İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

second division   (ikinci bölünme)

Uruguay, who were promoted from the second division.

The club has never been relegated to second division.

In 1970 they relegated to the second division.

top division   (üst bölüm)

Valladolid returned to top division after 4 years.

This was the slowest ever rise to the top division.

They play in the top division in Togolese football.

administrative division   (idari bölüm)

They are the lowest level of administrative division.

There were about 750 villages under that administrative division.

The administrative division of Chibi starts from the Song dynasty.

first division   (ilk bölüm)

It plays in the first division of Curaçao League.

He was signed by first division club Tauro in 2001.

After 2 years, he joined first division Kapfenberg.

third division   (üçüncü bölüm)

Liga is the third division of football in Germany.

União, spending two years in the third division.

Gubbio relegated back to the third division in 2012.

division title   (bölüm başlığı)

However, the Patriots fell short of the division title.

In 1988, they won their first division title in 23 years.

East division title on September 20, 2013.

each division

Within each division there are a set of battalions.

cell walls develop after each division).

There are eight teams in each division.

division between   (arasındaki bölünme)

The division between island and spirit is blurry.

"GoBots" had no clear division between the two factions.

The division between these interpretations can be somewhat blurred.

municipal division

As a municipal division, this administrative unit also has urban okrug status.

As a municipal division, the City of Magnitogorsk is incorporated as Magnitogorsky Urban Okrug.

infantry division   (Piyade bölümü)

They were joined by a small infantry division led by Brig.

The 9th Division was the first infantry division to leave.

Ewell deployed his infantry division behind Mill Creek, Brig.

cell division   (hücre bölünmesi)

Reproduction occurs exclusively through cell division.

The centrioles can self replicate during cell division.

All act in the same way during cell division.

railway division

It is under the Howrah railway division of Eastern Railway.

Alipurduar railway division has at least 710 km of railway track.

It belongs to South Coast Railway zone under Vijayawada railway division.

electoral division

The parish forms part of the Clun electoral division of Shropshire Council.

It had previously been part of a two-MP electoral division in County Durham.

Rose was a provincial electoral division in the Canadian province of Manitoba.

revenue division   (gelir bölümü)

It is located in Repalle mandal of Tenali revenue division.

It is located in Gospadu mandal of Tenali revenue division.

It is located in Prathipadu mandal of Guntur revenue division.

fourth division

This is the fourth division of Spanish basketball.

In 2008 Romera signed for CF Gandía in the fourth division.

"They couldn't play in the fourth division in England," he said.

new division

This new division was established in Phoenix, Arizona.

These offices were used by a whole new division, Funhaus.

This division called for a new division.

division commander   (bölüm komutanı)

Leonty Ugryumov became division commander on 1 June.

Nikolay Khudyakov became the first division commander on 4 August.

He also said later,"I was the best division commander in Vietnam."

division side

In January 2004 he transferred to top division side OFK Beograd.

On 25 July 2012, Lempereur moved to fellow third division side Tenerife.

Herrera made his debut in 1985 with second division side Deportivo Neza.

division club   (bölüm kulübü)

He was signed by first division club Tauro in 2001.

At age 17, he was signed by first division club Seven Stars.

Bazzoffia spent 2008–09 season with the fourth division club Gubbio.

same division

He competed in the same division at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

When in the same division, the clubs contest the Canary Islands derby.

From the semi-finals onwards teams from the same division can meet again.

heavyweight division   (ağır bölüm)

He also won two NCAA club boxing titles in the heavyweight division.

In MMA, the light heavyweight division is from 186 lb (84 kg) to 205 lb (93 kg).

In December 2015, he won the super heavyweight division at the Rio 2016 test event.

lower division   (alt bölüm)

UMass was in a lower division than BC during the entirety of the rivalry.

The Club was a merger of AC Maggia and lower division teams AC Centrovalle and FC Avegno.

Chief Executive Maurice Lindsay wanted to reduce the number of clubs in the lower division of the league in 1993.

division of labor   (iş bölümü)

The economy grows as division of labor increases productivity of laborers.

Among the rest of the population, male/female division of labor is not very pronounced.

Urbanization increased as the population grew and as the division of labor grew more complex.

kg division   (kg bölümü)

He began fighting in the 40 kg division.

