İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

medical doctor   (Tıbbi doktor)

The first Northern Nigerian medical doctor, I.

She married Ariel Ferreira, a medical doctor, in 1957.

Bapt is a medical doctor and heart specialist.

become a doctor   (Doktor ol)

Influenced by his father, Samuel Tai also intended to become a doctor.

Following 1914, he left baseball to become a doctor, but later returned to the sport.

He then attended Bowdoin College, where he majored in pre-med with plans to become a doctor.

honorary doctor   (fahri doktor)

He was an honorary doctor of ETH Zurich (1992).

He was made an honorary doctor of the university in 2001.

She was also made an honorary doctor by the University of Hamburg.

local doctor   (yerel doktor)

Charles and Anne befriend the local doctor, Marinus Willet.

His father, Ifor David Monger, was the local doctor and a published author and playwright.

After the band of slaves passed the LaBranche plantation, they stopped at the home of the local doctor.

became a doctor   (doktor oldu)

He later became a doctor(MBBS,University of Ceylon).

His elder son also became a doctor, specializing in orthopedics.

He became a doctor of both laws before becoming a cleric in Naples.

doctor of medicine   (Tıp doktoru)

Dissent received her doctor of medicine (MD) from Brussels.

Louisa also became a pioneering doctor of medicine and feminist activist.

He then became a doctor of medicine, then doctor to king Henry IV of France.

family doctor   (aile doktoru)

Pressly later became a well-known family doctor.

Mr Verma, a friend of the Sinha brothers and a family doctor often comes there.

Azhagappan (Parthiban) is the family's loyal servant, while Krishna (Napoleon) is their family doctor.

doctor of philosophy

His father was a rabbi and doctor of philosophy.

In 1988 he became "Magister" and five years later he was promoted to doctor of philosophy.

In 2009 he was given the degree of doctor of philosophy "honoris causa" by the National University of Córdoba.

young doctor

In Paris, Mr. Smith attacks and kills a young doctor who had just left his girlfriend's house.

There, he met Abby's grandmother Anaïs Arcane, who called on her young doctor son, Anton, to treat his wounds.

As a young doctor experimenting on dogs, Barnard developed a remedy for the infant defect of intestinal atresia.

juris doctor

Haubegger graduated with a juris doctor degree in 1992.

He also attended Georgetown University Law School, earning a juris doctor in 1978.

In 1984 Barnes graduated from Yale Law School with a juris doctor, and in 1991 he received his L.L.M.

doctor named

Kiran (Prince) is a simple pizza delivery boy who falls in love with a doctor named Swathi (Jyothi Setti).

When a young doctor named Howard Phillips comes to work at the prison, West is assigned to assist the new doctor.

A British doctor named John Dave travelled to Adams Peak in 1817 from Panadura via Horana, Rathnapura and Palabaddala.

team doctor   (takım doktoru)

Owner Ballard had a part as the team doctor.

He served as the local high school's team doctor and as school board president for several years.

The Browns' long-time team doctor, Vic Ippolito, described Ford's injuries as "a sickening sight."

witch doctor   (cadı doktor)

Reverend Jondular (William L. Baker) is a witch doctor who helps Spanner use his powers.

In some carvings the bishop appears as a witch doctor (native to 19th century east African culture).

Kalbaryo later reveals herself to be a witch, born under her great grandfather who is a witch doctor.