Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

film director   (director de cine)

On March 11, 1931, famed German film director F.W.

Armstrong became a film director at the age of 27.

Another son, Yotam, a film director, died in 1997.

executive director   (director ejecutivo)

She is currently the executive director of BREADA.

In April 2001, she took over as executive director.

Davis, the organization's first executive director.

managing director   (Director general)

He became managing director in his early twenties.

He became joint managing director in the same year.

Matthew Greensmith is the current managing director.

music director   (director de musica)

Rajesh Roshan was the music director of the movie.

Salil Choudhury was the music director of the film.

He worked as music director to artists like K.L.

artistic director   (director artistico)

David Esbjornson became artistic director in 2005.

Ohad Naharin has been artistic director since 1990.

Stone served as artistic director of COT until 1993.

art director   (director de arte)

Later, she became the art director of the theater.

She worked as didactic art director of As.Li.Co.

The first art director of Muji was Ikko Tanaka.

assistant director   (subgerente)

Bhatt thus started as assistant director to Khosla.

The assistant director was Lee Wonju of Lumpens.

Sunny Deol's son, Rocky, was assistant director.

athletic director   (director deportivo)

He served as athletic director from 1973 to 1976.

Valvano became NC State's athletic director in 1986.

In 1973, Ireland became the athletic director of UNLV.

musical director   (director musical)

Clapton was a performer and the musical director.

Simon Ellis was hired as the musical director.

Carl took over as the band's musical director onstage.

first director

The first director of the factory was Johan Wolff.

The first director of Uralmash was A. P. Bannikov.

Its first director was Margaret Storrs Grierson.

deputy director   (subdirector)

He directs the conservatory with a deputy director.

In 2011, Deese was named deputy director of the NEC.

is the deputy director of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

became director

and in 1908 became director of the pottery studio.

Tracy Fitzpatrick became director in November 2014.

In 1979, he became director of corporate finance.

creative director   (director creativo)

In 2015, D'Faces' creative director was Deb Hughes.

Pavel Širůček was author and creative director.

Roth is creative director and Janet Dimon is producer.

served as director

Jack Jouvin served as director from 1930 to 1937.

Ted Wood previously served as director of rugby.

Max Maurey served as director from 1898 to 1914.

theatre director   (director de teatro)

Bikram is playwright, theatre director and actor.

They were also granddaughters of theatre director Abel Seyler.

According to theatre director Arun Mehra, this makeover cost .

former director

Abdul Hussein Mo'ezzi is a former director and imam.

He is a former director of Apple, Palm, E.piphany and 3COM.

She was also a former director of housing at Lee University.

founding director   (director fundador)

The founding director of museum is Zaven Sargsyan.

She served there as the program's founding director.

Lortz served as an additional founding director.

director and producer

Oleg Kozhukhov served as the game's director and producer.

Nick Stagliano Nick Stagliano is a film director and producer.

Her last film as a director and producer was "Salabega" in 1998.

program director

Also fired was program director John Cook.

1953 found him as program director at WMBM and then at WFEC.

Kobylt became program director of WOND.

appointed director

In 1967 he was appointed director of church music.

In 1847 he was appointed director of the Prestaskólan.

Thereafter he was appointed director of administration.

technical director   (director técnico)

of China Super League as technical director.

Since 2016 she was the technical director of Kisvárdai KC.

Gilberto served as technical director at Panathinaikos in 2016.

director and screenwriter   (director y guionista)

M. Anbazhagan M. Anbazhagan is a film director and screenwriter.

They have two sons, Matthew and Adam, a director and screenwriter.

He is an Indian film director and screenwriter of the Tamil film industry.

became the director

In 2011 he became the director of mobile engineering.

She became the director of World Summit Award in 2003.

In 1893, he became the director of Vienna Zoo.

producer and director

He became a British film producer and director.

Khan was a journalist, and a film producer and director.

Tom Hargis was the producer and director.

actor and director

She is married to actor and director Veniamin Smekhov.

In 1981 Champagne began work as an actor and director.

She was married to actor and director Paul Michael Glaser.

television director

In the middle of his career, he became a film and television director.

Gwen Arner Gwen Arner is an American television director and actress.

Kessler came back to California and became a film and television director.

writer and director

Ramchandra PN served as both the writer and director.

Her brother is Leon Ichaso, film writer and director.

Criswell appeared in the movies of writer and director Ed Wood.

director general   (director general)

He was the director general of the Parti Québécois.

when he was director general of military operations.

The department is headed by a director general.

associate director

He worked as an associate director and actor in the movie.

She was the associate director of the School from 2000 to 2009.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali served as the associate director for songs in the film.

casting director   (Director de casting)

The casting director did not look for established stars.

Carmen Cuba served as the casting director on the series.

