Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

million dollars

You're worth a million dollars or you're unemployed.

The house was then sold for 1.2 million dollars.

The first issue amounted to 242 million dollars.

millions of dollars   (millones de dolares)

Each show can take millions of dollars to develop.

Both parties poured millions of dollars into the respective campaigns.

Through his work with his foundation, he has raised millions of dollars.

thousands of dollars

Today, collectors pay thousands of dollars for her work.

Medallions may be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The fire caused hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage.

billion dollars   (billon de dolares)

JMC has an annual budget of 1.2 billion dollars.

One of the suits totaled one billion dollars.

Together the family's net worth exceeds four billion dollars.

thousand dollars

He tested the method and won a few thousand dollars.

Houses in Maspeth range from 400–600 thousand dollars.

Dovzhenko took 3 thousand dollars from their apartment.

billions of dollars

The billions of dollars invested in slaves vanished.

And what you're fighting is billions of dollars.

This market is valued in billions of dollars.

dollars per

The idea is likely to make 62 million dollars per year.

Costs averaging 13,000 dollars per household.

Average wages in 2007 hover around 2 to 3 dollars per day.

tax dollars

Sekula-Gibbs supports the transfer of federal tax dollars to Houston via Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs).

As a result, Ohio officials questioned $200 million in tax dollars spent by the Hamiltion County Department of Job and Family Services.

Our tax dollars hard at work at this school where our children really don't learn anything except how to fail at their grades and at life.

hundred dollars   (cien dolares)

His first order was for an awning, for which he received five hundred dollars.

Cardinal Cappellari, afterwards Pope Gregory XVI, donated two hundred dollars.

One day three wealthy students find a poor weaver and give him one hundred dollars.

federal dollars   (dólares federales)

The federal dollars will not be used to provide seats for children in preschools.

The meals are partially funded with federal dollars through the United States Department of Agriculture.

taxpayer dollars   (dólares de los contribuyentes)

Curran criticized the signs as self-promotional and a waster of taxpayer dollars.

The group publicly stated that corps' should not be spending taxpayer dollars trying to repair its reputation.

Thus, free-market socialism desires government regulation of markets to prevent social instability, although at the cost of taxpayer dollars.

dollars worth

The fire caused hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage.

This robbery allowed the gang to obtain thirty thousand dollars worth of loot.

I’m sure I have gone through thousands of dollars worth of hockey sticks alone.

several million dollars

The 2010 telethon saw a further reduction by several million dollars.

In Cuba, 37 people died, and the property losses reached several million dollars.

In 2009 it was slated for a state-funded restoration costing several million dollars.

dollars a year

The tests cost a few million dollars a year.

But...since I'm making half a million dollars a year, I'm very happy to be a panda."

The foundation gives out millions of dollars a year through awards and fellowship programs.

silver dollars

His models were paid in silver dollars, beef and autographed photos.

By 1900, value of silver dollars had fallen to 50 percent of gold dollars.

Zhou Pan (), a local military officer, purchased the lid for 3,000 silver dollars.

half dollars

It was selling 1936 and 1937-D half dollars in 1943.

Scott was able to sell some of the 1928 half dollars.

Like the half dollars, copies were later made as souvenirs.

dollars each

The mine also paid over 400,000 dollars each year in taxes, which helped to maintain local infrastructure and services.

He would earn about twenty dollars each weekend and gave a portion of the money to help with the expenses of the house.

Chinese laborers were paid thirty-one dollars each month, and while white workers were paid the same, they were also given room and board.

dollars through

The meals are partially funded with federal dollars through the United States Department of Agriculture.

hundred thousand dollars   (cien mil dolares)

Their absence caused shooting to be rescheduled, costing the studio upwards of one hundred thousand dollars.

It was said that the figure referred to five hundred thousand dollars and that it was a contribution for his electoral campaign of 2011.

During its history, the Free Methodist Publishing House built up a plant and accumulated property worth several hundred thousand dollars.

several thousand dollars

The site was successful and was soon grossing several thousand dollars per day.

the mean income of Detroit is below the overall U.S. average by several thousand dollars.

By his junior year, he had lost several thousand dollars gambling on college and professional sports.

dollars per year

The idea is likely to make 62 million dollars per year.

In Kazakhstan franchise turnover for 2013 is 2.5 billion US$ dollars per year.

In the long term coal and oil could cost the world trillions of dollars per year.

ten dollars

During this time, JVs lived on a budget of ten dollars per month.

Tommy, who loves collecting, needs ten dollars to buy a magic marble from another boy.

This could mean that you need EITHER ten dollars OR BOTH your voucher and your license.

dollars are focused

The Accountability Block Grant program requires that its taxpayer dollars are focused on specific interventions that are most likely to increase student academic achievement.