first discovered   (最初に発見された)

It was first discovered by aerial photography in 1992.

Juliomys pictipes was first discovered by Osgood in 1933.

The phenomenon was first discovered by the Eduard Pflüger.

later discovered   (後で発見)

We later discovered it had already been carried out."

The object was later discovered as a mock-bomb.

She is later discovered in her hiding place by Maggie.

newly discovered   (新たに発見)

They also contain rudrakine, a newly discovered alkaloid.

A criminal case was opened "due to the newly discovered circumstances".

Research into the properties of the newly discovered particle continues.

discovered during

Rios was professionally discovered during a day out at a shopping mall.

A ring of Cannel coal of around 5.68 cm was discovered during the excavations.

In 1975 a medieval crypt was discovered during the restoration of the cathedral.

recently discovered

From this period also is ' and the recently discovered '.

There are three recently discovered memorial plaques in the church.

"Elymus texensis" is a recently discovered and poorly known species.

soon discovered

It is soon discovered Kimberly is watching them.

He was accepted and soon discovered his passion for acting.

Kimmarie soon discovered that she also had a passion for dancing.

body was discovered

His body was discovered in a pump boat in Mususiasi.

His body was discovered on the beach the following day.

His body was discovered later in the morning.

discovered near   (近くで発見)

Two other bombs were discovered near the church.

In 1947 a major oil field was discovered near Edmonton.

In early 1872, copper ore was discovered near Roebourne.

when he discovered   (彼が発見したとき)

He developed a passion for art when he discovered the works of Piero Della Francesca.

Miller was doing experimentation on conditioning and rats when he discovered biofeedback.

As a preteen he played the guitar, but lost interest in it when he discovered a love for science.

not discovered

The issue was not discovered until many years later.

The fiction was not discovered until two years later.

His body was not discovered by his brother, Jack, until two days later.

discovered when   (発見されたとき)

His talent for singing was discovered when he was at school.

It was discovered when the admissions process was almost over.

Alogliptin was discovered when quinazolinone was replaced with a pyrimidinedione.

gold was discovered

When gold was discovered in late January 1848, many of Stevenson's troops deserted.

Some time in the late 1800s, gold was discovered on Big Thunder Mountain in the American Southwest.

The settlement was founded in 1906 after gold was discovered in Seven Troughs Canyon the prior year.

originally discovered

GKRP was originally discovered in rat liver.

This species was originally discovered by native Malaysians.

It was originally discovered in mice.

eventually discovered

She eventually discovered the poet E. E. Cummings.

It was eventually discovered and published in 1920.

She is eventually discovered and brought back to court.

then discovered

She then discovered that her father, a taxi driver, is deeply in debt.

It was then discovered that the blockage of the CB receptor represented a new pharmacological target.

It is then discovered that Barbára and Sanjar are in love, but that because of class no one can know.

discovered a new

In 1882, she discovered a new genus of plants called "Plummera floribunda."

In 2281, ... discovered a new spaceship engine so they could explore the universe.

By doing so he discovered a new element, scandium, which he named for Scandinavia.

discovered through

Vatalanib was discovered through high-throughput screening.

They were discovered through the help of some aboriginal trackers including Dick-a-Dick.

Information about her identity eventually was discovered through netizens' investigations.

discovered several

", who discovered several genes implicated in the syndrome.

He discovered several minor planets and made observations on comets.

Tengström visited Java in 1849 where he discovered several new species of Lepidoptera.

having discovered

Vrolicq makes the obviously spurious claim of having discovered the island in 1612.

Thus having discovered Arniko, Phagpa personally prepared and trained Arniko for his future tasks at the court.

Kasim, having discovered Musa's deeds, also returns to Sawoba and rallies the villagers to his side by telling them of Musa's opium dealings.

discovered what

When the police discovered what she was transporting, they arrested her.

In 2008 archeologists discovered what is believed to have been her pyramid.

Reverend Jacob Gass discovered what were called the "Davenport tablets" in Iowa in the 1870s.

only discovered   (発見されただけ)

They were only discovered two months later thanks to a tip-off.

(The reason for this inconsistency was only discovered in 1921.)

He only discovered this when he lifted the niqab to kiss his bride.

independently discovered

It was independently discovered, and named, by Breese (1899).

He independently discovered the transuranic element neptunium.

In 1891 in America, engineer Nikola Tesla independently discovered the same thing.

ever discovered

Researchers have considered WASP-104b to be one of the darkest exoplanets ever discovered.

It is four light-years in diameter, making it one of the largest reflection nebulae ever discovered.

The rocks were limestone nodules containing the most complete skeleton of "Kronosaurus" ever discovered.

discovered and named

Wilhelm Röntgen discovered and named X-rays.