He won a bronze medal in the 59 kg division at the 2016 Olympics.

In March 2018 he was ranked #5 in the world in the U66 kg division.

cavalry division

On May 26, he sent a cavalry division under Brig.

Gregg's cavalry division in reserve.

The cavalry division occupied one after the other, Rayak, Homs, Hama.

division championship

He won the "jūryō" division championship in March 1985.

1981 brought another division championship for the Cowboys.

He first implemented it against the Buffalo Bills in the division championship game.

division within   (içinde bölünme)

Near the end of the conflict, Palombini withdrew his division within Peschiera's fortress.

The major division within utilitarianism is between "act utilitarianism" and "rule utilitarianism".

The largest division within a city in ancient China was a "fang" (), equivalent to a current day ward.

division fought

Taken by surprise, this division fought back but lost 400 men, including many captured.

The division fought in several engagements in the Sinai before being transferred to France.

Formed in mid-1919, the division fought against the Armed Forces of South Russia on the Southern Front.

highest division

They play in the highest division in Iraq which is the Iraqi Premier League.

Liga is the highest division that a football club's reserve team can play in.

The Civics play in the highest division of Namibian football, the Namibia Premier League.

division during

The patches shown were worn by the division during 1917.

Couch led his division during the Battle of Seven Pines on May 31 and June 1, 1862.

He competed in the light flyweight (– 48 kg) division during the late 1980s, early 1990s.

division became

After him, this tripartite division became standard.

The division became the Lamar School of Vocations in 1955.

As a result, Canwest's television division became Shaw Media.

division titles

The team has also won four division titles.

Walthall earned four straight division titles from 2014-2017.

MSUM has won four division titles and six conference titles in the NSIC.

won the division

In 1966–67 they won the division, and were promoted to the First Division.

By , the Reds won the division thanks to Most Valuable Player Barry Larkin.

The Bills won the AFL championship game in 1964 and 1965, and won the division in 1966.

division took

Worth's division took San Carlos Fortress on April 22.

The division took a leading part in the Rhine crossing (Operation Plunder).

Some pointed out that Rommel's division took the highest casualties in the campaign.

division was formed

The division was formed in September 1914 as part of the K2 Army Group.

In 2012, the new division was formed from the restructuring of the Welsh Premier Division.

On May 1, 2013 a new division was formed as part of the Viterra transaction - Richardson Milling.

division moved

The division moved into the line on 15 September.

In February, the division moved to the Somme sector.

Accordingly, in October, the division moved to join the Eighth Army in Italy.

division rival

He later signed with division rival Washington.

Murray signed with the division rival Philadelphia Eagles.

In the next home series against another division rival, the Indians.

single division

The 11 teams compete in a single division.

It was eliminated in 1888, when the city became a single division again.

The new single division consisted of 21 clubs after Division Two was scrapped.

division of labour

A larger scale allows for a more efficient division of labour.

Additionally, Marx argued that the division of labour creates less-skilled workers.

A division of labour has been established between the ECB and national supervisors.

division was disbanded

On 1 November 1944, the division was disbanded.

The division was disbanded in 2004.

It fought in the Odessa Offensive until May 1944, when the division was disbanded.

division team   (bölüm takımı)

In 2013, she signed with first division team Atlético Ouriense.

United were the first top division team Fulham played in that cup run.

In July 2007, he moved to the Italian first division team Benetton Treviso.

division champions

The division champions are marked by an asterisk.

The division champions are promoted.

At the time only division champions qualified for post-season play.

lightweight division   (hafif bölüm)

Ergashev currently competes in the super lightweight division.

He is currently fights in the lightweight division of the Absolute Championship Berkut.

On April 30, 2010, Guerrero moved up to the lightweight division to fight Robert Arrieta (35-15-4).

second division side

Herrera made his debut in 1985 with second division side Deportivo Neza.

In September 2018 he was appointed manager of Mexican second division side Dorados.

He returned in a role as manager of second division side Municipal Naranjo in 2002.

middleweight division

He currently fights in the heavy middleweight division.

There he won the silver medal in the middleweight division (– 75 kg).

At the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, he competed in the men's middleweight division.

another division   (başka bir bölüm)

1981 brought another division championship for the Cowboys.

In the next home series against another division rival, the Indians.

He radioed that at least another division was needed to break the stalemate.

division began

In 1971, the division began awarding associate's degrees.

