divine intervention   (神力の介入)

He attributed the eventual success to divine intervention.

From a baroque standpoint it is a moment of divine intervention in the affairs of man.

Local legend states that the city of Durham was founded in 995 AD by divine intervention.

divine right   (神の権利)

Toryism supported a hierarchical society with a monarch who ruled by divine right.

The divine right has been a key element for legitimising many absolute monarchies.

A belief grew that whoever possessed the tooth relic had a divine right to rule that land.

divine revelation   (神の啓示)

Provision is given for diverse liturgical practices and understandings of the divine revelation.

Skeptics sought to investigate the doctrines of the Qur'an, which until then had been accepted as divine revelation.

These thinkers were the "deists" and the word "deism" refers to their collective attack on the idea of divine revelation.

divine power   (神の力)

Preah Ko was an ox who possessed divine power.

He possessed some sort of divine power.

And above all, about divine power.

divine nature   (神性)

This was said to prove that humanity held a divine nature.

The king was considered to have a divine nature, but not because of birth or immortality.

However, through knowledge one can recognize one's authentic divine nature and become a liberated being.

divine grace   (神の恵み)

Elsewhere, Allison continues, Harrison's songwriting reveals "a strong belief in the efficacy of unmerited divine grace".

Only by "divine grace", Weizsäcker said, were they spared the temptation to build the bomb — grace, as the German war economy was unable to mobilize the necessary resources.

This is particularly manifest in the weightier emphasis which he lays upon human sin and divine grace, and in the place which he assigns to faith in the individual Christian life.

divine law

The theophany is therefore a public experience of divine law.

She was named after Themis, Titaness of divine law and order.

He defined divine law as 'law set by God to his human creatures'.

divine inspiration

Some believe that divine inspiration makes our present Bibles inerrant.

Phelps later claimed the book came from divine inspiration: "The angel said unto me 'Write!'

They assert their belief that this name was given by divine inspiration and should be retained.