İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

most distinguished   (en seçkin)

Victor Hugo being one of the most distinguished refugees.

The oldest and most distinguished member and a past president Dr. W.A.

Its most distinguished pupil was the future surgeon William Lawrence FRS.

distinguished service   (seçkin servis)

He is recently retired following over 30 years of distinguished service.

There are other honours for field service, distinguished service, and merit.

They performed distinguished service in both the First and Second World Wars.

distinguished from other   (diğerlerinden ayırt)

Larvae can be distinguished from other species of caterpillar by its spots.

The weasel is distinguished from other species by the size of the narrow skull.

Its nymph is distinguished from other perlids by a pale, hourglass-shaped mark on its head.

distinguished themselves   (kendilerini ayırt ettiler)

Other Brown alumni have distinguished themselves in the computer sciences.

Community members have distinguished themselves on and beyond the website.

Military aviators from Columbus distinguished themselves during World War I.

distinguished career   (seçkin kariyer)

She had a long and distinguished career.

She had a distinguished career as a racing and cruising yacht.

Sod has had a long and distinguished career in television broadcasting.

distinguished between   (ayırt etmek)

Gautama Buddha distinguished between a principle and a rule.

Douglas carefully distinguished between value, costs and prices.

The actors are not distinguished between regular and guest cast in the show.

distinguished itself

It never received a word of censure and invariably distinguished itself.

Whitehall-Yearling High School quickly distinguished itself in many areas.

Two months later, the regiment distinguished itself again at the Second Battle of Bull Run (aka.

easily distinguished

Kawamoto designed the characters so they were easily distinguished from one another.

Females are easily distinguished from males by their more elongated lower row of dots.

Adults of this species are easily distinguished by their black and yellow striped legs.

distinguished professor   (seçkin profesör)

He became a full professor in 1960, and was named a distinguished professor in 1978.

Since 2015, she has been a distinguished professor in Fordham University's English Faculty.

He also received the honor of distinguished professor within the Department of Neurology in 2009.

long and distinguished   (uzun ve seçkin)

Inoue's career was long and distinguished.

She had a long and distinguished career.

Highland Games has a long and distinguished history in Scotland.

distinguished services

The citation read "As teacher, rendered the most distinguished services in technical instruction.

The medal is awarded to military servants for the special distinguished services in the combat operations.

Pantridge was awarded the Military Cross "in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Malaya in 1942".

many distinguished

The "Dragonslayer" history has many distinguished highlights.

Her paintings are often seen in many distinguished family homes.

There are many female pinshooters and many distinguished female pinshooters.

not distinguished

Vowel length is not distinguished.

Capital and lowercase letters were not distinguished in old manuscripts.

Note: vowels between parentheses are not distinguished by Parisian French.

distinguished family   (seçkin aile)

Plancia Magna came from a distinguished family.

Domitius came from a distinguished family of consular rank.

Her paintings are often seen in many distinguished family homes.

other distinguished   (diğer seçkin)

Eileen Reed, a wealthy heiress, lives in Saratoga, New York, enjoying the pride and pleasure of the land with other distinguished residents.

In Paris, Chopin encountered artists and other distinguished figures and found many opportunities to exercise his talents and achieve celebrity.

He would continue with his medical research, particularly into public health services, publishing numerous books in collaboration with other distinguished physicians.

not be distinguished   (ayırt edilememek)

From the standpoint of group theory, isomorphic groups have the same properties and need not be distinguished.

Word stress is not distinctive in French, so two words cannot be distinguished on the basis of stress placement alone.

Electrons are identical particles because they cannot be distinguished from each other by their intrinsic physical properties.

distinguished military

Marblehead Harbor has a distinguished military history as well.

He was commissioned from the University of Kentucky ROTC program as a distinguished military graduate in May 1989.

He had a distinguished military career and was awarded the Distinguished Service Order by the British Government and the Croix de Guerre.

clearly distinguished

Usage has not always been so clearly distinguished.

Strabo, writing in the Roman era, clearly distinguished between the Celts and Britons.

For example, long and short vowels are clearly distinguished, as is the relatively rare English vowel .

distinguished himself during   (sırasında kendini ayırt etti)

An early epidemiologist, Orreus distinguished himself during the Russian plague of 1770–72.

He distinguished himself during combat near Thiaucourt and received a Silver Star citation for gallantry in action.

He distinguished himself during the siege of Cesenatico in 1800, when thirteen merchant vessels were burned or sunk.

distinguished contributions

In 1971, Allen received the "Tony Jannus Award" for his distinguished contributions to commercial aviation.

The Olympic Order is the highest award of the Olympic Movement and is awarded for particularly distinguished contributions to the Olympic Movement, i.e.

In 1986, she received the MidAmerica Award from the Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature for distinguished contributions to the study of same.

became a distinguished

Obolensky became a distinguished academic.

He then became tutor to three young brothers, one of whom, Richard Peters, later became a distinguished academic.

George became a distinguished classical scholar like his father, but committed suicide in 1876 by throwing himself down the stairs.