shut down   (シャットダウン)

was shut down on September 27, 2011 and SuperPoke!

The group shut down its operations in August 2014.

Some platforms, such as Graphicly, have shut down.

laid down   (敷かれた)

Bhakti Thapa laid down his life in the battlefield.

The gap widened as Dibaba laid down a 1:02.43 split.

None of the other six submarines was ever laid down.

shot down   (撃ち落とす)

He was shot down and badly burned on 28 September.

The aircraft was shot down, and Anderson was killed.

The MiGs quickly engaged and shot down two F-4s.

turned down   (断った)

Michael Bay then turned down the director's position.

Bachelet also turned down a radio debate with Piñera.

He had already turned down a number of offers.

stepped down   (降りた)

Zoiey later stepped down from her National title.

Hutchison stepped down as Artistic Director in 1993.

His life after he stepped down as consul is a blank.

closed down   (閉じた)

P.O.G.O UK was closed down on the 21st of May 2013.

In 1983 its main competitor, "Sounds", closed down.

In 1933, the Gestapo closed down the Berlin school.

burned down   (全焼)

Reformists also burned down that building in 1575.

A major fire burned down much of the town in 1819.

The Buddhist Texts Library was burned down in 1948.

torn down   (取り壊す)

The park was sold shortly thereafter and torn down.

The chapel was torn down in the mid-19th-century.

In 2011 all buildings were completely torn down.

up and down   (上下)

There are free shuttles up and down Skyline Blvd.

However, in 2015, Hartlett had an up and down season.

Nengren Temple is built along the up and down of mountains.

went down   (降りた)

A pinnace, "Catch", went down with all aboard lost.

The price went down to $49.99 in November 2015.

The price of the 1950 Land Cruiser went down to $2187.

broken down   (壊れた)

The word Jujutsu can be broken down into two parts.

The discus technique can be broken down into phases.

It is an integral model, broken down into steps.

put down   (置く)

Tiles cannot swap positions after being put down.

He helped put down another coup on September 27.

It was put down by government troops within two weeks.

cut down   (切り倒す)

He's cut down the tall trees and left the monkeys."

The latter have cut down exposing bedrock in places.

Using a bone saw, the sternum is cut down the middle.

step down   (降りる)

Jay Inslee that she would step down in January 2014.

Seven months later ill health forced Hart to step down.

Martin Schulz had to step down after the coalition talks.

broke down   (故障した)

It was inferiority that broke down his confidence.

Dissensions arose, and the arrangement broke down.

One of her two interrogators broke down sobbing.

break down   (壊す)

This rigid structure requires energy to break down.

The craniosuspensory ligament begins to break down.

A similar process is used to break down proteins.

back down   (後退する)

Gardner then went back down to the minors in 1886.

On May 24, he was sent back down after 4 appearances.

Short did not heed the request, and sat back down to play.

breaks down   (故障する)

It is  torture; after she leaves, he breaks down.

Andy breaks down in tears and flees the church.

The whole family breaks down especially Simar.

came down   (降りてきた)

Hudson said it came down to Lambert and Mortensen.

Votes came down to Erik's to reveal the tie breaker.

The vote finally came down to two 'yes' and two 'no.'

upside down   (逆さまに)

Her wreck was located upside down in October 1919.

They are recorded to swim upside down occasionally.

The giant beaker was placed upside down over the cup.

stood down   (立ち上がった)

He was re-elected in 2002 and stood down in 2005.

The Welsh headed home and Henry stood down his army.

He then held the seat until 1874 when he stood down.

go down   (降りる)

This, as expected, did not go down well in Qin.

The next day, Ben and Chuck go down in the submarine.

They can only go down, and eventually die out.

taken down   (倒された)

The videos were later taken down by Camen in 2019.

Their current website have been taken down as a result.

It was taken down early after public protest.

track down   (追跡する)

Their purpose was to track down and destroy Venom.

Finally Surajit is able to track down the real culprit.

They track down his location, but he is nowhere to be found.

handed down   (伝承)

The judgments were handed down on July 15, 1948.

The determination was handed down on 30 October 2014.

His father handed down his knowledge of herbs and minerals.

passed down   (受け継がれた)

The villa was passed down through the imperial family.

Land was passed down from mother to daughter.

In 1551 it passed down to the Beccarias for a short time.

burnt down   (燃え尽きた)

In 1886, the western part of the town burnt down.

He saves her life when the chip van gets burnt down.

