dissolved oxygen   (溶存酸素)

Thus, low numbers of aquatic plants can limit the amount of dissolved oxygen that enters the water.

"Limnodrilus hoffmeisteri" is well recognized indicator of organic pollution and low dissolved oxygen.

This is because dissolved oxygen often enters the water as a byproduct of aquatic-plant photosynthesis.

officially dissolved   (正式に解散)

The town's charter was officially dissolved in 1995.

The town's charter was officially dissolved in 1915.

formally dissolved   (正式に解散)

The town's charter was formally dissolved in 1918.

McMahon formally dissolved the WBF in July 1992.

DCVP wasn't formally dissolved, but declared that the activities of the party were suspended.

marriage was dissolved

The marriage was dissolved in 1947 in Nottingham.

Their parents' marriage was dissolved in 1929.

Their marriage was dissolved in 1994.

dissolved itself

The Long Parliament dissolved itself on 16 March.

In March 1910, the Military League dissolved itself.

In 1651 it dissolved itself, selling its exploitation rights to various parties.

partnership was dissolved   (パートナーシップは解消されました)

Their partnership was dissolved in July 1857.

The partnership was dissolved in 1928 when Harry Garnham Watkins retired.

The partnership was dissolved in 1886 when Robert Stains returned to England.

club was dissolved

The club was dissolved in late 2011 due to bankruptcy.

It is believed that the club was dissolved soon after.

The club was dissolved after the 1999 season.

dissolved in water

It indicates that the substances are dissolved in water.

For other uses, it is dissolved in water and then distilled.

The stability when dissolved in water depends markedly on pH.

band dissolved

The audition was successful, but the band dissolved.

The album attracted little interest and the band dissolved.

The band dissolved and the remainder of the tour was cancelled.

company was dissolved   (会社は解散しました)

Damji's company was dissolved in April 2015.

The company was dissolved on June 10, 1968.

During February 1986 the Blackfoot company was dissolved.

finally dissolved   (最終的に解散)

The House was finally dissolved in February 1611.

The Franciscan convent finally dissolved in 1564.

The senior team was finally dissolved in September 2013.

dissolved due

In 1999 his party was almost dissolved due to disagreements within.

In 1952, the prison was dissolved due to falling numbers of incarcerated.

At beginning to 2008–09 season, the club was dissolved due the financial problems.