The first formation of the division began in August 1941 in the Ural Military District.

The division began forming in August, 1941, near Kuibyshev in the Volga Military District.

welterweight division   (yeniden ağırlık bölümü)

Gaibnazarov won the gold medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics in the light welterweight division.

At the 1984 Summer Olympics he won the bronze medal in the men's light welterweight division (– 63.5 kg).

He is currently signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), competing in the welterweight division.

division was transferred

In December of that year, "S-42"’s division was transferred to Pearl Harbor.

In July the division was transferred to 80th Rifle Corps, still in 65th Army.

At the end of January the division was transferred to XXII Corps, which had taken over the sector.

division according

There is also a division according to the Ammonian Sections (in Mark 240, the last in 16:19).

There is also a division according to the Ammonian Sections, with references to the Eusebian Canons.

division headquarters

Penn State Forest served as the temporary division headquarters during the exercise.

From 1927 to 1996, Ystrad Mynach hosted the 'F' division headquarters of Glamorgan Constabulary (from 1968, South Wales Police).

premier division   (birinci sınıf)

López played for Salvadoran premier division sides Arcense and Alianza.

His parents Eric and Winnie hosted home premier division matches for the Soham team in their grounds.

The basketball team MyGuide Amsterdam competes in the Dutch premier division and play their games in the Sporthallen Zuid.

weight division

IBF Muaythai sanctions 17 weight division as same as boxing.

He also competed in the same weight division at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

He won a Bronze medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics in the +105kg weight division.

division remained

This division remained in place until the 1350s, when the Sufid dynasty took power in Khwarezm.

The division remained on the central sector of the Eastern Front until November 1943, when it was disbanded.

The division remained in Northern Italy while its men were demobilised, with the division finally disbanded in early March 1919.

division winners

The top two division winners, based on table points, received a home semi-final.

The two division winners, along with the second place team with the next best record are given the top three seeds.

Today in the NFL, division winners and playoff qualifiers are technically determined by winning percentage and not by number of wins.

school division   (okul bölümü)

This is one of the strengths of having a larger school division.

Below is an arrangement of categories representing the urban school division before the merger.

Like all public school systems in the state, it is legally classified as a school division instead of a school district.

division was renamed

Subsequently, the division was renamed Havas Interactive.

In mid 2007, the company's publishing division was renamed to V.2 Play.

(In 2006–07 the first division was renamed from A' Ethniki to Super League).

federal division   (federal bölünme)

The peninsula is within the boundaries of the federal division of Grey and the state electoral districts of Flinders and Giles.

Elected as an independent in 2016, Smith ran as the Liberal National Party candidate for the Logan-based federal division of Rankin in 2010.

Yanyarrie is located within the federal division of Grey, the state Stuart, and the local government area of the District Council of Orroroo Carrieton.

flyweight division   (sinek siklet bölümü)

For the flyweight division, 12 women qualified.

There he won the bronze medal in the flyweight division.

There he won the bronze medal in the flyweight division (– 51 kg).

territorial division

The latter were established by Javier de Burgos in the 1833 territorial division of Spain.

The first full territorial division, the North Midland Division, arrived in France in February 1915.

By the 2003 territorial division of the country, the rural municipality of Bač was attached to Novaci municipality.

became a division

In 1994, Cala became a division of the Ralphs Grocery Company when Ralphs merged with Yucaipa.

The company became a division of Burson-Marsteller and part of the Young & Rubicam group of companies.

Its present name, the Archives of Traditional Music, was adopted in 1964 when it became a division of the Folklore Institute.

publishing division   (yayın bölümü)

Bernstein closed the comic-book publishing division in 1984.

In mid 2007, the company's publishing division was renamed to V.2 Play.

As of 2017, she is under Star Songs, the publishing division of Star Music.

division rivals

The team faced IAFL South division rivals, the UL Vikings.

The Lions have had several division rivals in their existence.

After 15 years with Kaya, del Rosario joined division rivals Loyola Meralco Sparks F.C.

southern division

Only the second league was split into a northern and a southern division, of 10 teams each.

From 1951 to 1964 it served as the headquarters of the southern division of United States Steel.

