Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

case was dismissed   (el caso fue desestimado)

The case was dismissed in November 2010 by Lombard.

The case was dismissed with prejudice in February 2017.

Later, the matter was resolved, and the case was dismissed.

before being dismissed   (antes de ser despedido)

Warner scored his third test century before being dismissed for 119.

He scored 11 in his only innings before being dismissed by Lawrence Cook.

Opening the batting, he made 56 runs before being dismissed by Xen Balaskas.

later dismissed   (luego despedido)

The federal government later dismissed all indictments.

The National Mediation Board later dismissed those charges.

General Gough was later dismissed at the start of April 1918.

dismissed the case   (desestimó el caso)

The court dismissed the case and awarded Wilkin fifty guineas.

The District Court dismissed the case.

On February 6, 2014, courts in South Korea dismissed the case.

court dismissed   (corte desestimado)

The court dismissed the case and awarded Wilkin fifty guineas.

The district court dismissed the motion and the defendant appealed.

The court dismissed the case for lack of standing in September 2019.

eventually dismissed

Rodionov was eventually dismissed for two reasons.

The case was eventually dismissed.

judge dismissed   (juez destituido)

The judge dismissed the charges in November 2003.

The judge dismissed the case after the government sought a continuance.

A federal judge dismissed the lawsuit in the spring of 2009 on procedural grounds.

dismissed all

The federal government later dismissed all indictments.

In January 2013, a magistrate dismissed all charges against Cecil.

The High Court dismissed all claims and denied Virgin further leave to appeal.

lawsuit was dismissed

The lawsuit was dismissed in February 1997.

The lawsuit was dismissed in December 2007.

This lawsuit was dismissed in 1987.

dismissed because   (despedido porque)

Morgan was dismissed because of the threat, and sued for intimidation and conspiracy.

The dialogue is much dismissed because it seems to recommend clever evil over witless evil.

However, this theory was dismissed because of several cases proving that the opposite was true.

charges were dismissed

The charges were dismissed on appeal.

The charges were dismissed in May 2014 due to lack of evidence.

Criminal charges were dismissed against SDG&E on October 6, 2009.

suit was dismissed

A demurrer to the bill was sustained and the suit was dismissed.

The suit was dismissed by U.S. District Court Judge Henry H. Kennedy Jr. in March 2001.

Love's suit was dismissed in 2007 when a judge determined that there were no triable issues.

dismissed without

The action is dismissed without prejudice.

When they were exposed, they were dismissed without accountability as if they had sinned and forgiven.

Soon after, Watkins was dismissed without scoring after playing across the line and being trapped lbw by Johnston, leaving England at 6/42.

then dismissed

He then dismissed his posse and left.

Dulon was suspended, then dismissed and sentenced to six months in jail.

Johnson then dismissed Stanton and appointed Lorenzo Thomas to replace him.

dismissed the appeal   (Desestimó el recurso.)

The court of appeal dismissed the appeal on 22 March 2016.

However, the board of the Pará's Foot-Ball League dismissed the appeal.

The judges unanimously dismissed the appeal, and upheld the trial judge's verdict.