

lies directly

It lies directly north of the Port of Dakar.

The village of Port Henderson lies directly to the north.

Kroonstad lies directly on the N1, and bypasses the town to the east.

work directly   (doğrudan çalış)

Printers that work directly with metals are generally expensive.

Clinicians work directly with patients rather than in a laboratory or as a researcher.

In 1905 most of Bowman's leases expired and the WCC took over the work directly at that time.

advanced directly

They advanced directly to the West Division final where they hosted the Edmonton Eskimos.

The Tigers advanced directly to the Grand Final after defeating in the Second Semi-final.

"Dublin won the Leinster Championship and so advanced directly to the quarter-final group stage."

used directly

Some of this steam is used directly as shipboard heat.

People can be used directly in an evaluation.

Espagnole has a strong taste, and is rarely used directly on food.

not be directly

formula_3), which cannot be directly observed using non-invasive functional imaging modalities.

Unlike many other functions of state, entropy cannot be directly observed but must be calculated.

The areas given are as noted in the articles and references provided, but may not be directly comparable.

reporting directly

As part of her work, She will be reporting directly to Bola Adesola CEO, Nigeria and West Africa.

Fatico designated Gotti as acting capo, reporting directly to Gambino underboss Aniello Dellacroce.

Frank Corbi assumed the position of acting leader of the Baltimore operation, reporting directly to Gallo.

directly against   (doğrudan karşı)

This shift was an attempt to avoid competing directly against Australia's various football codes.

Many harnesses did not have a backplate, and the cylinders rested directly against the diver's back.

Ships are stationed directly against the canal wall and load and unloaded by cranes and cereal silos.

directly east

Noble Square is directly east of East Village.

The main building is directly east of the psychopathic ward.

East Village or "East Ukrainian Village" is a neighborhood directly east of Ukrainian Village.

directly associated   (doğrudan ilişkili)

Siddons, however, was directly associated with the play's departure from the stage.

For many religions, religiosity is directly associated with an increase in the intention to have children.

Health Canada actively recognizes that substance abuse is directly associated with the public safety of all Canadians.

built directly

Its frame is built directly on the mill's foundation, and is not connected to the walls.

Five stations of the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) are built directly underneath Nathan Road.

Also, a completely new district of Gdansk is planned to be built directly next to the airport.

report directly   (doğrudan rapor et)

They may report directly to the president or chancellor.

He sent his report directly to Kublai Khan.

They report directly to the IOFS officers.

working directly

is a short-tempered man working directly under Zaizen.

By April 2019, there were about 145,100 people working directly with the oil and gas industry.

The completed model was then animated by a motion capture artist working directly with the team.

not directly involved

Miles was not directly involved at Wounded Knee and was critical of the commanding officer.

He is the only one of the main characters who is not directly involved with the acting business.

Although Lim was not directly involved in the protest, he was recognized as one of its architects.

leads directly

The invention of possible means of solutions leads directly to the fourth stage.

A pedestrian bridge leads directly from the platform to the first floor of the mall.

PTH 32 leads directly to the Winkler Port of Entry on the Canada–United States border.

run directly

The school was then run directly by the Pope-Brooks foundation.

Again, the line had to run directly through the narrow village street.

There are no major roads that run directly between the south and north of the county (e.g.

came directly

The graphic design came directly from the title."

14% of central government revenue came directly from copper in 2012.

The 22 percent of which came directly from Africa came from Congo and Angola.

directly west

It is directly west of Garfield Park.

Migrants make use of the many islands in the Aegean Sea, directly west of Turkey.

Pulaski Park is a neighborhood directly west of Goose Island and east of Wicker Park.

both directly

The government is the largest employer in the city, both directly and as contractors.

Rapamycin inhibitors and rapalogs can target tumor growth both directly and indirectly.

Chk1 inhibits Cdc25 activity both directly and by promoting its exclusion from the nucleus.

directly elected mayor

The position of directly elected mayor ended and a system of rotation among city commissioners for mayor began.

Nanao has a mayor-council form of government with a directly elected mayor and a unicameral city legislature of 18 members.

Iwaki has a mayor-council form of government with a directly elected mayor and a unicameral city legislature of 37 members.

directly controlled

The movement and attacking of familiars can be directly controlled with the stylus.

At one point the brothers reportedly directly controlled 70% of the national budget.

