next door   (隣)

One day they find a workshop opening up next door.

The famed Ciro's night club opened next door in 1940.

His son Eric took "The White Florist" shop next door.

front door   (玄関)

They blew the other bands right of the front door".

There is an incessant banging on the front door.

He shuts the front door and seven more on top of it.

opened the door   (ドアを開けた)

He opened the door for black music."

'yes, I have opened the door.'

The people who opened the door for something new were Siegfried and Roy.

back door   (バックドア)

The championship consists of a back door system.

Instead, he used the back door to gain entry to the industry.

The SUV tumbled and the driver's door and left back door opened.

open the door   (ドアを開ける)

A knock on the door prompts Venkat to open the door.

"She doesn't just open the door - she breaks it down."

When they leave, John won't open the door for Charlotte.

entrance door

The entrance door frame shows "sala bhanjikas".

The wooden entrance door is coffered with central roses.

There were two lines of inscription on the entrance door.

opens the door

Hearing a knock, she opens the door to discover her son.

Woody says, "That's the password," and he opens the door.

When he opens the door, an unseen figure shoots him three times.

through the door

I'm surprised you can get through the door".

He slides the letter through the door before he departed.

One brother spied through the door, and saw Melusine bathing.

door open   (ドアが開いている)

The men found the cabin dark and the front door open.

The ending leaves the door open for a sequel.

Eventually, he kicks the cage door open.

door to door

As many as 90% were sold door to door.

Vans provide door to door service.

In 2005, another door to door survey was carried out of the Election Commission.

main door   (玄関)

Inside the main door is an entrance porch and a security door.

Over the main door is a painting of the Healing Pool by Viviani.

The main door in the south face leads to the Vestibule or Entrance Hall.

door handles

The car also has door straps instead of normal door handles to save weight.

It features a retractable hardtop, shaved door handles, and hidden headlights.

Trim levels on the US version can be easily identified by the color of the outside door handles.

side door

The side door leading to the sacristy is closed by a steep arch.

Entry was via a starboard side door.

The construction date of "1741" is scratched in a brick above the side door.

opening the door

The third formula is a different way of saying that opening the door causes the door to be opened.

Precisely, it states that opening the door changes the state of the door if it had been previously closed.

The child leaves the bedroom and rescues Teddy from a washing machine by unplugging it and opening the door.

open door   (開いたドア)

She sat at the single open door of the temple closed her eyes and prayed.

Fresnel was disappointed to discover that he had again "broken through an open door".

At 1:20 am, Humphreys felt a draught and noticed an open door at the end of the ward.

above the door

Inside is a plaque above the door to the vestry.

A fleur-de-lys can be seen above the door of the south porch.

It was visible from Piccadilly Circus also its neon sign high above the door.

rear door

Many bodies were found facing the only exit, the rear door.

New for safety was fully padded armrests and rear door locks that were child proof.

Some vehicles had a slim "B" pillar between the front and rear door while others didn't.

trap door   (トラップドア)

Terrified, he hides in the bed, which is a trap door.

When the trap door was released, she dropped seven feet, six inches.

The walls and ceiling were painted black and the trap door blended in.

door panels

The 2015 model year updated interior door panels.

The Richards-built Tourers can be recognised by a curved cease in the door panels.

The dash and door panels also have leather trimmed surfaces along with wood accents.

garage door   (ガレージのドア)

The entire assembly hangs above the garage door.

The electric overhead garage door opener was invented by C.G.

The garage door is generally the largest moving object in a home.

revolving door

But the Hatchet's lineup in the 1990s was a bit of a revolving door.

To the right of the fireplace was a revolving door which led to the Verandah Café.

One final version of the Bonniwell Music Machine was assembled with a revolving door of musicians.

door and window

In the same period, the brothers decided to open an exterior door and window.

The interior features plaster cornice moldings and Greek Revival door and window surrounds.

A fireplace, door and window exist at the wider end, with a small shake-covered cabin extension.

door opens

The house door opens into a corridor, the so-called "Flez".

Moments later, the machine is switched off and the door opens.

The shed door opens and Laurie walks out, wearing Michael's mask.

window and door

The three storeys are built of fieldstone and with window and door frames of limestone.

The turbine hall was a brick building with prefabricated stone used on window and door surrounds.

When creating window and door openings, a lintel is placed on top of the opening to support the bricks above.

wooden door

The main access of the church is through a wooden door with two leaves.

The façade has a large portico with the original wooden door from 1507.

The outdoor installation is constructed of bricks, concrete, ceramic tiles and a wooden door.

door locks

If the door locks, he/she loses all of the money.

Turret and door locks prevent access to the interior of the vehicle by rioters.

New for safety was fully padded armrests and rear door locks that were child proof.

west door

Above the west door is a single external bell.

Remains of the west door can still be seen in the west wall.

Above the inner arch of the west door are nine carved heads.

house next door

He bought first a place in Quogue, then the house next door.

After their marriage, the Merediths lived on Sherbrooke Street in the house next door to the Van Horne Mansion.

She lives alone in her house and early in the story, her new homeroom teacher moves into the empty house next door.

sliding door

Evolution Door is a trackless door that moves in the same closure level as a sliding door.

Motor cars had a single larger opening with a double-leaf sliding door and a guard's compartment with a hinged door.

The Comfort Touring trim-level doesn't come equipped with electric sliding door and reverse camera, while the Highway Star and the Autechdo.

through a door

It is accessed through a door in the Chapelle Saint Yves.

The antechamber leads to the sanctum through a door frame.

Besides, it ain't no big thing – I just threw her through a door."

door opening

No one saw the murderer leave, nor did anyone hear a door opening.

In some cases, such as hinged garage doors, the axis may be horizontal, above the door opening.

A central door opening and French doors either side open to a verandah which is supported by cast iron columns.

entry door   (出入口)

The entry door is flanked with triple light sidelights and topped with a transom.

Sharing its body with the CL960, the Chartour was developed for charter use, using a single entry door.

On the entry door was a "Madonna con Bambino" by Francesco Laurana (15th century), now found on the main altar.

girl next door

The "ingénue" is also similar to the girl next door stereotype.

Maureen was known for her smarts and her "girl next door" personality.

While boys' sports games have superstar athletes, this game was designed to have girl next door characters that the player could relate to.

south door

The decorated south door is well-preserved.

It also has a rare 14th-century timber porch outside the south door.

Over the south door is a panel with the royal arms of William III, dated 1700.