On 31 March 1873 the town almost entirely burnt down.

slow down   (速度を落とす)

This has led to a movement to slow down the zapper.

The bomber asked the tanker to slow down.

Pellinkhof ordered Van Es to slow down to let Huisman pass.

brought down   (降ろした)

From all accounts, Fotomaker brought down the house.

They had also brought down many infantrymen.

Cobble Hill was brought down and used to fill in the marshes.

knocked down   (ノックダウン)

The winds knocked down trees and blew debris around.

The tree was knocked down by a truck driver in 1973.

Two people were knocked down by the vehicles.

struck down   (打ち倒された)

Then Mick the Miller was struck down with distemper.

In 2016, the Texas law was struck down as unconstitutional.

Our gallant young president has been struck down in his prime!"

stepping down   (降りていく)

In 2000, he became Up-Zila Pramukh, stepping down in 2005.

Yash is stepping down as CEO, in order to enjoy retirement.

After stepping down LaTorre remained connected to the Mafia.

settled down   (落ち着いた)

They then pressurized the LM and settled down to sleep.

His descendants settled down in Transdanubia.

They then settled down for their first meal on the surface.

first down   (最初にダウン)

The Tigers were awarded 15 yards and a first down.

The teams punted 45 times, sometimes on first down.

The Sooners did not manage a single first down.

slowed down   (遅くなりました)

Later that night, Tembin slowed down on its track.

These leaves are shed after growth has slowed down.

This slowed down Cape's work on Lagwagon until 2002.

going down   (下っていく)

But nowadays, the support for Flamurtari has been going down.

She said she had "cut herself and blood was going down her arms."

These sediments are deposited on the rock unit that is going down.

shutting down   (シャットダウン)

The government suggested shutting down the program.

Around early 1999, the Carnal line was gradually shutting down.

Pets user community sued Google/Slide for shutting down SuperPoke!

come down   (降りてくる)

The book has come down to us in two manuscripts only.

Miss Godfrey, returning, tried to induce her pet to come down.

"I have a band of my own and I have come down to work for them."

down through   (ダウンスルー)

The villa was passed down through the imperial family.

Karlsberg's ownership has been handed down through generations.

Authority is passed down through a form of apostolic succession.

down during   (中にダウン)

The town was burned down during the Mongol invasion.

The bronze figures were melted down during World War II.

Twelve of the hotel-casinos closed down during the strike.

take down   (降ろす)

in order to make a deal to take down Andrew Forson.

But will they be enough to take down Singletery?

bondik tried to take down Twistzz, but he fell.

run down   (流れ落ちる)

Tram routes 3, 16, 96 all run down the street.

A number of gills run down this western side of Ullscarf.

The British crew denied that they had run down the lifeboat.

breaking down   (分解する)

Owen later confides in Katy, and breaking down in her arms.

annually, breaking down to £18 1s.

Urease inhibitors prevent the urease enzyme from breaking down the urea.

lay down   (横になる)

He went on, but saw a bed and lay down to sleep.

He lay down on his right side and died laughing.

Many smŗtis lay down rules about performing secret prāyaścittas.

way down   (降りる)

The legs should look straight going all the way down.

Kathy denies and the trio works the way down the stairs.

3) Lower interest rates – all the way down to 0 per cent.

bring down   (倒す)

Thank you for helping to bring down the #wall."

As if Ceausescu and company are to bring down imperialism!!

In some cases, coyotes can bring down prey weighing up to or more.

pulled down   (引き落とされた)

Its western wall was pulled down in the 19th century.

Goldwater's poor showing pulled down many supporters.

This tower was pulled down in 1977, and replaced in 1994.

down due   (期限切れ)

The remaining walls had to be knocked down due to the damage.

Little stood down due to the party's historically low polling.

In between it slowed down due to the Naval Disarmament Treaty.

down when   (いつダウン)

The channel closed down when Illrymz resigned.

The connection is taken down when the "end" button is pressed.

The divorce decree was handed down when Warmus was eight years old.

touched down   (着地した)

Another 50 tornadoes touched down on this day.

The USAir plane touched down near the runway threshold.

The first tornado was an F1 twister that touched down near Earl.

further down   (さらに下)

Grazing land was not available further down the river for some decades.

A little further down lies the village of Kau and the temple of Kamakshya Mata.

The further down the diagram, the more expensive (and powerful) the Talents become.

written down   (書き留めた)

These scenarios are usually not written down in any detail.

Official rules for matches were first written down in 1981.

It was written down in the second half of the 13th century.

settle down   (落ち着く)

Gavurin and Wheeler expressed a desire to settle down.

