disputes between

It also rules on certain disputes between market participants.

There are also land border disputes between Croatia and Serbia.

The film revolves around the disputes between two districts of an island.

legal disputes

However, legal disputes made the amount of any payment uncertain.

However, their aspirations have been thwarted by a succession of legal disputes.

The resulting bidding war for players led to widespread contract-breaking and legal disputes.

territorial disputes

Two neighbours have longstanding territorial disputes with Guyana.

The dodo may instead have used its large, hooked beak in territorial disputes.

In addition to Taiwan, China is also involved in other international territorial disputes.

labor disputes

As archbishop, Hanna was often tasked with helping resolve labor disputes.

Arbitration may be used as a means of resolving labor disputes, an alternative to strikes and lockouts .

Governments have relied on arbitration to resolve particularly large labor disputes, such as the Coal Strike of 1902.

border disputes   (国境紛争)

There are also land border disputes between Croatia and Serbia.

The land border disputes pertain to comparatively small strips of land.

There was no border security for a kingdom and border disputes were very rare.

settle disputes

He also faults society with excessive reliance on litigation to settle disputes.

Opponents now had to use the Crown to settle disputes and it applied to murder committed in 'cold-blood' i.e.

They also settle disputes between the market players and take long term measures to ensure the supply of natural gas.

internal disputes

Moreover, internal disputes in the ANC prolonged the war as consensus on peace was not reached.

He joined Bangladesh Nationalist Party in 2007 over internal disputes in the Bangladesh Awami League.

In 2005 Marurai left the Democrats due to an internal disputes, founding his own Cook Islands First Party.

disputes among

As a chief, Sodomon amicably settled disputes among villagers in Keningau.

The disputes among the higher nobles went unsolved and the march to Jerusalem was delayed for months.

Despite or because of this, there were intense disputes among the occupants of the island throughout the life of the colony.

industrial disputes

Increased costs and industrial disputes in the 1910s hastened the end of the New Ravenswood Company era.

This was an additional resolution that went beyond the previous proposal to directly address industrial disputes in the state railways.

Encouraged by news of labor struggles and industrial disputes in the United States, Most emigrated to the US upon his release from prison in 1882.

resolve disputes

His role is simply to advise the Guild and to resolve disputes.

His judges would resolve disputes on an ad hoc basis according to what they interpreted the customs to be.

Transactional law firms differ from traditional litigation firms in that transactional firms generally prefer to resolve disputes out-of-court.

land disputes   (土地紛争)

It may result from crime, land disputes or a code of honour.

They also demand fast-track courts to settle thousands of pending land disputes.

A few days after his return, news came that blood had finally been shed over the land disputes.

disputes within

Cruzat had to deal with disputes within the church.

Because of disputes within the profession, more avant-garde architects did not participate.

Since early 2019, the VAWA has not been extended due to political disputes within the United States Congress.