economically disadvantaged   (経済的に不利な)

46.3% of the students were economically disadvantaged.

Postwar Austria was therefore economically disadvantaged.

Total economically disadvantaged: 31%.

disadvantaged children

Before each gig they gave a few disadvantaged children the opportunity to sail.

Jerry verbally attacks Pete for canceling a benefit performance for disadvantaged children.

The family as a whole provided a scholarship fund for disadvantaged children, managed by Babeș.

disadvantaged students

Economically disadvantaged students made up 41.5% of the student body.

He concentrated much of his work on the learning difficulties of culturally disadvantaged students.

Statewide, students of all groups average 790, socioeconomically disadvantaged students 742, and English learners 717.

disadvantaged communities

When public budgets are slashed, the primary victims are disadvantaged communities who typically are not well organized.

Rosenbaum focuses on disadvantaged communities like Detroit, where not only almost half of the population are not functionally literate, but 40.3% also live in poverty.

The event was established in 2013 and benefits three organisations; the Smile Britannia Project - benefiting disadvantaged communities in London, The Last Night a DJ Saved My Life Foundation, and Temwa.