Her mother became a casting director for Thames Television.

became a director

He then became a director for 20th Century Fox.

In 1965, he became a director of S.G. Warburg.

He initially worked as a writer and became a director.

director of photography   (Director de fotografía)

The director of photography was David Devlin.

Anuj Dhawan was the director of photography.

Anuj Dhawan served as the film's director of photography.

founder and director   (fundador y director)

She is the founder and director of Foundry Communications.

He is also the founder and director of the Center for Human Sleep Science.

He served as founder and director of School/Clinical Child Psychology Ph.D.

stage director

Then he became company manager and stage director.

The stage director was Peter Weck.

Heyting became a stage director at the dramatic society of Borger.

general director   (director general)

He also became general director of Madeco in 1957.

It was headed by general director Sergei Kharlamov.

Later, he became the general director of the company.

current director

Stefanie is the current director of a model school.

The current director of the museum is Sue Shave.

The current director of the DDMI is Jan Ruzicka.

new director

Then Denis Jeambar became the new director.

Johannes Pollak took over as new director as of July 2016.

The chorus began a search for a new director in April 2009.

sports director

He was the sports director for WBRE-TV until 2006.

In 2013, he became sports director of Herediano.

Also, he was a sports director of KK Student Banja Luka.

theater director   (director de teatro)

His favorite theater director is B.V. Karanth.

He served as an actor, film producer and theater director.

Alice Reagan Alice Reagan is an American theater director.

news director   (director de noticias)

She is news director at Bulgarian International Television, BIT.

The celebratory opening show anchored by news director Jack Hogan.

Search warrants naming two journalists and news director Gaven Morris were issued.

medical director   (director médico)

Tiebout retired as medical director of Blythewood in 1950.

In such systems, the medical director's role takes on several aspects.

He served as the Center's first medical director from 1982 until 1989.

acting director

He was acting director of the Van Vleck Observatory from 1918-1920.

Prof. Dr. Klaus-Armin Nave is currently the acting director of the institute.

He resigned abruptly in March, 1978, which left Millar as NIOSH's acting director.

director and writer

Shin Itagaki is the director and writer for each season.

Shin Itagaki is also the director and writer for this series.

Tarun Mansukhani Tarun Mansukhani is a Bollywood director and writer.

then director

The inscriptions were called by the then director Ing.

Some, including Julian Huxley (then director of UNESCO), Léger and Taylor left the conference in protest.

Stockings and the then director of the AWM, Brendan Nelson met with Payne in 2019 to discuss DFAT's handling of the volume.

director of football

In 2005–06 he moved to Bologna as the director of football.

Vukčević's father, Ilija, worked as director of football at FK Zeta.

In the 1992–93 season, he was named the director of football of Alessandria.

video director

It was directed by English music video director Sophie Muller.

The video was directed by British music video director Chris Mehling.

Agustín Alberdi Agustín Alberdi is a Latin Grammy Award-winner music video director.

company director   (director de compania)

He became a company director, and died in 1941.

He later took over from his father as company director.

He was a company director, land owner and philanthropist.

sporting director

He is former sporting director of Třinec.

He is the sporting director of 1.

From 2015 to 2016 he was the sporting director of Chindia Târgoviște.

named director

He was named director of the company in November 1999.

In 2012 he was named director of the Sarajevo War Theatre.

The composer Gaspare Spontini was named director of royal music.

director of research

She is now the director of research at the World Bank.

Now she serves as the director of research at The World Bank.

She moved to Lille, and became a director of research, in 1995.

editorial director   (director editorial)

In 1974, he joined WBBM-TV as the station's editorial director.

Howes eventually served as the editorial director of the paper.

from 1997-2002; and the editorial director for music at

spiritual director

The resident spiritual director, Fr.

From 1829 until 1838 he served as the spiritual director of seminarians at Klagenfurt.

They were also inspired by O'Connor, who served as Drexel's spiritual director until his death.

research director

From 1969 to 2008, he was research director at the .

She became an emeritus research director at the two institutions in 1999.

He is also a research director with the Conflict Studies Research Centre.

director and actor

Bikram is playwright, theatre director and actor.

He worked as an associate director and actor in the movie.

It was owned by director and actor Sohrab Modi until the early 1950s.

communications director

Jones is the oft-quoted former communications director for U.S.

He then took a position as communications director for a New York State Senate campaign.

Earnest was communications director on Jim Davis' campaign for governor of Florida, in 2006.

best director

Since 1990, it is conferred on the best director.

He won several as best director.

He called Toland "the best director of photography that ever existed."

museum director

Eaton is married to museum director Susan Henshaw Jones.

Reyahn King Reyahn King is a British curator and museum director.

Janet Barnes Janet Barnes, is a British curator and former museum director.

animation director

Kii Tanaka was the character designer and the chief animation director.

The episode was written by Parker and directed by animation director Eric Stough.

