first documented

The first documented payments for design were from 1626.

Hochstadt's existence was first documented in the year 846.

Tannhausen was first documented in 1100.

well documented   (よく文書化されている)

This process is well documented for Ottoman prayer rugs.

It was a well documented cave by the 1960s.

Historical use of various aloe species is well documented.

earliest documented

The earliest documented quartets all began in barber shops.

The earliest documented hostile exploitation of a buffer overflow was in 1988.

His earliest documented work is the courthouse of Sussex County, Virginia, dated to 1825.

not documented

This fact is not documented by the majority of CFD brokers.

The origins of these are not documented.

Certain object types, including ACIS solids and regions, are not documented.

poorly documented

Old Norse religious practises are poorly documented.

The earliest history of the accordion in Russia is poorly documented.

His reign is poorly documented.

documented cases

In Australia in 2012 there were about 140 documented cases.

There have been at least 100 documented cases of ROHHAD worldwide.

There are documented cases of reversible frontotemporal dementia and coma.

not well documented   (十分に文書化されていない)

Its use in humans is not well documented.

Deism in Germany is not well documented.

Little work has been done on the Munda languages, which are not well documented.

documented evidence   (文書化された証拠)

There is ample documented evidence in medical records of the wounds he sustained.

There is, however, no documented evidence for this story, nor even that a British prince was involved in the shipwreck.

The first documented evidence of settlement was the village of "Adrara", which had not yet been divided into the two existing entities.

documented history

According to oral and documented history, the site was granted to Colmcille by a local king.

The documented history of these smaller boards and the dike rights that preceded them goes as far back as 1408.

Its earliest documented history can be traced to an inscription found at Arakere, a village in Arasikere taluk.