İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

distinct species   (farklı türler)

They are therefore considered distinct species.

Some sources accept "Lotus leptophyllus" as a distinct species.

FishBase and the IUCN list it as a distinct species, "C. pennantii".

several distinct   (birkaç farklı)

It was noted to have had several distinct raised parts.

It is formed by several distinct burghs, or "frazioni".

Many of these plant species have several distinct cultivars.

own distinct   (kendine özgü)

It has its own distinct variations and regional peculiarities.

Ghana has more than seventy ethnic groups, each with its own distinct language.

Each has its own distinct qualities that make it preferable to certain reef aquarists.

very distinct   (çok farklı)

There is a very distinct reddish-brown cross band.

Selkirk has a climate with four very distinct seasons.

NQuest felt the game didn't have a very distinct plot.

more distinct   (daha belirgin)

These dialects, while still intelligible, are more distinct.

Winds increased to 85 mph (140 km/h) on September 30, after the eye became more distinct.

Staining in the whisker barrels is more distinct than that in other areas of somatosensory cortex.

quite distinct

It is quite distinct from any other Aramaic variety.

They are quite distinct from the eastern dialects and Imperial Aramaic.

But up to the 19th century both islands must have had a quite distinct language.

distinct from other   (diğerinden farklı)

The Kisankasa are distinct from other groups often called Dorobo.

Its geography makes the Neo-Aramaic of Sanandaj quite distinct from other dialects.

They are distinct from other herrings by having a deeper body and spawning in rivers.

number of distinct   (belirgin sayı)

Berkeley has a number of distinct neighborhoods.

Within the depression there are a number of distinct valleys.

A number of distinct features can be identified on the ridge.

distinct groups

They are divided into two morphologically distinct groups.

So, too, have movements to free large or distinct groups of slaves.

Moving groups can sometimes be further subdivided in smaller distinct groups.

distinct types

There are two distinct types found in the trade.

"Hemipristis" has two distinct types of teeth in each section of its jaw.

There are two distinct types of tsunami warning systems: international and regional.

separate and distinct

Though the two are related, they are separate and distinct.

They prefer to remain separate and distinct from mainstream health care.

Chestnut is a color similar to but separate and distinct from Indian red.

distinct areas

Present day Chianciano Terme has two distinct areas.

There are three distinct areas where rainfall exceeds 1800 mm.

It consists of four distinct areas:

distinct seasons

It has four distinct seasons and abundant rainfall.

Guam has two distinct seasons: Rainy and dry season.

There are three distinct seasons in this town.

genetically distinct   (genetik olarak farklı)

There are two genetically distinct coat color morphs: white and blue.

At this point, the zygote is genetically distinct from either of its parents.

A number of DNA studies have found the Italian wolf to be genetically distinct.

distinct parts

The town of Capranica consists of three distinct parts.

The work is divided into two distinct parts.

This week featured two distinct parts.

less distinct   (daha az belirgin)

The call of females is deeper and less distinct than the call of males.

Their scaly wings have four dark spots, which are less distinct in the male.

These bugs have shining and more or less distinct reddish, orange-red or brownish red pronotum and hemelytra.

no distinct

It has little to no distinct taste of its own.

There are no distinct upper and lower case letter forms.

There is no distinct sculpturing to the exoskeleton surface.

distinct sections

The station consists of three distinct sections.

The Indoctrination Course consists of two distinct sections.

The façade has three distinct sections which are harmoniously integrated.

distinct style

In the process, Taiwan developed a distinct style of cuisine.

Both of them had their distinct style.

Pianist Memphis Slim began his career in Memphis, but his distinct style was smoother and had some swing elements.

distinct phases   (farklı safhalar)

It was divided into two distinct phases.

Its life cycle has two distinct phases:

Decoration in the Art Deco period went through several distinct phases.

distinct group

The Torodbe may well have already been a distinct group when the Denianke conquered Futa Toro.

and this persecution has on numerous occasions threatened the existence of Yazidis as a distinct group.

Although the Pneumatomachi's beliefs were somewhat reminiscent of Arianism, they were a distinct group.

distinct language

Northern Awu is a distinct language.

Zuni may have become a distinct language at least 7,000 years ago.

Ghana has more than seventy ethnic groups, each with its own distinct language.

considered distinct

They are therefore considered distinct species.

Ilit and Bitama are not mutually intelligible and so may be considered distinct languages.

For Aristotle, accidents, like heat waves in winter, must be considered distinct from natural causes.

distinct identity

Rather, Xinjiang's distinct identity was given by the Qing.

Each faculty/school has significant autonomy based on its attributed powers, and a distinct identity within the University.

Each individual stripe or spot on a wing has a distinct identity that can be traced from species to species within a family.

distinct forms

Arabic has developed into at least two distinct forms.

The double bass bow comes in two distinct forms (shown below).

There are two distinct forms of appellate review, "direct" and "collateral".

distinct isoforms

Two alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding distinct isoforms have been found for this gene.

Many alternatively spliced transcripts variants of this gene, which encode distinct isoforms, have been reported.

distinct ethnic

Zotung Mingphuin is a very distinct ethnic people in Burma.

In an ethnic sense, none of these places formed a distinct ethnic border.

In Armenia and Iraq, the Yazidis are recognized as a distinct ethnic group.

distinct genus

The distinct floral structure resulted in Rhodora being treated as a distinct genus at one time.

Their larvae were originally believed to represent a distinct genus ("Macristium") and even family.

"Macrotherium", which is typically from the middle Miocene of Sansan, in Gers, France, may indicate a distinct genus.

distinct languages

Ilit and Bitama are not mutually intelligible and so may be considered distinct languages.

Omotic languages are an Ethiopian linguistic group consisting of more than twenty-five distinct languages.

The population of Guinea-Bissau is ethnically diverse with distinct languages, customs, and social structures.

many distinct   (birçok farklı)

Edward Van Halen uses many distinct animal noises with his vibrato.

The shaman has been published or republished many distinct forms over the decades.

There are many distinct species of fish in the oceans surrounding Christmas Island.

most distinct   (en belirgin)

It is the most distinct of the Indian Ocean kestrels.

It is most distinct due south of NGC 1788's central region.

The most distinct ship seen at Mallows Bay is the S.S. "Accomac".

considered a distinct

The subspecies "microlepis" is sometimes considered a distinct species.

Nowadays its southern congener is considered a distinct species "P. unicornis".

However, plane spotting was not considered a distinct hobby until the second half of the 20th century.

distinct regions

Andalusia may itself be considered a collection of distinct regions.

The Constitution of Latvia recognises four distinct regions: Kurzeme, Zemgale, Latgale and Vidzeme.

American Consolidated Media owned more than 100 newspapers in 18 distinct regions of the United States.

distinct features

A number of distinct features can be identified on the ridge.

The Envy 17 comes with all basic features and with certain distinct features.

The, now, 42.195 km (26.2 mile) distance is a physical challenge that entails distinct features of an individual's energy metabolism.

distinct periods

In Kabul Khir Khana a large Hindu temple complex of two distinct periods.

The cultural development is divided into three distinct periods: precolumbian, colonial, and republican.

German colonization of Africa The German colonization of Africa took place during two distinct periods.