Imbrie was next posted to Crimea, where the southern division of the White Army was active; however, when he arrived in December, 1920, he found it, too, had collapsed.

political division

He is believed to be active in LTTE's political division.

The fourth level of political division in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the municipality.

The widening political division and proper programmes have done anything but help in this transitional phase.

census division

The settlement is located in census division No.

The hamlet is located within census division No.

The hamlet is located in census division No.

division then

The division then continued through Isselburg and Anholt.

The Italian division then brought supplies to the blockaded French garrison of Santoña.

The division then attacked again in the afternoon of 29 August behind a creeping barrage.

division took part

In January 1945, when the division was moved to the Oder front, the division took part in fighting along the Reitwein Spur.

In July the division took part in Operation Kutuzov in Bryansk Front before being transferred to Central Front on September 23.

1916 saw no notable actions, but in 1917 the division took part in the Battle of Arras (First Battle of the Scarpe, 9–12 April).

division football

This was one of their worst performances in the top division football.

The club have been relegated just once, but were promoted back to first division football the following season.

Innocenti tasted the third division football at age 33 and scored 15 goals, 47% of the team total (just 32 goals).

own division

The latter force was led by the Earl of Douglas and fought in the King's own division.

Longstreet had the right wing, consisting of his own division, D.H. Hill's, and Huger's.

Stonewall Jackson, commanding his own division, as well as the divisions of Maj. Gen. D.H. Hill and Brig.

separate division

Fiume town and district forms a separate division.

Prior to this, there had been a separate division under the board for tuberculosis-related issues.

Blacks were enrolled in their own camps, and the CCC operated an entirely separate division for Indians.

division was composed

During this period the division was composed as follows (temporary attachments omitted): A reorganisation of AA Command in October 1942 saw the AA corps and divisions disbanded to replaced by a smaller number of AA Groups more closely aligned with the groups of RAF Fighter Command.

changed division

The following teams changed division after the 2017–18 season.

The following teams had changed division since the 2017 season.

second division club

With the win, 1860 Munich retained their status as a second division club.

On 13 August 2018, Lizoain signed a two-year deal with second division club AD Alcorcón.

After starring for Zambia at CAN 1992, Mbasela was signed by German second division club 1.

news division

Inside Gaming is the gaming news division of Rooster Teeth.

However, the newscasts of the news division are primarily aired on RTB Perdana.

In October 2017, he left KGW, or at least its news division, for unknown reasons.

featherweight division   (tüy ağırlık bölümü)

He competed in the featherweight division for the Bellator Fighting Championships.

In January 1995, Canizales attempted to win a title in the junior featherweight division.

He won a bronze medal at the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in the Greco-Roman featherweight division.

division called

This division called for a new division.

It has a division called MSC Cruises that focuses on holiday cruises.

Renault Argentina manages a sporting division called Renault Sport Argentina.

division participated

The division participated in Operation Flashpoint in 1945.

On 10 May 1940 the division participated in the invasion of France.

The division participated in creating the large pocket around Smolensk, cutting the Smolensk–Moscow road.

division included

McCall's division included the brigades of Brig.

The area covered by this division included the Bavarian provinces of Lower Bavaria and Upper Palatinate and extended into eastern Upper Franconia around Hof.

The division included suburbs in Brisbane's inner south, including Annerley, Fairfield, Moorooka, Nathan, Rocklea, Salisbury, Tarragindi, Yeronga, and Yeerongpilly.

football division

The top football division in Guam is the Guam Men's Soccer League.

In the Belgian first football division Ghent is represented by K.A.A.

Its football division is led by FC Heidenheim 1846, which plays at the Voith-Arena.

division returned

The division returned to profitability in two years.

After a futile pursuit of the guerillas, the Italian division returned to Bilbao to wait for reinforcements.

After three weeks out of the line the division returned to the front on 5 September north-east of Langemarck.

fifth division

It plays in the Eccellenza league (fifth division).

A fifth division, the Faculty of Medicine, was not realized.

They currently play in Fédérale 3, the fifth division of the French rugby pyramid.

division was sent

Early in 1917 the division was sent to Ireland.

In November 1944, the division was sent to Nienburg in Germany, where it was to be reformed.

The division was sent to France in August 1915 under the command of Major-General Sir James Melville Babington C.B.

division was assigned

Remarkably, the division was assigned to the 61st Army for nearly its entire wartime path.