Satomi Tamura also served as the chief animation director along with Akira Takata.

director of music

He is the artistic director of music festivals.

Since 2019 the organist and director of music has been John Robinson.

Composer David Catherwood is currently director of music at Campbell.

movie director

He had said his final dream is to become a renowned movie director.

She studied, in Paris, France in the 1930s, under a French movie director.

Zentropa is a film company, co-owned by Danish movie director Lars von Trier.

regional director   (Director Regional)

In 1936, she succeeded him as regional director.

He was the regional director of TCDD in Sivas.

In 2008 she became the regional director of LDS Charities for the Middle East.

music video director

It was directed by English music video director Sophie Muller.

The video was directed by British music video director Chris Mehling.

Agustín Alberdi Agustín Alberdi is a Latin Grammy Award-winner music video director.

marketing director

Joseph became the marketing director and Louis managed the art department.

He had previously served as COO and as their sales and marketing director.

Michael Polis, the marketing director of WildBrain, then became the new CEO.

national director   (director nacional)

He later was national director of the Alzheimer's Association.

The pageant was the 1st edition under US Earth Productions headed by the new national director, Laura Clark.

About 100 were aided by Salkahazi herself, who was the national director of Hungarian Catholic Working Women's Movement.

choir director   (Director del coro)

His mother was a singer, whose father had been a choir director and musician.

Hayes trained with Arthur Calhoun, an organist and choir director, in Chattanooga.

In 1919, Jessye began work as the choir director at Morgan State College in Baltimore.

director of public   (director de publico)

McNaught was the director of public relations for the company.

She was director of public relations for the 1st World Outgames in 2006.

The mayor appoints the director of safety and the director of public service.

band director

The current band director is Lieutenant Oleg Casacu.

He was a band director for 17 years.

The Edgewood Fight Song was written by former band director Gene Milford.

director of player   (director de jugador)

In 1978 Mattick was appointed the director of player development.

Griffin returned to the college level in 2013 as director of player personnel at Georgia Tech.

The Colorado Rockies hired Geivett from the Dodgers in 2000, naming him their director of player personnel.

became managing director

He became managing director in his early twenties.

In 1990, he became managing director of Virgin Freeway.

Bob Ayling became managing director.

director of operations

Craig Patrick, the Rangers' director of operations, replaced him.

In 2010, he was hired as a director of operations for the men's soccer program.

Cathy started as director of operations, eventually being promoted in 2013 to president and CEO.

opera director

Their son, Walter Sutcliffe, is a theatre and opera director.

Sjaron Minailo Sjaron Minailo is an Israeli Dutch opera director.

Helena Kaut-Howson Helena Kaut-Howson is a British theatre and opera director.

project director

Horii served as game designer and general project director.

Arthur Rudolph became the project director of the Saturn V rocket program in August 1963.

Pepich joined RAM as a project director after graduation and was appointed director in 1980.

become director   (convertirse en director)

He has also become director of the Asia-Pacific Centre for American Law.

Since, former DCDC dancer Shonna Hickman-Matlock has become director of DCDC2.

In 1899 Vsevolozhsky become director of the Hermitage Museum until his death in 1909.

scientific director

The scientific director of the institute is

Prof. Dr. Jörg Overmann has acted as scientific director since 2010.

He was also the scientific director of NICER Institute at Oslo, Norway.

director and chief   (director y jefe)

The former author Kurbanjan Semat as the general director and chief producer.

Formerly, director and chief executive officer of the National Gallery of Canada.

On 7 January 2009, Willie McAteer resigned his position as finance director and chief risk officer.

screenwriter and director   (guionista y director)

Systad Jacobsen is a screenwriter and director.

Abby Kohn Abby Kohn is an American screenwriter and director.

Jeff Stanzler Jeff Stanzler is an American screenwriter and director.

professor and director

In 1900 he became professor and director at the Sing-Akademie zu Berlin.

He was professor and director of the Dental Instituts University of Zurich.

From 1900 to 1930 he was professor and director of the Physics Institute of the University of Geneva.

director of several

Shorthouse was a non-executive director of several Warburg portfolio companies.

He has served as the chairman or a director of several commercial and public sector institutions.

He also published novels, short stories, poetry and drama, and was the director of several films.

finance director

Two years later, he asked Ross to join the business as finance director.

He then rose through the company before being appointed finance director.

The secretary was Andor Erdélyi, while the finance director was István Hamza.

unit director

In August 2019, Chad Stahelski joined as a second unit director for reshoots.

Today, Buddy Joe’s schedule remains busy as a stunt coordinator and 2nd unit director.

Garry Brown is the second unit director for the series, with stunts coordinated by Tanner Gill.

senior director

From 2014 to 2016, Costin was senior director of education at the World Bank Group.

