dispute between   (間の論争)

Crimea since March 2014 is under dispute between Russia and Ukraine.

There is a dispute between the two parties over a tract of land in size.

The border was part of brief dispute between China and Nepal before 1960.

legal dispute   (法的紛争)

Trump and Nunberg settled their legal dispute in August 2016.

There is a legal dispute over the ownership of those paintings.

Logue died in 1865; his will would be the subject of a legal dispute.

dispute resolution   (論争の解決)

2, dispute resolution was ranked No.

The most common form of judicial dispute resolution is litigation.

Such intractable disputes form a special area in dispute resolution studies.

contract dispute   (契約紛争)

The contract dispute was settled in September 2006.

Dubin left WITI in 2000 in a contract dispute.

In April 2005, Smith left "Newsday" following a contract dispute.

dispute arose   (紛争が生じた)

In 1939 a dispute arose between the CRL and the NSWRL.

A dispute arose between Ba Dương and the Việt Minh in January 1946.

However, a dispute arose as to who should manage the restoration project.

border dispute   (国境紛争)

Relations are again tense due to a renewed border dispute.

Layal Najib, a freelance photographer, died in the border dispute in 2006.

, the border dispute with Guatemala remains unresolved and quite contentious.

following a dispute

The temple was founded in 672 following a dispute over Imperial succession.

However, following a dispute over the gubernatorial election, it was postponed until 1979.

Although a Quaker, he broke with the Society in 1825 following a dispute over apocryphal texts.

boundary dispute

Lord Dunmore's War eventually settled the boundary dispute.

Its construction dates to 1846 and the Oregon boundary dispute.

The following year, a boundary dispute between New York and Pennsylvania erupted.

territorial dispute   (領土紛争)

In 1962, Venezuela renewed the territorial dispute.

It was the subject of a territorial dispute between the Soviet Union and the PRC.

On 29 March, Guyana introduced a request in the ICJ to solve the territorial dispute.

labor dispute

It moved from Cleveland to Oberlin, Ohio in 1982 after a labor dispute.

The protest would continue to last for almost a month marking UNC's first serious labor dispute.

In 1972, an internal labor dispute led to the creation of the "Green Bay News-Chronicle" by striking workers.

matter of dispute

The exact authorship of some plates is a matter of dispute.

Whether the gardens actually existed is a matter of dispute.

Even the exact wreck site remains a matter of dispute today.

resolve the dispute   (紛争を解決する)

Legal action was brought to resolve the dispute.

To resolve the dispute, a community committee was formed, meeting for five months.

In 1994 Cameroon petitioned the International Court of Justice to resolve the dispute.

land dispute   (土地紛争)

The aforementioned land dispute remains unresolved.

This led to a land dispute that continues to the present.

Once again, farmers sought to create and deliver a petition to the central government regarding a land dispute.

dispute regarding

ITB and LVEN subsequently got into a dispute regarding control of the El Rancho.

There has been much dispute regarding the details of his life and the age in which he lived.

It was also involved in an 11-year-long patent dispute regarding ring laser gyroscope technology.

dispute among

The dispute among the Clan Mackay was over who was the rightful chief.

The nature of Hickok and Roosevelt's relationship has been a subject of dispute among historians.

The legality of deep linking was the center of a fractious dispute among electronic commerce businesses.

settle the dispute

Both parties would settle the dispute a week later.

August, 1735 Meditation of the English to settle the dispute between Sidis and Teg Bakht Khan concerning Sidis Tankha.

Amalric returned home but Shawar fled to the court of Nur ad-Din, who sent his general Shirkuh to settle the dispute in 1164.

ongoing dispute

Fortuna was involved in an ongoing dispute with opponents of its San Jose mine.

There is an ongoing dispute as to whether anthropology is intrinsically holistic.

Contributing to the disagreement was an ongoing dispute over German mining rights in Spain.

succession dispute

She became the queen after her two brothers were killed in a succession dispute.

A member of the O'Donnell dynasty, he emerged after a succession dispute as ruler of Tyrconnell.

In Sir Hugh's later years, a long-running succession dispute broke out to determine who would succeed him.

dispute was resolved

The dispute was resolved in their 1961 border agreement.

The dispute was resolved in May 2011 in favour of Moussa's group.

After the dispute was resolved Mavros was finally transferred to AEK Athens in 1976.

not dispute

Its essence is not dispute and litigation, but peace and co-operation.

He did not dispute their right to protest, but he insisted that their dissent must not violate federal law.

Rangers did not dispute this ruling, and was sued for damages in 60 other cases brought by relatives of the dead.

dispute was settled

The contract dispute was settled in September 2006.

The dispute was settled out of court.

The dispute was settled by a five-a-side football match that February.