While completing its formation the division was assigned to the newly-forming 61st Army in the same District, in the Reserve of the Supreme High Command.

The division was assigned to 39th Army while it was still forming, but by the time it reached the front it had been reassigned to 22nd Army in the Kalinin Front.

armoured division

In an armoured division, there were two OP tanks for each RHA or field battery.

Brooke sent him one of his best armoured division commanders Richard McCreery, whose advice was ignored in favour of Dorman-Smith's.

12th SS Panzer Division Hitlerjugend The 12th SS Panzer Division "Hitlerjugend" () was a German armoured division of the Waffen-SS during World War II.

division teams

This halved the number of second division teams from a nominal number of 40 to 20.

The Club was a merger of AC Maggia and lower division teams AC Centrovalle and FC Avegno.

The División Intermedia was a promotion/relegation tournament between first and second division teams.

division was created

A division was created among the people of Mindoro when the Spaniards came.

In May of 2016, the baby’s and toddlers program in the dragonfly division was created.

The division was created in 2003 by Essex-based teams who left Eastern Counties 1 and Eastern Counties 2.

rifle division

355th Rifle Division The 355th Rifle Division () was a standard Red Army rifle division of World War II, formed twice.

357th Rifle Division The 357th Rifle Division formed in August, 1941, as a standard Red Army rifle division, at Sarapul.

356th Rifle Division The 356th Rifle Division formed in August, 1941, as a standard Red Army rifle division, in the Kuibyshev Oblast.

bantamweight division   (ufak ağırlık bölümü)

He became world champion in the bantamweight division.

debut in the bantamweight division at WEC 40 against former world title challenger Manny Tapia.

In October 2015, Conlan won the gold medal in the bantamweight division at the 2015 World Championships.

other division   (diğer bölüm)

The Division Winners in the Central Conference will play the second place team of the other division.

The other division, under Fitzhugh Lee, was ordered to advance from Louisa Court House, making up the right flank.

The first placed team plays the fourth placed from the other division and the second placed the third placed team.

division league

This was their second top division league title.

He remains the quickest player to 100 English top division league goals.

Aboudi Onguéné signed with Rossiyanka in Russia's top division league for the 2015 season.

division among

The Willi Hennig Society was founded on a philosophical division among systematic biologists in the late 1970s.

This was not completely effective, as division among Colombia's elite, middle, and lower class is directly related to racial concepts.

Johannes Brenz was also outspoken on the controversy and urged Osiander to "avoid causing division among the Evangelicals at this dangerous time".

entire division   (tüm bölüm)

Crawford's entire division formation collapsed, exposing the V Corps' left flank.

Ewell began his attack immediately, around 3:30 p.m., without waiting for his entire division to come on line.

It resumed around 2:30 p.m., when Heth's entire division engaged, adding the brigades of Pettigrew and Col. John M. Brockenbrough.

division before

The mare raced in mid division before moving up to track the leaders in the straight.

Below is an arrangement of categories representing the urban school division before the merger.

Peres went on to win Golden Gloves title and another win in the corporate division before turning pro.

division consists

The top division consists of 18 clubs.

The cup tournament for the women's division consists of two phases.

The division consists of 12 teams that meet each opponent once away and once at home.

research division

The Icelandic Forest Research Mógilsá () is a research division of the Icelandic Forest Service with headquarters located at , near Reykjavík.

She was hired by William Friedman, who was a US cryptographer in the Army and led the research division of the Army’s Signal Intelligence in the 1930s.

Ferguson's research division went on to develop various cars and tractors, including the first Formula One four-wheel-drive car (see Ferguson Research Ltd.).

division champion

The division champion earns a bye to the Division Finals and the rights to host.

Each division champion plays in the best-of-three Prospect League Championship Series.

The Indians finished the season in 2nd place, 15 games behind the division champion Tigers.

division received

The division received demobilization instructions on 20 December 1918.

Each division received a berth, since there are eight divisions instead of the ten that existed in 2008.

However, at the end of the morning the division received the order to withdraw towards the French border.

regional division   (bölgesel bölünme)

It is one of the most titled teams in Sal regional division numbering 7.

Countries may also set up a "regional division", serving as the local division of the group.

Malango played for Spanish club Villaverde in the 1997-1998 season of the regional division of Madrid.