Simon Prakash, a senior director at Google’s hardware unit, became VP of products and design.

Ivan Harbour joined Richard Rogers Partnership in 1985, in 1993 he was made a senior director.

president and director

Théberge was president and director of the "Centre d’études franco canadiennes de l’Ouest" from 1995 to 2004.

Before joining the Harvard Kennedy School faculty, Stone was president and director of the Vera Institute of Justice.

Hu Yanyan Hu Yanyan () is the president and director of China Guardian, the fourth largest auction house in the world.

serving as director

Our Time", with Sarik Andreasyan serving as director.

He accepted a promotion at the Central News Agency in 1972, serving as director until retirement in 1978.

He was serving as director and commandant in armed forces medical college Pune and retired on 30 April 2011.

original director

The original director was Bud Yorkin.

Oscar Méténier was the Grand Guignol's founder and original director.

Reitherman was the film's original director along with Art Stevens as co-director.

school director   (director de escuela)

Thomas "Tom" Cannon, FSC as the first school director.

He served as school director of Milford, Pennsylvania.

He served as school director of Mount Carmel from 1890 to 1894.

independent director

Since July 2007, its non-executive independent director has been Prof. Peter Brooks.

The film was a major box office success, and Upendra came out as an independent director.

Fire in the Jungle became a soundtrack for the film directed by the independent director .

position of director

In 2014, former police chief Rusty York was appointed to the position of director of public safety.

In 1925 Baptist missionary Vincent Leroy David arrived in Spain and took up the position of director.

In 1938 he was nominated by Governor Charles F. Hurley for the position of director of Fisheries and Game.

interim director

One of the division's deputy directors, Andy Purdy, assumed the position of interim director within a week of Yoran's departure.

In 2012, he was appointed as Director of the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia after serving since April 2011 as interim director.

Sir Roger Singleton was announced as interim director of the National Safeguarding Team from the beginning of January 2019 whilst recruitment is in process.

worked as director

Vukčević's father, Ilija, worked as director of football at FK Zeta.

He worked as director of a national bank in Washingtonville, Pennsylvania.

Then, he worked as director of the Romanian section of the Deutsche Welle from Cologne (1995–2002).

second unit director

In August 2019, Chad Stahelski joined as a second unit director for reshoots.

Garry Brown is the second unit director for the series, with stunts coordinated by Tanner Gill.

It is an unofficial sequel of Lucio Fulci's "White Fang", in which Ricci was second unit director.

commercial director   (director comercial)

Weir was given the position of commercial director.

Served as a commercial director of "Intergas" company.

Since 1902, Homberger was the company's commercial director.

film by director   (película del director)

SS Girls SS Girls () is an Italian Nazi exploitation film by director Bruno Mattei.

"Neds" is a 2010 film by director Peter Mullan which won best film at the San Sebastian Film Festival in September 2010.

The performance was captured on film by director Martin Scorsese, but did not appear in the final, released theatrical version.

political director

In 2013, she was appointed Unite's political director.

He became political director in Bob Taft’s campaign to become Governor of Ohio in 1998.

Previously, she was political director and south-east England regional secretary for Unite the Union.

becoming director

In 1934, he joined the British Union of Fascists (BUF), soon becoming director of the group's Shoreditch branch.

In 1900 he attained the title of professor, later becoming director of the mineralogical-geological institute (1907).

He was particularly associated with the zarzuela, and joined the Teatro de la Zarzuela in 1978, becoming director in 1985.

first executive director   (primer director ejecutivo)

Davis, the organization's first executive director.

with Baldwin continuing as the ACLU's first executive director.

The association named former NHL player Georges Laraque its first executive director on August 21, 2012.

former executive director   (ex director ejecutivo)

He succeeded Virgil R. Carter, former executive director of the Institute.

Nidal Algafari Nidal Algafari (, ) is a Bulgarian director, former executive director of the Bulgarian National Television and political PR of Arab descent.

The Transportation Solutions Group, chaired by Thomas B. Deen, former executive director of the Transportation Research Board, met at a series of meetings over about 14 months in 1998 and 1999.

race director   (director de carrera)

Jones came back as race director and head of training.

The race officially begins when the race director lights a cigarette.

He acted as race director in 2014 for the final time at the 33rd event.

actress and director

His mother Liu Guoquan (刘国权) is also an actress and director.

He is the older brother of actress and director Jodie Foster.

She is the daughter of Danish director Bille August and Swedish actress and director Pernilla August.

female director   (directora)

Robbie felt it was important for the film to have a female director.

She was, at the time, only 22 years old – the youngest female director of that period.

She was the first, and for many years, only female director of a boys' club in the United States.

appointed as director

He has been appointed as director of the museum.

In 1952 Ashley Miles was appointed as director.

She was appointed as director for Hong Kong Education City in 2006.