Unlike those in conventional "Quake" movies, none of the characters were directly controlled by players.

worked directly

He worked directly with heads of state and CEOs of major companies.

Instead he worked directly with Jonathan Cape publisher Tom Maschler.

The demesne lands surrounding Monivea Castle were worked directly for the benefit of the landlord.

almost directly

The axis of the valley runs almost directly north to south.

It then runs almost directly to the west, crossing the A 352.

It is not unusual for the batter to stand almost directly below the wire.

sent directly   (doğrudan gönderildi)

The illiterates are sent directly to the Army Beta room.

Also, pictures can be sent directly from Picasa using a Gmail account.

Daily topical features sent directly to users' mobile phones are also planned.

directly or through

These toxins act mainly on the heart, either directly or through the nerves.

A woman or man may propose marriage directly or through an intermediary (matchmaker).

The villagers bring their agricultural items grown in home to sell them directly or through vendors.

directly beneath

The tag 'Learning' is located directly beneath the logo.

The ocellus is a dark red brown and found directly beneath the eye between the second and third arm.

The Polyglas tires had bias construction that added stabilizing circumference belts directly beneath the tread.

attached directly

Review content is attached directly to a listing.

A coal port is attached directly to the station which supplies all its coal consumption needs.

Telephone, CATV, and fibre optic cables are generally attached directly to the pole without insulators.

most directly   (en doğrudan)

2539 (1996) is the statute most directly prohibiting prostitution.

The simplest finite fields, with prime order, are most directly accessible using modular arithmetic.

Additive synthesis most directly generates sound by adding the output of multiple sine wave generators.

made directly

Sell through refers to sales made directly (Direct sales).

Edits must be made directly to ELIZA’s active script in order to change the manner by which the program operates.

Since the updates were made directly to the Type 1 files, the (incompatible) MetaFont sources have been removed from the distribution.

applied directly

The dosage should be applied directly to the site where anesthesia is required.

It is also available as a topical gel, which is applied directly to the surface of the skin.

Only full file updates released after SP2 can be applied directly to client installations of Office XP.

rather than directly

It has pulled off this feat by partnering with galleries and auction houses, rather than directly competing with them."

Shark teeth are embedded in the gums rather than directly affixed to the jaw, and are constantly replaced throughout life.

A web browser is set to send requests for web content to the proxy server rather than directly to the web server intended.

runs directly

The Artists' Way runs directly by the mill.

The dam survived the 1906 earthquake despite the fact that the fault runs directly under the dam.

As the river runs directly through the biosphere reserve, it has a strong impact on ecosystems within it.

situated directly

The radar tower on Dooncarton Hill is situated directly in front of the village.

The car barn is situated directly above the power house and the Cable Car Museum.

It is situated directly on the San Andreas Fault, which is named after the valley it is in.

compete directly

Creating its own chips, AMD began to compete directly with Intel.

Directors cannot compete directly with the company without a conflict of interest arising.

Schulman also threatened to move his soon-to-be ABA team to Los Angeles to compete directly with the Lakers.

directly subordinate   (doğrudan bağlı)

Three districts directly subordinate to the area command eventually replaced it.

By an 1185 bull of Pope Lucius III, the abbey was directly subordinate to the Holy See.

In 1930, the okrugs were abolished, and the districts became directly subordinate to Northern Krai.

never directly

Enathu was never directly under the British Rule.

Joelle equivocates and never directly replies to the question.

Poetry was also the reason John never directly quoted the older prophets.

qualify directly

Liga, so they qualify directly for the Hesse Cup.

With 16 boats in heats, the best boats qualify directly for the semi-finals.

With 13 boats in heats, the best boats qualify directly for the semi-finals.

goes directly

The other 25% of the air goes directly into the lungs.

The river goes directly to Vemabanad Lake but it is very narrow in this region.

Peggy walks in and goes directly to her office without giving the broadcast much attention.

passed directly

The ball is passed directly from the passer's chest to the receiver's chest.

Aerial target ranges were passed directly to the HACS table (fire control computer).

Shortly before 1500 UTC on August 26, the center of Bolaven passed directly over Okinawa.

sold directly

However, in 1969, CFCY-TV was sold directly to the CBC as CBCT-TV.

Surplus assets are sold directly by CAD or through contracted service providers.

The Whike is sold directly to customers and is also available from some specialist suppliers.

released directly

"Rebirth of Mothra" was released directly to video in the United States.

