no doubt   (間違いない)

An interesting map will no doubt engage a reader.

Gede, no doubt is a perfected person about football.

Cummings no doubt knew of 'Billy' the railroad goat.

cast doubt   (疑いをかける)

this could also be used to cast doubt on the CP hypothesize.

Others have cast doubt on this idea.

Modern historians have cast doubt on the details of Livy's account.

reasonable doubt   (合理的な疑い)

And this we will prove beyond all reasonable doubt."

The prosecution must prove their case beyond reasonable doubt.

Any fair, reasonable doubt is resolved against the exercise of such powers.

little doubt   (少し疑い)

Thirty years on, there is little doubt where "The Hurting" stands."

They had little doubt of their ability to take the Territory over to the South.

There was little doubt that the ship, the American "Harrison Grey Otis" had been mined.

without doubt   (間違いなく)

It is captivating and without doubt their best recording."

"This one, without doubt, is the favourite of all the band.

If you say that that is a racist remark: right, without doubt."

without a doubt

This, without a doubt, is her most famous film.

One of the greatest songs of the year without a doubt.

It has been referred to as "without a doubt, a landmark in local architecture."

beyond doubt

It proved the brilliance of the Schmidt concept beyond doubt.

The murder of "Placken-Klos" by Johannes Bückler could also not be proven beyond doubt.

He used an instrumental concerto in a similar way for movements of his cantatas , and , where his authorship is beyond doubt.

doubt whether   (かどうか疑う)

On 3 April, Nansen began to doubt whether the pole was attainable.

There is, however, room to doubt whether Hilbert's own views were simplistically formalist in this sense.

Chase had not secured a tenant for its new tower and the council began to doubt whether it should spend millions on a single theatre.

expressed doubt

Some passengers expressed doubt that the bomb was real.

The Salvadoran newspaper "El Diario de Hoy" expressed doubt in the nomination.

One Canadian pastor expressed doubt to her that she had "ever met the Lord", to her humiliation.

beyond reasonable doubt

The prosecution must prove their case beyond reasonable doubt.

"That there was a substantial transmission of ritual and ideas from Bogomilism to Catharism is beyond reasonable doubt."

But discreditable conduct does not prove guilt, and suspicion, even strong suspicion, falls well short of proof beyond reasonable doubt."

casting doubt

In general, peer-reviewed journals have not accepted papers on CFAs, casting doubt on their claims.

In November 2009, Russia was defeated by Slovenia in a 2010 World Cup qualifying play-off, casting doubt on future ambitions.

However, medical staff soon established that Eliseo had died from massive blunt force trauma, casting doubt on Rosales' confession.

casts doubt   (疑いを投げかける)

Recent scholarship casts doubt on ancient biographies of Euripides.

More recent archaeological work and research by Alissa Slade casts doubt on Jones's theory.

(See, "Rabbinical Court casts doubt on conversion of son of famed Jewish theologian" in the Jerusalem Post, January 19, 2009).