official documents   (公式文書)

The city continues to use the seal on some official documents.

To seal official documents, he will usually use an inked stamp.

As a widow, Anna became more visible in the official documents.

historical documents   (歴史的文書)

Acoma has been spelled in various other ways in historical documents.

He has collected around 2,000 maps and historical documents about the region.

Gori Kingdom is described in different way by different historical documents.

other documents   (他の文書)

However, no other documents have been found to support this.

A mission patch and other documents were determined to be hoaxes.

The papers also include various other documents of a confidential nature.

legal documents

A name change on legal documents is not necessary.

A law library was set up at some point, where inmates could type legal documents.

Corsican has also left a trail of legal documents ending in the late 12th century.

court documents   (裁判所文書)

FACT's involvement in the raid is shown in court documents.

Aaliyah admitted in court documents that she had lied about her age.

Dubay claimed in court documents that he informed his ex-girlfriend he had no interest in becoming a father.

government documents   (政府文書)

Morga's official position allowed him access to many government documents.

For many years, Austria had a special form of the language for official government documents.

Ibrahim hid numerous significant government documents from the Japanese during the occupation.

documents relating   (関連する文書)

No contemporary documents relating to Ealdred's time as abbot have been discovered.

Stern used these seminars to study contemporary documents relating to the Holocaust.

FCC docket 18-197 will be the official home for documents relating to the proposed merger.

documents related

The company was found guilty of obstruction of justice during 2002 for destroying documents related to the Enron audit.

By his own account, he spent three and a half years mapping the terrain and securing documents related to English sovereignty.

On May 9, 1996, President Clinton refused to turn over additional documents related to the matter, claiming executive privilege.

written documents

The form of the castle was preserved in written documents.

Such "exclamations" have their own Chinese character, but they are rarely used in formal written documents.

These were used for non-scriptural texts, letters, accounting records, notes, and all the other types of written documents.

travel documents   (旅行の書類)

David Headley was supported by Basheer, who arranged the travel documents for him.

When Italy declined their request for travel documents, they flew out of Frankfurt instead.

She helped to arrange false travel documents for several people wishing to escape the Revolution.

documents such

Projects can be split into unrelated sections, allowing creation of documents such as exercise books.

The text includes documents such as Bach's letters to patrons, and excerpts from contemporary biographies.

The Foundation rejected the list of documents proposed by the National Archives, which included documents such as Executive Order 8802.

important documents

Hanabusa gave orders to burn the legation and important documents were set on fire.

At the same time, these books are important documents for the history of German mysticism.

He and his gang stole a satchel full of important documents that Batman eventually recovers.

original documents

He writes off for the original documents.

He addressed criticisms of the original documents in both sources.

The original documents of 1581 indicate the composer only as "Sieur de Beaulieu".

documents dating

It was first mentioned in documents dating to 1156.

The settlement was first mentioned in documents dating 1213.

The settlement was first mentioned in documents dating to 1359.

all documents

And so began to write in all documents.

Not all documents are records.

Furthermore, the Germans took with them all documents and specifications of the plant.

identity documents

Some victims were reportedly killed for not having identity documents or for their ethnicity.

The uploading of scanned or photographed identity documents is a practice in use, for example at Facebook.

The title of doctor used to become a part of the name and was added as such to personal identity documents.

mentioned in documents

Khyriv was first mentioned in documents from 1374.

It was first mentioned in documents dating to 1156.

He is mentioned in documents between 1339 and 1368.

classified documents

The FBI still has 900 pages of classified documents regarding Winston Burdett.

Little is known about classified documents describing an alleged similar attempt on his life during his 1979 Papal visit to Poland.

In the course of legal discovery in the Terrell case, Mattes obtained stacks of previously classified documents about the secret Contra supply network.

film documents   (フィルム文書)

The film documents the making of the National Peace Quilt.

The film documents the work of Ms.

This film documents some of the adventures that occurred during three trips to Afghanistan between 2005 and 2006.

secret documents

One judge who claimed to hold secret documents was later found decapitated.

At the CARIPLO Bank of Domaso were kept the secret documents taken from Benito Mussolini on 27 April 1945.

They also met Glading's agent within Royal Arsenal, George Whomack, and photographed some secret documents in the Holland Road safe house.

documents show   (文書ショー)

The inventory documents show a total of 17 cannons and 14 have been accounted for.

Old documents show that many pious donations were given to the "Holtesmeni" (monastery).

Its identifier is "OSI" and publicly available FAA documents show the VOR signal is on 113.9 MHz.

collection of documents

Data sets can also consist of a collection of documents or files.

This collection of documents was reviewed during Juan Diego’s canonization in 2002.

Corwin assembled a unique collection of documents regarding the Second World War and the Holocaust.

forged documents   (偽造文書)

As a result, Arondeus also became involved in creating forged documents.

A number of forged documents and assertions were produced on each side that leave details of actual history doubtful.

However, Louis Benoît Robert, the commander at Tortosa, was not fooled by the forged documents and continued his engagement.

contemporary documents

Gjergj Arianiti was also mentioned in contemporary documents as Aranit Spata.

No contemporary documents relating to Ealdred's time as abbot have been discovered.

Stern used these seminars to study contemporary documents relating to the Holocaust.

documents record   (ドキュメントレコード)

Later documents record that Mersley Park came under the Lordship of Bromfield.

Early documents record the name as Diddsham, presumably for a family known as Did or Didd.

In 854AD, documents record the settlement known as Hardenhuish on the north-west side of Chippenham.

number of documents   (文書数)

The pood was first mentioned in a number of documents of the twelfth century.

The name refers to the number of documents in the collection, which consists of 1398 abstracts.

Despite no longer being a living language after 1700, Cuman still produced a number of documents in the following centuries.

many documents

The histogram could show how many documents were published each month.

It is not usual for someone to possess so many documents and talk so freely."

In this trip, he brought in many documents, photos, building plans and inscriptions.

documents released

There is a six-month gap in documents released by WikiLeaks, which Bellingcat comments, either suggest 'Alex' was not with the FFM for very long or do not support his account.

According to documents released in response to a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request, the Commission has also held closed-door meetings and received closed-door briefings.

Court documents released on September 12, 2006 state that a 2-year-old girl had complained to her mother, Christina Edington, that her neighbor, Barry James, had repeatedly molested her.

public documents   (公文書)

The formulæ deal with public documents: royal decrees on civil matters, ordinances etc.

In the Archive's holdings are 13 million Spanish-era documents and another 60 million cataloged public documents.

It was also poor, lacking the funds to make public documents, such as minutes of meetings and change proposals, freely available.

archival documents   (アーカイブ文書)

After the end of World War II, surviving archival documents provided a clear record of the Final Solution policies and actions of Nazi Germany.

Three of its personnel were trained by UNESCO reprography expert Ramunajan Chari in 1968 on microfilming and archival documents reproduction through a mobile microfilm unit.

However, the library's mandate did not include publishing archival documents so that a decision was taken to found a private society to deal with the management of the project.

internal documents

She requested access to the internal documents about the men.

Edell strengthened his case with his access to 300,000 pages of internal documents of the tobacco companies.

In April 2015, Weber met with Aleksandr Torshin, the alleged handler for Russian spy Maria Butina, according to internal documents from Center for the National Interest.