The film was released directly to DVD three years later, on March 3, 2015.

The letter was also released directly to the press to ensure it could not be "delayed".

people directly

In a direct democracy, the people directly deliberate and decide on legislature.

It uses the arts to engage young people directly into the freedom of expression debate.

It is broken and explodes outwards in a big white wave which kills people directly and indirectly (i.e.

assigned directly

Inactivated in 1974 and the 303d Squadron was assigned directly to the 442d Wing.

Inactivated in 1974 and the 304th Squadron was assigned directly to the 442d Wing.

Inactivated in November 1974, with personnel and aircraft being assigned directly to the 433d Wing.

directly elected every

Since 1979, it has been directly elected every five years by European Union citizens, using universal suffrage.

Originally a role nominated by the council annually, from 2008 to 2016 it was directly elected every four years.

As a commune, Laja is a third-level administrative division of Chile administered by a municipal council, headed by an alcalde who is directly elected every four years.

communicate directly   (doğrudan iletişim kur)

Users generally do not communicate directly with a DNS resolver.

The executable test suite can communicate directly with the system under test.

That day Gallieni was ordered not to communicate directly with the government.

directly next

It is located directly next to Reeves Park.

It sits directly next to the Four Points by Sheraton Tripoli Hotel.

The band sits in the south end-zone directly next to the student section(s).

directly towards

Although London was his goal, Henry did not move directly towards the city.

But the turn to the east took his ships, again, directly towards Jellicoe's fully deployed battle line.

They rode deep into the Transkei Xhosa heartland, directly towards the kraal of Sarhili ("Kreli"), the paramount chief of all the Xhosa.

directly led   (doğrudan led)

This directly led to the following in Chrysler's case.

Hence tamoxifen's tissue selective action directly led to the formulation of the concept of SERMs.

This directly led to the Brunei Revolt, which thwarted Azahari's attempt and forced him to escape to Indonesia.

connect directly

Trading partners can connect directly to each other.

No action has yet been taken on proposals to relocate the GO Station to connect directly with the subway.

It also contain an IEBus interface transceiver which allow the device to connect directly to the IEBus interface.

directly promoted

Bundesliga" were directly promoted to the "Bundesliga".

After the regular season, the top two team will be directly promoted to 2019 K3 League Advance.

The league has three second divisions as the tier below, these being: The three league champions are directly promoted.

mounted directly

The engine is mounted directly on the chassis frame.

Instead of a traditional control panel, spinners are mounted directly on the roof as well.

His seats, and floorboards were mounted directly onto the chassis as was the scuttle and instrument panel.

leading directly   (doğrudan liderlik etmek)

They are able to suck their prey by creating a current of water leading directly into its snout.

A short distance from Enfide is the entrance to a narrow, gloomy valley, penetrating the mountains and leading directly to Subiaco.

In general, the rule applies only to conduct leading directly to a final decision, and not to an investigation meant for obtaining information.

directly address   (doğrudan adres)

In his following speeches, Cicero did not directly address Catiline.

The rise of digital media enabled scientist to directly address the general public.

In Book II Thomas begins to directly address Froude's criticism of giving colonies self-rule.

speak directly   (doğrudan konuş)

A portfolio manager subsequently asked to speak directly to someone at Solow Realty.

Noise-canceling microphones require the operator speak directly into the front of the microphone.

God does not speak directly to the faithful but through his prophets because they speak with the spirit.

directly based

Many shots featured in the show were directly based on Nishikawa's pieces, including the framing and the shading used.

GIA Publications published a hymn text in 1991 directly based on the Apostles' Creed, called "I Believe in God Almighty."

The film was compared to "Risky Business", although Cuthbert said her character was not directly based on Rebecca De Mornay's.

based directly

The river’s name is based directly on the Kaurna word "pari" which means river.

Some of these are based directly on the university's interpretation of the Bible.

His theory is based directly on the "phenomenal field" personality theory of Combs and Snygg (1949).

located directly across   (doğrudan karşısında)

It is located directly across the Overseas Highway from Rockland Key.

It is located directly across the Ohio River from Louisville, Kentucky.

It is located directly across the Overseas Highway from East Rockland Key.

directly underneath   (doğrudan altında)

It is located directly underneath the existing station.

Such pickups are usually placed directly underneath the guitar strings.

This will serve to direct water away from the wall surface directly underneath the sill.