Fiske urges Hooker to settle down with Leah.

In 1861, 160 Jirjaks entered the area of Lop Nur to settle down.

close down   (閉店)

The last cinema here was close down in the early 1990s.

Later on that year Fun Pier would close down.

Many offices were forced to close down.

down the field   (フィールドを下る)

One of his points is getting down the field under kicks.

The Lions got the ball back and started driving down the field.

Unless of course, someone has a heart attack running down the field.

sent down   (送られた)

Alleyn is sent down from London to investigate.

was sent down in a destiny making night.

He was sent down into the hollows for Operation Hollow Storm.

sit down   (座って下さい)

The old friends sit down to play chess, but John dozes off.

They sit down and discuss how things had come to this point.

No longer feeling alone, the two sit down next to each other.

turned it down   (それを断った)

The money was great but we turned it down."

Nehru however turned it down.

Bacall said at the time: I turned it down because it's just not a part.

running down   (走り去る)

They have beaded skin and stripes running down their bodies.

There is sometimes a thin, paler stripe running down the back.

There is often a pale mid-dorsal stripe running down the back.

sat down   (座った)

She became tired on the way and sat down to cry.

On January 20, 1970, the two men sat down for lunch.

The two men sat down and began to play cards.

shooting down   (撃墜)

But Yoshiie kept shooting down enemy commanders.

In 2017, Loiko published "Flight" about the shooting down of MH17.

85 Squadron, shooting down three Messerschmitt Bf 109s in one action.

down the road   (道を下って)

They gallop down the road alongside the track and then swerve across it.

There is also a smaller beach located down the road from MacDonald Beach.

And who knows, maybe it has a few surprises up its sleeve down the road."

hunt down   (追い詰める)

Naina is distraught and vows to hunt down Gokul.

M'Butu commands the trio to hunt down their comrades.

The ever-persistent fisherman trying to hunt down Sherman.

tracked down   (追跡した)

Cottonmouth was later tracked down by American Eagle in Arizona.

Amberley wants the two tracked down.

The police swiftly tracked down its author, and Joly was arrested.

fell down   (倒れた)

On 19 October 1815, Lanyon Quoit fell down in a storm.

Sakuni fell down on the earth and Duryodhana bore him away.

He sprang on the witch, and she fell down the stairs and died.

down the street   (通りを)

Tram routes 3, 16, 96 all run down the street.

Smiling, Douglas walks down the street and off camera.

In the last sequence, Hinano is walking down the street.

stand down   (立つ)

Bevan openly called for him to stand down in the summer of 1954.

Mullan chose to stand down and pursued his career as a solicitor.

Superman holds Batman's body, and orders the soldiers to stand down.

set down   (降りる)

This sentence set down case law for future claims.

He attempted to set down on a river bank, but his jet exploded on impact.

Aristotle set down rules by which knowledge could be discovered by reason.

dropped down   (落ちた)

The price dropped down to $3,995,000 in March 2018.

Kenny Roberts Jr. dropped down to 11th position.

The following week it dropped down one to #6.

goes down   (低下する)

Most of this work is done after the sun goes down.

Magnus goes down to the beach and meets Jennie.

If energy efficiency goes down, performance is negative.

gunned down   (銃撃)

He was gunned down in a bar in São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil.

Fearing any witnesses, the killers gunned down the family.

Michael kills one of the crooks but is fatally gunned down.

down the line   (行を下る)

On 6 November 1975 the last steam train ran down the line.

But here I am 25 years down the line considering the thing."

Somewhere down the line, he fell out with his club's management.

slowing down   (減速)

The reverse happened when descending and slowing down.

If we were speeding up or slowing down, it was by design.

It really feels like time is slowing down.

down all   (すべてダウン)

We are just trying to lock down all the ideas for it now."

he takes down all the men sent by G.J.I who comes in his way.

After the school closed down all the students transferred to Goroke School.

face down   (下向き)

After each trick, any exposed face down cards are flipped.

The patient lies face down on the table.

Each player bids by placing one card face down on the table.

moved down   (下に移動しました)

In around 1901 they moved down to Mount Gambier.

On the night of 17 January 1815 they moved down river from Whampoa.

Ships moved down a canal and were fitted by the various shops they passed.

tracks down   (追跡する)

Rydal arrives in Knossos and tracks down Chester.

He tracks down Jesse Coe to Abilene, Texas.

