soon discovers

He soon discovers that the murders are connected to an old curse.

Sydney soon discovers this and eventually blackmails Michael into marriage.

Frank soon discovers that Jenny, whom Tae-jun had rescued, is his biological sister.

when he discovers   (彼が発見したとき)

He gives up when he discovers T.W.

The London plot culminates in his attack on Fede when he discovers his betrayal.

Papi is less than thrilled when he discovers he will no longer be teaching the pups.

later discovers

Kim later discovers she is expecting quadruplets!

Brenda later discovers she was pregnant with Steve's child.

Carmel later discovers the baby is Calvin's and that Theresa killed him.

when she discovers   (彼女が発見したとき)

She is shocked when she discovers a bloody Parker hiding in her house with her mother's permission.

Alice changes her mind when she discovers Vincent is ill. She takes care of him and develops a crush.

Anna is dismayed when she discovers that her landlord Jerry Morton (Michael Starke) is planning to sell No.

then discovers

She then discovers Tomie and madness begins yet again.

Schnappmann then discovers Gorgiana's body in her bed.

Michelle then discovers Liz knew the truth.

discovers the truth

She lies about her whereabouts and Leo discovers the truth.

When Mishti discovers the truth she ends their relationship.

Renée's husband makes enquiries and discovers the truth of the situation.

eventually discovers

The Agent eventually discovers Ellis and rescues him from Hyena custody.

He eventually discovers Alannah having her own affair, and the couple split.

Gary eventually discovers that the girl he dreams about does, in fact, exist.

discovers what

Hitchcock eventually discovers what she has been doing and suspects her of having an affair.

Despite his efforts, Juli accidentally discovers what Bryce’s family thinks about her and her eggs.

Sam returns home in a jealous rage, discovers what happened and kills Marsha with a rifle in a drunken rage.