Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

emotional distress   (estrés emocional)

The former employee is suing Talking Rain for back pay and emotional distress.

Emily's emotional distress at these events resulted in her falling ill and dying.

Neha's mother, unable to withstand this emotional distress, suffers a heart attack.

distress call   (Llamado de auxilio)

A distress call was received by the CROSS at 04:30.

Janeway transmits a distress call to "Voyager".

There had been no chance of sending out a wireless distress call.

distress signal   (señal de socorro)

"See Mayday (distress signal) for a more detailed explanation."

The film takes its title from the morse code distress signal S.O.S..

Flare guns may be used whenever someone needs to send a distress signal.

respiratory distress   (dificultad respiratoria)

It leads to pulmonary hypertension and acute respiratory distress syndrome.

ADHF is a common and potentially serious cause of acute respiratory distress.

Therefore, oxygen is currently only recommended if oxygen levels are found to be low or if someone is in respiratory distress.

financial distress   (dificultades financieras)

1996 also brought with it financial distress.

He created the toy during a period of financial distress, and carved it from wood.

The Tribune company, in financial distress, was acquired by real-estate mogul Sam Zell in December 2007.

damsel in distress   (damisela en apuros)

Here, she has become the prototypical damsel in distress.

Princess Batcheat: A damsel in distress.

DeConnick makes a point to break the "damsel in distress" stereotype in her work.

psychological distress

Sugiyama demonstrates that psychological distress is positively correlated with lower SES.

CGN is associated with higher levels of psychological distress in gay men than in lesbian women.

Serious psychological distress was identified on inmates through the use of the K6 screening test.