Jinda tracks down Jeeva, and he stops Jeeva killing Kiran.

down the river   (川を下る)

Lower down the river supplies the Dikgatlhong Dam.

Her blouse got stuck on her way down the river to, also, end her life.

Grazing land was not available further down the river for some decades.

down because   (ダウンしたため)

In 1984 the G was nearly taken down because of maintenance fees.

Bacall said at the time: I turned it down because it's just not a part.

"I had to turn it down because we were in the middle of that development.

coming down   (下に来る)

On coming down from Oxford in 1877, he purchased a Coach and Four for £200.

When they finish training, the group see a falling object coming down to Earth.

The Syrians maintained a constant fire and left without coming down to the road.

shoot down   (撃ち落とします)

El Salvador did not shoot down any Honduran aircraft.

457 Squadron managed to shoot down one of the float-planes.

Greisert was able to close and shoot down one of their number.

comes down   (降りてくる)

The work of Fleury only comes down to the year 1414.

The choice of architecture comes down to one of utility.

But it soon comes down to a contest between the two lovers.

down again   (再びダウン)

The NHL rejected the offer, and talks broke down again.

In the brutal affair, Broome was down again in the 50th.

Unfortunately the system breaks down again, this time badly.

down upon   (下に)

This cliff faces west and looks down upon the Konkan.

At first he was looked down upon due to his low society status.

This brings down upon Liuy private investigators, mobsters, and others.

turning down   (断る)

when turning down a politician looking for an endorsement.

He is also quoted as turning down the role for being "Sgt.

Styles and Bobby Roode both turning down offers to join them.

down the stairs   (階段を下りて)

In one incident, a boy pushed her down the stairs.

Soni interferes and ends up falling down the stairs.

And back home, his mother falls down the stairs.

pinned down   (ピン留め)

German machine guns and an anti-tank gun had them pinned down.

The boat was not taken but it and other boats were pinned down.

The remnants of both battalions were pinned down in no man's land.

bogged down   (行き詰まる)

The fighting bogged down into static trench warfare for the remainder of the war.

They were forced to abandon several guns which became bogged down in the muddy roads.

Visibility was near zero and rescue vehicles became bogged down in the drifting sands.

third down   (サードダウン)

On third down Staubach was rushed, but was never hit.

On third down, Hicks was sacked by E.J.

What happened on third down has become Dallas Cowboys trivia for years.

fourth down   (フォースダウン)

Brett Upson punted on fourth down from the BC 41.

Two Pike passes fell incomplete, setting up fourth down.

Maryland punted it away on fourth down with 11 yards to go.

closing down   (閉鎖)

With the laps closing down, McCoy overtook multiple people to reach third place.

In April 2008, Ziff Davis announced that "Games for Windows" would be closing down.

(That station would later switch to Equity's Retro Jams network, before closing down in 2010.)

up or down   (上か下)

Whether they're up or down, they stick to it."

Without purfling, cracks can spread up or down the top or back.

Cast - turn outward and dance up or down outside the set, as directed.

took down   (倒した)

Red Reserve took down Team Kinguin in two close maps.

With just over a minute left, fer took down electronic.

TACO took down ISSAA before being traded out by bondik.

walking down   (歩いて)

In the last sequence, Hinano is walking down the street.

He next sees her walking down the street, and follows her.

He is soon arrested while walking down the street at night.

down before   (前にダウン)

There stood an oak, under which he fell after the tree bowed down before him.

However he realizes what is going on and calms down before anything serious happens.

In the second group all three pilots saw Sherwood go down before they made their attack.

scaled down   (縮小されました)

Teams had been scaled down from 25 players to 20.

It was scaled down to 1.6 megatons for the live test.

The horsepower will be scaled down from .

stripped down   (剥ぎ取られた)

Anselmo described the album as: "Very stripped down.

Allward and appears to be a stripped down Art Deco style.

The fourth Jung tank engine was stripped down for long-term repair.

runs down   (走り去る)

She leaves the building and runs down a busy street.

She realises through a note he gives her what has happened and runs down to the beach.

A thin, white stripe runs down the middle of the back from behind the head to the rump.

write down   (書き留める)

It has been reported that Galen employed twenty scribes to write down his words.

It is not possible to write down a single analytical equation that would relate e.g.

However, it is instructive to write down and solve the Killing vector equations directly.

toned down   (トーンダウン)

The buyer, Hy Steirman, further toned down the content of both magazines.

This version was shorter, and mainly toned down the amount of musical numbers.

With the drag queens and strippers toned down, Leon and Scott exchange their vows.