board of directors   (取締役会)

The board of directors is led by the Officer Group.

The BHRA was run by a 14-member board of directors.

The duo resigned from Sten's board of directors.

film directors   (映画監督)

Other film directors have attended a film school.

Both would become successful film directors.

Both became influential film directors during the 1950s.

directors such   (そのようなディレクター)

Well-known Iranian directors such as Bahram Beizayi and Asghar Farhadi praised the film.

He became active around the stage, working with directors such as Yukio Ninagawa and Yoji Aoi.

It surived the Siege of Sarajevo, during which it hosted directors such as Susan Sontag and Peter Schumann.

boards of directors   (取締役会)

Nor did he serve on any corporate boards of directors.

He serves on the boards of directors of AmerisourceBergen and Tegna, Inc..

Offices of profit also include private business executives and boards of directors.

art directors

The film's sets were designed by the art directors Emil Hasler and Walter Kutz.

The film's sets were designed by the art directors Franz Schroedter and Hermann Warm.

The art directors researched woodcuts and other artwork for classic demonic appearances.

other directors   (他の取締役)

Both of these films were completed with other directors.

From the mid-1970s, she worked more often for other directors.

Cronenberg has also appeared as an actor in other directors' films.

music directors

Anand-Milind were the music directors of the film.

The following is a list of the band's music directors:

The music directors of the film were Laxmikant-Pyarelal.

school directors   (校長)

The Board of Directors for Fife Public Schools is an elected body of five school directors.

Board members are elected by their fellow school directors for three-year terms that begin July 1.

The board of school directors may hold a public hearing on the budget, but are not required to do so.

directors including

Sino Hotels' board consists of 8 directors including the chairman, Robert Ng.

Phillips went on to form Lanette Phillips Management, representing directors including Jesse Dylan, and Keith Schofield.

He has worked with many eminent theatre directors including Madhukar Phatak, Vishnu Pant Godbole, Damu Kenkre and Vijaya Mehta.

casting directors

Gabrielle Dawes and James Orange were the casting directors.

The casting directors prepared themselves for a long audition process.

Nina Gold and Robert Sterne are the series' primary casting directors.

actors and directors

She is known for her portraits of actors and directors.

Already his Great-Grandparents were actors and directors at different operas and theatres.

M. K. Raina Maharaj Krishna Raina, popularly known as M. K. Raina, is one of India's best-known theatre actors and directors.

directors included

Orchestra directors included Roy Shield and Joseph Gallicchio.

Subsequent directors included Steve Moffitt and Alice King-Farlow.

Its directors included Drs.

directors include

Former directors include Jean-Marie Taubira.

Significant directors include Dimitris Rontiris, Alexis Minotis and Karolos Koun.

company directors   (会社の取締役)

The company directors at this time were E.S.

Dr. Vera Capkova Skrabanek and James McCormick were company directors.

One of the company directors, Chas Taylor, was managing the station in 1924.