Deuterium was discovered and named in 1931 by Harold Urey.

In 1955, element 101 was discovered and named mendelevium in honor of D.I.

discovered the first

They discovered the first double planemo Oph 162225-240515.

The group he leads has discovered the first monogenic mutations involved in autism.

Working with Harold E. Varmus in the 1980s, he discovered the first human oncogene, c-Src.

quickly discovered

She quickly discovered that her fears were justified.

Augustine quickly discovered that Ambrose was a spectacular orator.

The conspiracy was quickly discovered by the Emperor's agents, however.

remains were discovered

Its remains were discovered in Tanzania between 1907 and 1912.

Their buried remains were discovered in Kanchanaburi province many years later.

Their remains were discovered in the Wilmcote Limestone quarries during the nineteenth century.

site was discovered   (サイトが発見されました)

The Baodun type site was discovered in 1950.

The site was discovered in 1987.

Another mass burial site was discovered in 2015 at Lakeview Cemetery in South Haven.

discovered gold

In 1879, W Diecke discovered gold near the Mulgrave River resulting in a goldrush for a few years.

Some of the party discovered gold in the creek and traced it to a quartz vein in the nearby hills near Amargosa Spring.

Marshall claimed that at the time that he discovered gold in the mill's tail-race Bennett was half a mile away at the house.

accidentally discovered

Eduard accidentally discovered polystyrene in 1839.

The Castle family accidentally discovered a mob killing.

A peasant digging in his field accidentally discovered the vessel and sold it as scrap metal.

discovered many

Tombaugh also discovered many asteroids.

Sudworth discovered many new species and varieties of North American trees.

Pythagoras discovered many of the properties of what would become trigonometric functions.

discovered how

Ignaz Semmelweis investigated puerperal fever and he discovered how it was caused.

Dewar where he discovered how to isolate the tropylium cation from cyclooctatetraene.

They relocated, permanently, to Dayton, Ohio at that time, and it was in Ohio that he discovered how much he enjoyed playing basketball.

species was discovered

Only a forewing was found when the species was discovered.

In 2008, a new species was discovered in the Sunda region.

A new species was discovered in 2018 from Tasmania, Australia.

when she discovered   (彼女が発見したとき)

Lamiai bit into Cassie but recoiled when she discovered that she had god's blood.

This was reinforced in 1946 when she discovered the work of Edvard Munch while on holiday in Norway.

She was to be part of TVNZ's commentary team for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, but dropped out when she discovered she was pregnant.

when they discovered   (彼らが発見したとき)

After forcing entry, they withdrew when they discovered a booby trap.

The two had been friends for five years when they discovered a mutual interest in music.

Other mechanisms for producing a crater were considered and rejected by Allen and Stewart when they discovered the crater.

discovered around   (周りで発見)

In 2020, a super-Earth mass planet was discovered around GJ 229.

Numerous tombs from different periods have been discovered around the ancient city.

Coal tar was discovered around 1665 and used for medical purposes as early as the 1800s.

team discovered   (チームが発見した)

In 1996, the same team discovered a second "Allosaurus", "Big Al Two".

when a team discovered the vicinity of the agent station, it called other teams to inform them.

In 2003, Lyne and his team discovered the first binary system found in which both components were pulsed neutron stars.

police discovered

When the police discovered what she was transporting, they arrested her.

Due to an increase in surveillance, the police discovered other members of the gang.

In 2005, police discovered a plot to kidnap his son and demand a ransom of US$5 million.

yet discovered

Me, I had not yet discovered.

They are among the oldest skeletons of hominids yet discovered in Japan.

Recently, the galactic cluster JKCS 041 was confirmed to be the most distant cluster of galaxies yet discovered.

oil was discovered

In addition, oil was discovered nearby.

In 1931, during the Texas oil boom, oil was discovered in the area.

Dhahran was settled after 1938, the year oil was discovered in the vicinity.

discovered within

In 2012, supernova SN 2012ga was discovered within NGC 6975.

In 1943, he discovered within himself "mountains of homosexuality."

The remains of "Anomalipes" were discovered within a "Shantungosaurus" bonebed at the Kugou locality.

discovered by astronomer   (天文学者によって発見された)

It was discovered by astronomer John Herschel on June 8, 1834.

It was discovered by astronomer John Herschel on June 5, 1834.

NGC 4709 was discovered by astronomer James Dunlop on May 7, 1826.

subsequently discovered

It was subsequently discovered that she frequently went to Box Hill after school.

He subsequently discovered she was in a relationship with her doctor at the same time and the couple later divorced.

Its wreck may have been found in 2004, but a wreck subsequently discovered in a different location was also claimed in 2014 to be "Le Griffon".