İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

long distances   (uzun mesafeler)

However, they can leap long distances and heights.

He cannot project this form over long distances.

Herds travel long distances to obtain water.

distances between   (arasındaki mesafeler)

The distances between stations however, are usually short.

The average distances between the villages are less than 3 km.

These HyMoRS are at distances between redshifts z=0.14 and 1.0.

short distances   (kısa mesafeler)

Still, it is stronger than gravity over short distances.

"L. cervi" is a poor flier and can only fly for short distances.

The climate is known to change drastically in rather short distances.

great distances   (harika mesafeler)

Visitors traveled great distances to see the celebrated holy man.

Michael uses an enchanted stone helmet to see across great distances.

The seeds are typically dispersed in large amounts over great distances.

longer distances

Some grenades are designed to be thrown longer distances.

These higher speeds better serve the longer distances involved.

Since retirement Freeman has continued to run longer distances for fun.

large distances

Such flows tend to have influence of viscous interaction over large distances from an object.

They have been observed to travel rather large distances from their nests to forage for pollen.

it became a weapon that could cross large distances at much higher speeds than supporting infantry and artillery.

greater distances

In winter when deciduous plants are bare eastern cottontails forage in less secure cover and travel greater distances.

Air travel is used for greater distances within Germany but faces competition from the state-owned Deutsche Bahn's rail network.

Flensburg also offered greater distances, which were necessary for the latest models of torpedoes that had significantly increased ranges.

travel long distances   (uzun mesafeler kat etmek)

Herds travel long distances to obtain water.

Contrary to the males, the females will travel long distances to find mates.

He used to travel long distances with his sheep in parts of Maharashtra and Karnataka.

shorter distances

However, street races like Monaco have shorter distances, to keep under the two-hour limit.

Today, the Schwebebahn uses the European Train Control System, allowing for shorter distances between trains.

When females leave, they tend to move much further away () than males (up to ), which tend to move shorter distances.

different distances

The return is spread in time, due to reflections from features at different distances.

He won gold medals at three different distances in the C4 freestyle and a further gold in the 50 m backstroke.

The naked-eye stars b Cygni and b Cygni, respectively about one and two degrees away, also lie at different distances to 29 Cygni.

vast distances   (geniş mesafeler)

Hub had the ability to teleport herself and others over vast distances.

These vast distances from the sea have had a profound impact on Chad's historical and contemporary development.

Due to poverty, lack of resources and vast distances, public access to treatment maybe difficult or non-existent.