private donations   (私募)

The station is funded by a combination of advertising and private donations.

The Syrian Support Group relied on private donations to support its operations.

Additional funding was secured through a national appeal for private donations.

through donations

A big part of those works of art are obtained through donations.

Both factions got funds through donations from wealthy supporters.

This is made possible through donations from Herald readers and other sponsors.

charitable donations

"Zakat" charitable donations became a 2.5% annual tax.

It is funded through charitable donations.

public donations   (公募)

This successful program was funded by public donations.

The government offered matching funds for public donations and in 1928 construction began.

The memorial was designed by notable sculptor Stephen Broadbent and funded by public donations.

made donations

He made donations to various charities and was viewed by many as "modern-day Robin Hood".

Johnson has made donations to the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco and the Delaware Art Museum.

He also made donations of land to international organisations for the building of schools and hospitals.

donations made

Debian is supported by donations made to organizations authorized by the leader.

$836,000 in federal funding was used while private donations made up the difference.

Funding for the erection and maintenance of the village stems completely from donations made by the public.

large donations

This concert saw large donations being made towards this campaign.

The military in Peru had also received large donations for the defense expenses.

Evans made large donations to various Alzheimer's research efforts throughout his life.

funded by donations

It was founded in 2007 and is funded by donations.

This free service is fully funded by donations.

These programmes are fully funded by donations.

generous donations

He also made generous donations during the India China war.

Finally, the veterans' community has provided very generous donations of money and equipment to the Homes.

Money was raised through annual dues, tickets to concerts and picnics and from generous donations of members.

political donations

The Committee also recommended tighter regulation of political donations.

Another source of funds for the party are political donations and public funding.

New Jersey law has prohibited insurance companies, or people with a majority interest in one, from making political donations.