people with disabilities   (障害を持つ人々)

It is also ideal for people with disabilities.

Her finding that over 90% people with disabilities i.e.

“It gives visibility to the context of people with disabilities.

learning disabilities   (学習障害)

Of the identified students, 52% had specific learning disabilities.

The volunteers worked with a group of 25 adults with learning disabilities.

The metaphor of scaffolding: Its utility for the field of learning disabilities.

physical disabilities   (身体的障害)

Only one was reported to have physical disabilities (Ellis).

Ugly laws prevented people with physical disabilities from going out in public at all.

He retired due to migraines and other physical disabilities at the age of thirty-five.

developmental disabilities   (発達障害)

This is when he began to look for a way to distinguish children with developmental disabilities.

Dolphins are an increasingly popular choice of animal-assisted therapy for psychological problems and developmental disabilities.

AHRC New York City AHRC New York City is an organization serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in New York City.

persons with disabilities

Another development, for persons with disabilities, is called ".

It has a staff of 77 employees, 15 of whom are persons with disabilities.

Seniors, persons with disabilities, and veterans receive a discounted fare of 50% off.

intellectual disabilities   (知的障害)

This classification is for people with intellectual disabilities.

The second axis covered personality disorders and intellectual disabilities.

Those with Down syndrome nearly always have physical and intellectual disabilities.

students with disabilities

The school’s population includes 24% students with disabilities, 5% ESOL and 35% low-income students.

Zengeza High School is one of the high schools in Zimbabwe which caters for students with disabilities.

CE encouraged students with disabilities to work and realize that employment is essential to successful adult transition.

children with disabilities

Families with children with disabilities can claim $1,500.

This is how the idea of creating a place for children with disabilities was born.

In 1981, Ramakrishnan started a school for children with disabilities at Ayikudi.

individuals with disabilities

However, overall, there is a lack of government support for individuals with disabilities.

Modern Zambian religious beliefs have come to accept and embrace individuals with disabilities over time.

This interview was done on May 30, 2015 in the YouTube video, "Sarnia Leads by Example: Hiring individuals with disabilities."

mental disabilities

He cautioned others not to be quick to attribute mental disabilities to specific causes.

In many parts of Africa, people with physical and mental disabilities face widespread stigma.

Albert decided to dedicate the work of the ILAI Fund to those who suffer from physical, emotional and mental disabilities.