İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

panel discussion   (Panel tartışması)

The panel discussion was taped for the museum's archives.

The industry panel discussion was titled "How To Make Yourself Heard."

The industry panel discussion's keynote speaker was composer and producer Tony Shimkin.

much discussion   (çok tartışma)

It generated many responses and much discussion.

After much discussion, Mick accepts Archie's company.

After much discussion, the bridge was moved to Auguet.

discussion between   (arasındaki tartışma)

This sparked a heated discussion between Hamilton and the hosts which was later published by SVT.

There are two interview styles to promote discussion between interviewees and the interviewers during member checks.

A discussion between Roussimoff and Hogan was scheduled, and on a "Piper's Pit" that aired February 7, 1987, the two met.

public discussion   (halka açık tartışma)

I also tried to shift the public discussion a bit about poetry.

The role of the monarchy in New Zealand is a recurring topic of public discussion.

Much public discussion arose about the errors in administering and reciting the oath.

further discussion   (daha fazla tartışma)

See Tremolo for further discussion of this term.)

For further discussion see Haydn and folk music.

See further discussion at Railway post office.

discussion among   (arasında tartışma)

The opening is followed by discussion among members based on a topic from WFS literature (e.g.

After discussion among NASA and the contractors, attempts to empty the tank resumed on March 27.

All four celebrities wrote down a one-word clue on index cards without any discussion among them.

discussion group

He was a member of the Inklings, the informal literary discussion group centred on the University of Oxford.

Students begin literature circles by participating in mini-lessons on how to participate in a discussion group.

In 1945 he joined The London Forum discussion group and later worked for the Freedom Defence Committee in London.

discussion groups

In 1897, the was created to raise public awareness through discussion groups and periodicals.

By August 1948 over 1,300 local councils had established discussion groups based on the topics.

Much of the social interaction of amateur astronomy occurs on mailing lists or discussion groups.

topic of discussion   (tartışma konusu)

Their relationship was a major topic of discussion throughout the flight.

The main topic of discussion is "Give Me Your Hand", the new play Russ is producing.

Finally, a robin eating a bug on a fence becomes a topic of discussion in the last scene of the film.

discussion forum   (tartışma forumu)

A discussion forum has also been started for users experiencing difficulties.

Each Solution was provided with a publishing and networking page and a discussion forum.

Aotearoa Cafe The Aotearoa Cafe was the largest Māori discussion forum on the internet.

discussion forums

Other features included photos, videos, and discussion forums.

CEB offers free content to practicing attorneys and members of the public on its blog, law alerts, and discussion forums.

Adequacy members would post to weblogs, and other discussion forums, often pretending to be outraged by the article themselves.

political discussion

On 10 July 2014, he made his début on the BBC's political discussion show "Question Time".

Club members paid a penny per week subscription and usually met weekly for political discussion and debate.

Her songs have evoked social and political discussion in Morocco and brought improvements on feminist issues.

detailed discussion

A detailed discussion of the results was given elsewhere.

See comparison of Unicode encodings for a detailed discussion.

See also Differential Galois theory for a more detailed discussion.

open discussion   (açık tartışma)

However, by the 1946 convention there was an open discussion regarding this topic.

According to Brown, there had not been as much open discussion and dissent at a party meeting since the early 1920s.

Moot- The moot approach involves an open discussion between disputants and the mediator about the problems and potential solutions.

heated discussion   (ateşli tartışma)

He also has many a heated discussion with Henry over land access.

After a heated discussion Le Havre received orders to set La Vauguyon free.

He finds Okawa inside his fortune cookie factory, where they have a brief heated discussion.

discussion regarding

There was some discussion regarding the cost of these digital decoders.

However, by the 1946 convention there was an open discussion regarding this topic.

The following terminology is used to assist in the technical discussion regarding USB PHY signaling.

discussion and debate

However, this concept never became an object of widespread discussion and debate in its own terms.

Club members paid a penny per week subscription and usually met weekly for political discussion and debate.

Whether or not crustaceans are capable of feeling pain is a topic of ongoing scientific discussion and debate.