İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

disputed territory   (tartışmalı bölge)

In medieval times La Rioja was often a disputed territory.

However, Britain received most of the disputed territory, and all of the gold mines.

This US intervention forced Britain to accept arbitration of the entire disputed territory.

disputed between   (arasında tartışmalı)

Hotan County administers most of Aksai Chin, an area disputed between China and India.

Although credited, his actual input is disputed between current and former band members.

The northernmost point claimed by India is in territory disputed between India and Pakistan.

disputed whether   (tartışmalı olsun)

It was disputed whether this remedy applied to the action of a third party.

It is disputed whether proceedings in "res adiratae" could not be brought in royal courts.

It is disputed whether Galtier actually said those words, but the story is part of the city's folklore.

disputed area   (tartışmalı alan)

The League finally awarded the disputed area to Colombia in June 1934.

In February 1972, there was a brief border war between Bedu tribesmen from Kalba and Fujairah over a disputed area that only covered a quarter of an acre but included water wells and date palm trees.

Venezuela responded to the declaration with a decree issued on 27 May 2015, including the maritime area in dispute in its national marine protection sphere, thus extending the area that the Venezuelan Navy controls into the disputed area.