disabled list   (無効なリスト)

He was moved to the 60-day disabled list on June 12.

He was activated from the disabled list on August 30.

Stroman was placed on the 60-day disabled list on April 5.

disabled people   (障がい者)

It reduces disabled people to their disability.

A ramp for access by disabled people is fitted.

Aerobility are a British charity that trains disabled people to become pilots.

disabled children   (障害児)

The play was about physically disabled children in Iran.

There is also a "challenged IronKids" division for disabled children.

This centre still receives some fifty disabled children up to the age of 13.

mentally disabled   (精神障害者)

Dr. Temple suffers a stroke and ends up mentally disabled.

He is jailed but becomes mentally disabled and loses his bloodthirsty ways.

Many Black Triangle prisoners were either mentally disabled or mentally ill.

disabled persons   (障害者)

She also worked as a swimming coach and as instructor with disabled persons.

The problems of disabled persons are not a government priority in Sierra Leone.

Senior citizens and disabled persons pay half fare for Demand Response service.

physically disabled

The play was about physically disabled children in Iran.

Sampson is married to the physically disabled but hard-boiled Elaine Sampson (Lauren Bacall).

Prisoners who completed the recovery program work with mentally and physically disabled clients.

disabled students

The foundation operates specialized schools for disabled students in Bangladesh.

It was previously called Margaret Harris High School for Exceptional Children, and was a non-academic ungraded special education program center for disabled students of 14 to 21 years of age.

The Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit IU13 provides the district with a wide variety of services like specialized education for disabled students and hearing, speech and visual disability services and professional development for staff and faculty.

disabled access   (無効なアクセス)

The station has disabled access via a lift ascending to Invalidenstraße.

In 2012 a concrete switchback ramp for disabled access was added in the NE corner of Block B.

Consideration of possible future NHL salaries to home renovations for disabled access were part of public discussion.

intellectually disabled   (知的障害者)

The Court declined to rule that the intellectually disabled were a quasi-suspect or suspect class.

Many poor and intellectually disabled suspects pled guilty, while those with competent lawyers were acquitted.

At the beginning of his life people believed he was intellectually disabled, but his mother proved them wrong.

developmentally disabled

Club members became interested in helping the mentally, physically and developmentally disabled.

The camp has a program for developmentally disabled youth, entitled the Tikvah Vocational program.

A Very Special Place, a school for developmentally disabled children was opened on Quintard Street in the late 1990s.

disabled veterans

Meanwhile, the number of disabled veterans had been increased by the still-ongoing Korean War.

Its mission statement is "Making a difference in the lives of disabled veterans and their families".

In 1998, philanthropist Lois Pope realized there was no memorial to disabled veterans in the nation's capital.

severely disabled   (重度障害者)

In 1948, she began teaching art unofficially at a high school in Greensboro; an Alabama law at the time prohibited severely disabled persons from teaching.

The result is far more permits than existing parking spaces can usually support, which often leaves more severely disabled individuals without a place to park.

Travel by water brings hazards: collision, weather, and equipment failure can lead to dangerous situations such as a sinking or severely disabled and dangerous vessel.