Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

done so   (làm như vậy)

But what he has done so far has been very positive.

One of the youngest riders to have ever done so.

The guards replied that they had not done so.

work done   (công việc đã hoàn thành)

He was awarded £10,000 on the value of work done.

All work done by members is equally creditable.

To a "karma yogi", right work done well is a form of prayer.

not done   (không được thực hiện)

But that was not done as a deliberate malicious act.

That was something not done during that period.

The guards replied that they had not done so.

work was done   (công việc đã xong)

Very little work was done in the following decade.

Some interior work was done on the north section).

Visual effects work was done by Alex Arpaillange.

done through

This can be done through the use of adequate glazing.

Cascades are usually done through cost-aware ADAboost.

Bookings can be done through Forest Department Amravati.

done before

This must be done before the incoming player shoots.

This can be done before the child is even one year old.

It's even more urban than anything else i've done before".

done using

Probing from the surface is done using a steel rod.

This is also often done using a plate heat exchanger.

These checks are usually done using power flow studies.

ever done

One of the youngest riders to have ever done so.

3 car was the hardest thing he had ever done.

It was the most joyful and quick shooting I’ve ever done."

usually done

Cascades are usually done through cost-aware ADAboost.

These checks are usually done using power flow studies.

This is usually done by help of stochastic asset models.

study done

In a long-term study done in Alaska, Yom-Tov et al.

It was found in the study done by Gooley et al.

A study done by Shope et al.

damage done   (thiệt hại)

as compensation for the damage done by his troops.

There was no damage done to the temple during the war.

The damage done to unionist farms and farmers was frightening.

having done

She later attempts to make amends for having done this.

Izzy manages to pull it off, having done jump roping to train for boxing.

In 2008 Broaddrick sold her nursing home business and retired, having done well as a businesswoman.

done during

That was something not done during that period.

This may be done during manufacture as an initial proof test.

However, the filming was clearly done during the winter time.

often done   (thường làm)

This is also often done using a plate heat exchanger.

It is often done between spring and summers.

This is often done by abortion, murder or forced suicide.

done without

Hence this could be done without columns in the valley slopes.

The first and second attempts were done without bottled oxygen.

This was done without problems.

never done

Throughout history this process was never done by a man.

"I have never done cocaine, ever in my life.

She has begun to sleep, something she has never done before.

done more

Nature seems to have done more for his corporeal than mental powers.

It was done more for fun and to be used as a bonus feature on the eventual DVD.

As a result, they have done more than expose the ills plaguing their societies.

already done   (xong rồi)

This was replaced with, "She done already done had herses!"

If "I" = 0, then we are already done.

But the damage was already done.

well done   (làm tốt)

The Color Prince congratulates Liv on a job well done.

The music is balanced and the flow of the album is very well done.

It is well done, but forgettable."

research done

Even with the little research done on it, CAM has not been proven to be effective.

The research done on personality also mirrors previous results on locus of control.

Although an undeveloped field, there exists some research done on people who roleplay online.

done nothing

The Russian authorities have yet done nothing.

In my life I have done nothing bad.

Buddy has done nothing but break our mother's heart his whole life."

not be done

In 1970, Yuri Matiyasevich proved that this could not be done.

They said if something could not be done, mass suicide might result.

However, this could not be done until the WABF had traded out its difficulties.

done well   (thực hiện tốt)

'Smalley,' the mate said, 'you done well.

To a "karma yogi", right work done well is a form of prayer.

As long as it's done professionally and done well, it's great.

done in order   (thực hiện theo thứ tự)

This was done in order to make them submit easily.

This is done in order to increase their shelf life.

Surgery can be done in order to help the nerve heal.

done much

He seems to have done much for the peasant class.

Mobility of the camera has done much for cinematography".

They could have done much more.

done when   (thực hiện khi)

This visit is usually done when the harvest period is over.

Bodhu Boron - This is done when the bride reaches the groom's house.

Substitutions are unlimited but can only be done when play is stopped.

previously done   (đã làm trước đây)

Huff had previously done guitar work on Stephenson's solo albums.

It began to show many US programmes in peak viewing time, far more than it had previously done.

It was the second time that the British capital hosted the event, having previously done so in 1980.

damage was done   (thiệt hại đã được thực hiện)

Little damage was done to either side.

Approximately $3,000 worth of damage was done to the bicycles.

Some slight damage was done to one of the plates at the water line.

done via

All system configuration is done via a web interface.

This can be done via several strategies, e.g.

Much of the transportation of passengers is done via aircraft.

work is done   (công việc đã xong)

Most of this work is done after the sun goes down.

