İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

panel discussions   (panel tartışmaları)

Flame Con features panel discussions, workshops, and an exhibitors floor.

Each year, editors from all fields come together for three days of workshops, panel discussions and networking.

It is composed of numerous conferences, photography exhibitions, film screenings, workshops and panel discussions.

discussions between   (arasındaki tartışmalar)

To criminalize such discussions between officials and reporters would run counter to the public interest.

Gazzada was the venue in 1967 for discussions between Anglicans and Catholics following the Second Vatican Council.

Each year, the lab will host a range of roundtable discussions between the private sector and academic institutions.

discussions regarding   (ile ilgili tartışmalar)

"As of now, we have had no discussions regarding the casting," Ray said.

On 12 September 2012 it was reported that BAE and EADS were in discussions regarding a possible merger.

Features science news, guests, information on local science events and discussions regarding various areas of science.

political discussions   (siyasi tartışmalar)

In political discussions in the United States, the term is mostly used by its enemies.

The show features a mix of sports and political discussions on the local and national level.

He is well known for being a television presenter on political discussions and on Muslim channels.

held discussions

Foreign Minister Sam Ongeri held discussions with Australian High Commissioner to Kenya, Geoff Tooth in May 2012.

The AAI intervened and held discussions with agitating villagers and paid part compensation allowing work to resume in October 2014.

Blackpool chairman, Karl Oyston confirmed that the club had held discussions with Keinan and were hopeful of signing him, after a medical on 15 July.