discussed below   (以下で説明します)

More general types of entries are discussed below.

answer involves a further ambiguity, discussed below.)

Significant exceptions exist, and are discussed below.

discussed above   (上で議論された)

This is largely modelled on the Cambridge model, discussed above.

of the hyperbola discussed above is The eccentricity (with sign!)

This is vaguely related to the notion of coalgebra discussed above.

discussed how   (どのように議論した)

Wallace discussed how that difference affected flora and fauna.

They discussed how these worlds are increasingly flowing into each other.

Additionally, they discussed how to equip the government forces with modern arms.

widely discussed   (広く議論された)

It has been widely discussed in the years since.

The incident was widely discussed by the media.

It is a widely discussed virtue in ethical theories of Hinduism.

discussed the possibility   (可能性について議論した)

Beyoncé discussed the possibility of using the costumes with Tina Knowles.

Gottlieb delivered the payment, and discussed the possibility of luring the victim to Puerto Rico.

In August 2014, the European Union discussed the possibility of revising provision of aid to Egypt.

often discussed   (しばしば議論される)

They are often discussed with knots.

The future of the French language is often discussed in the news.

Kurdish rugs are more often discussed together with Persian carpets.

first discussed

The issue was first discussed politically on 23 April 1955.

Lincoln first discussed the proclamation with his cabinet in July 1862.

The introduction of a 5 guilder coin was first discussed and eventually approved in 1981.

not discussed

Had she not discussed before how much she hated them?

The fate of the rest of the network was not discussed in the report.

However, the goddesses are not discussed as frequently as gods (Devas).

discussed here   (ここで議論した)

Many things can be discussed here."

There was quite a bit of development as the models were generalized, too much to be discussed here.

The formation of collagen which results in fibrillary collagen (most common form) is discussed here.

discussed in detail

In the main building the history of the French Huguenots is discussed in detail.

They discussed in detail on the antiquity of the Malankara Church and Malankara Nasranis.

One of mechanical method for the fabrication of hydrogel tip will be discussed in detail.

discussed during

The question whether Barnabas was an apostle was often discussed during the Middle Ages.

The assassination was the lone topic discussed during the entire 30 minutes the show was presented.

The concept of a sequel to "The Evil Dead" was discussed during location shooting on the first film.

much discussed

The call was much discussed in baseball circles, including in "Sports Illustrated".

The element silicon has been much discussed as a hypothetical alternative to carbon.

His position as one of the great modern poets has been much discussed, and he remains popular with the public.

discussed the idea

They even discussed the idea of some sort of confederation with West Germany.

In early 1967, Rafi and Menachem Begin's Gahal party discussed the idea of forming a center-right coalition to challenge Mapai.

During the first few meetings of the organisation, the members discussed the idea that Hinduism was in danger, and needed to be defended.