Today most of his work is done on road trips to New Jersey.

The editing work is done by Nikhil Venu.

done because   (thực hiện vì)

This was done because the apparent value increased.

This is done because Our Lady of Grace is the patron of cyclists.

This is done because it acts as an entry way to the expansion of counting.

done anything

I don't think we have done anything wrong."

Even Laurence Olivier couldn't have done anything with them.

Cora does not feel she's done anything wrong as he had Stella's permission.

only be done   (chỉ được thực hiện)

This could only be done at few places and involved much delay.

Substitutions are unlimited but can only be done when play is stopped.

The Retreat, on the other hand can only be done by the fourth year students.

done the same

His widowed mother had done the same in 1811.

Company executives had done the same.

"Diplodocus" may have done the same.

done something

He added: "I think that he may have done something during the election.

I turned in the script and thought, "I've done something that makes sense"."

He mentions that he has done something awful, though he does not explain further.

job done

I know I can get the job done whatever the situation.

Big Elk Crossing was an ideal place to get the job done.

At the same time he also had a nose job done to look less foreign.

all done

Hand and facial movements were all done manually.

I started on Monday morning and by Friday it was all done".

According to Cauty, "It was a jam, all done on Oberheim keyboards.

done work   (Hoàn thành công việc)

Since retiring Bavaro has done work as a pro-life activist.

She has also done work in radio and film.

By 1886 he had done work in association with his uncle, L.M.

typically done

This is typically done at regular intervals (e.g.

This is typically done using a capture card or DVD recorder.

The salute to the fans is typically done only after home victories.

done extensive

He has done extensive research on Jewish refugees who fled to Shanghai.

In particular, Dr. Landau has done extensive research on Williams syndrome.

In addition to painting, he has done extensive printmaking and ceramic work.

done away

Miss Beaux has done away entirely with sex [gender] in art."

This was done away with by Governor William E. Sewell (1903-1904).

Ultimately, the Inquisition was done away with by order of Pope Innocent III.

work being done   (công việc đang hoàn thành)

The first example of such work being done was in 1962 by Earl Sutherland.

The Elysians just enjoy themselves, all the work being done by Sylphs and Gnomes.

Power is the amount of work being done, or energy being produced, per unit of time.

having done so

Tanzania refused to grant citizenship to any of these refugees after having done so for 162,000 Burundian refugees in 2010.

It was the third time that Drake had reached the final of the scholarship, having done so previously in both 1999 and 2000.

This theory is supposedly contradicted by the fact that one is able to ride a bike even after not having done so for decades.

done only   (chỉ thực hiện)

The salute to the fans is typically done only after home victories.

This can be done only by describing what occurs when the mind is conscious of objects.

This can be done only on the very next turn; otherwise the right to do so is forfeited.

done by hand

All work was done by hand, employing about 20 men and boys.

Traditionally, spinning is done by hand.

This can be done by hand or by machine.

done enough

Woodhall did not perform well and many observers felt Catley had done enough to win.

In fact, in his "Reminiscences", he stated categorically that they had not done enough.

Despite the loss he had done enough to qualify for the World Matchplay in his debut season on the tour.

done within

Such a protest must be done within 30 minutes of the event.

He further said that he believed this could be done within five years.

Many facets of modern social psychology have roots in research done within the field of cognitive psychology.

always done

Acorn preparation was a very labor-intensive process nearly always done by women.

The school has always done well in the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) SSCE.

This process is not always done in order of importance, but rather in order of expense.

studies done

In 1958 the NIH supported his postdoctoral studies done with Dr. H.A.

There have been several studies done researching the impact of nitrogen on human health.

According to ophthalmology studies done on ptosis patients, occurrence rates are as follows.

things done

The general is reputed to be well versed in the art of getting things done.

He got things done.

Chrisjen Avasarala is a high-ranking UN official who knows how to get things done.

generally done

Clean-up is generally done on a new sheet of paper.

Nostril pearsing is generally done in young age below ten years.

It is generally done with the goal of restoring the member to full communion.

done better

/ Has everything he does not been done better?"

Kangana's performance is also decent but she could have done better.

I don’t think I’d have done better if I’d been down there in the Gulf still.

done all

My husband could not have done all that.

The marked hands and legs [of Christ] have done all of that for me"."

The Prophet said: "When you have done all of this, you will be having Iman."

not done so

The guards replied that they had not done so.

If we had not done so the Chinese would have.

If one has not done so, then a tax penalty may be assessed.

done many

The duo has become a hit and has done many comedic dramas and events in all parts of the world.

Among others, WaveGroup has done many or all of the songs or song covers for some of the listed titles.

