hot dog   (ホットドッグ)

To which Truitt replied, "Sit down, you hot dog.

His mom was one of the first to have a hot dog cart in Medellin.

The mother-in-law is a tamale topped with chili and served on a hot dog bun.

dog named   (という名前の犬)

The mascot for the games was a dog named Leo.

They have two children and a dog named Typo.

A farmer's dog named Sultan had grown old.

pet dog   (ペットの犬)

There she meets her Mom, Dad and her pet dog Buttercup.

Santosh has a pet dog which he loves dearly.

", and had a pet dog he dressed as a rapper.

dog food   (ドッグフード)

Her body was rendered to make dog food for his kennels.

Avoid fatty foods, and give a good quality balanced dog food.

The price of dog food has increased by more than 50% and exceeds $4 per kilogram.

dog breeds   (犬の品種)

For certain dog breeds a dewclaw is considered a necessity, e.g.

For example, some dog breeds can perceive vibrations up to 60,000 Hz.

Genomic studies have pointed to the Afghan Hound as one of the oldest of dog breeds.

wild dog

He set out in search and met a "cu seang", a wild dog.

Its ears are somewhat rounded, but less so than the African wild dog.

Carnivores include the African wild dog, leopard, lion, and mongoose.

dog park

A dog park, DiOGi Park, opened on July 14, 2007.

The dog park has two enclosed areas for dogs.

It is the first dog park created in the city.

breed of dog   (犬の品種)

The borzoi is an athletic and independent breed of dog.

Azawakh The Azawakh is a breed of dog from West Africa.

Tahltan Bear Dog The Tahltan Bear Dog was a breed of dog indigenous to Canada.

hunting dog

Basenji The Basenji is a breed of hunting dog.

Often, she is shown in the shooting pose, and is accompanied by a hunting dog or stag.

Hunting dog (disambiguation) A hunting dog is a canine that hunts with or for humans.

dog breed   (犬種)

Landseer (dog) The Landseer is a dog breed.

Used among dog owners for the Rhodesian Ridgeback dog breed.

Dachshund (disambiguation) A dachshund is a short-legged, long-bodied, hound-type dog breed.

dog meat

The ancient word for dog meat was "ran" (肰).

The Old Chinese character meaning "to burn" or "to roast" showed dog meat on top of a fire (然).

A dog as food was offensive to the American missionaries, and under their influence, the dog meat in the story became pork.

family dog   (家族の犬)

The company was founded as a result of the efforts to clone Lou Hawthorne's favorite family dog, Missy.

Also, the family dog Baron doesn't die and reincarnate, he remains the same until the end of the series.

The smallest of the working breeds, the Standard Schnauzer makes a loyal family dog with guardian instincts.

dog show   (ドッグショー)

A dog show provides an example.

However, Adrian decides to spend it to bet on a televised dog show, infuriating Holt, who threatens to sue him.

A dog show is not a random sampling of the breed: it is typically limited to dogs that are adult, pure-bred, and exemplary.

dog fighting

When told that dog fighting was a felony, Portis replied, "It can't be too bad of a crime."

Among these are [[blood sport]]s such as [[bear-baiting]], [[dog fighting]] and [[cockfighting]].

That same day, he later released a statement through the Redskins' official website that claimed he did not take part in, nor condone, dog fighting.

black dog

It is also allegedly the haunt of a phantom black dog.

An example is the phrase "a very black dog."

(5) Did you see a grey dog or a black dog?

prairie dog   (プレーリードッグ)

This situation was analogous to the modern day prairie dog (genus "Cynomys") and its predator the black-footed ferret ("Mustela nigripes").

When prairie dog towns are located near trails used by humans, giving alarm calls every time a person walks by is expensive in terms of time and energy.

Mountain plovers like to build their habitats in prairie dog colonies, meaning that an increase in prairie dogs will coincide with an increase in mountain plovers.

dog sled   (犬ぞり)

Qeqertarsuaq has a dog sled rental.

He walks, or travels by dog sled, kayak, or may be borne by huge fishes.

Ronne covered by ski and dog sled – more than any other explorer in history.