Peggy Hill has said and done many cruel things to Bill, both to his face and behind his back with no regards to his feeling.

only done   (chỉ thực hiện)

In such cases, the eulogy is only done by a member of the clergy.

This is only done for eyes and digits that are visible in the painting.

The first census was only done in 1924, so it is even more difficult to quantify the population loss of the period.

not been done

/ Has everything he does not been done better?"

This had not been done by 2016.

This had not been done in the major leagues since the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers.

done between

Its done between family members most of the time.

Most of the research was done between 1929 and 1939.

It is often done between spring and summers.

done a lot

He added, "I've done a lot of things for charity.

Gordy has also done a lot of modelling work.

Akshay Kumar has done a lot of risky stunts in these films.

done here   (thực hiện ở đây)

What we have done here is to fix a historic error."

Work is done here, as well as the storing of train cars and locomotives.

Hindu rituals are done here with a regular devotion like other parts of Kerala.

study was done

The entire study was done in shades of grey and brown.

The study was done over a period of 3 years, from January 1993 to September 1995.

As 1996–2002 study was done on area from Vienna to end of Slovak-Hungarian Danube.

done research   (nghiên cứu xong)

Since 1969, Sleep has done research on mid-ocean ridges.

He has done research on Lie groups, G-structures, and cobordism.

Malmendier has also done research into the origin of shareholder companies.

mostly done

Disentangling the Mazy Carpet: assigned, mostly done by Lucy.

The Pakistan-Algeria trade is mostly done via third country, i.e.

Some of them were mostly done by one person, and some equally labored over.

done either   (thực hiện một trong hai)

Finding the Way and leaving the world is done either visibly or in secret.

Diagnosis of a yeast infection is done either via microscopic examination or culturing.

In Canada, the process of incorporation can be done either at the federal or provincial level.

done little   (làm ít)

He had done little to lift this veil of uncertainty.

Ruth had done little, having injured himself swinging the bat.

Cecil seems to have done little to further de Vere's interests in the suit.

commonly done

This is commonly done by hunters of larger game such as deer or elk.

This is most commonly done by entering into an offsetting position in the market.

Land originally granted by the government was commonly done by documents called land patents.

done everything

I have done everything to show that crime is a mug's game.

Shame on me—I should have done everything in my power to stop it.

As king he has experienced everything and done everything, but nothing is ultimately reliable.

done several

He has done several murals and sculpture installations.

Since then they have done several gigs in Birmingham and London in between Stereophonics gigs.

She has done several TV commercials and in 2003 she won the Lux Photogenic Beauty Contest Award.

done what

On the left, “She hath done what she could”.

In Garry Wills's view, " had done what he wanted to do ".

Otherwise I could not have done what I did in my first season of Test cricket.

ve done

That’s all I’ve done ever since."

I hope I’ve done the man justice.

I’ve done it on The Baffler and on Granta and now at The Paris Review.

ve done

That’s all I’ve done ever since."

I hope I’ve done the man justice.

I’ve done it on The Baffler and on Granta and now at The Paris Review.

fieldwork was done

Poll results use the date the survey's fieldwork was done, as opposed to the date of publication.

Polls are listed in reverse chronological order, showing the most recent first and using the dates when the survey fieldwork was done, as opposed to the date of publication.

nothing was done

But nothing was done until Bloodgood's rating skyrocketed.

Levar reported the crimes at the time they occurred but nothing was done.

Chow did sympathise with these couples, but nothing was done after the protest.

filming was done

The onsite filming was done in Temperance Hall, Tennessee.

Most of the filming was done in Kraków, where the movie is set.

No one was paid, and filming was done around 3:00 AM the following day.

done by using

This is done by using the piece TERRAIN.

All interaction with the game is done by using the mouse to click on the different elements appearing on the globe.

In C this will generally be done by using static functions for encapsulation and static variables for communication.

not have done

Myra finds out and tells Carmel she should not have done it.

My husband could not have done all that.

Otherwise I could not have done what I did in my first season of Test cricket.

when done   (khi hoàn thành)

However, when done properly, replanting provides higher survival rates.

It is named for the sound the boat makes on the landing when done right.

Similar actions, when done without force, have been referred to as "exit counseling".

done very

The school has done very well in all of these areas.

Swapping the snare drum in a standard kit can be done very quickly.

If prompting is absolutely necessary, it is done very quietly by another actor on-stage.

what was done

Who was chosen for mound burial, and what was done with the rest of the dead, are unknown.

In addition to the pain, many major characters try to beautify pain in a way that diminishes what was done.

It also encompasses any tests and analysis performed on the code and what was done for any tests that failed.