İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

several dozen   (bir kaç düzine)

They met with several dozen priests.

There are several dozen recognized subspecies of "B. thuringiensis".

To this end, several dozen battle scenarios are provided in the game.

half a dozen   (yarım düzine)

We identified where half a dozen rigs had been lost over the years.

Namchi has more than half a dozen private schools with quality education (Mt.

Dhawade boasts to have about half a dozen tractors and same number of trucks.

few dozen   (birkaç düzine)

Often, the images were only a few dozen lines in size.

A few dozen families also live in Kotli, Poonch and Bagh.

The German 6th Army was only a few dozen kilometres from Stalingrad.

dozen other   (düzine başka)

There are a dozen other minority languages spoken natively in the country.

The latter — one of the 24 subsections of "Ponticum" — also contains about a dozen other species.

He escaped from the juvenile institution, along with a dozen other youths, and fled to the Five Points.

dozen years   (onlarca yıl)

The Hunt family remained in Europe for a dozen years.

However, the ultimate settlement of Farnsley's estate took almost a dozen years.

Dan Allen ran a gambling house, saloon and pawn shop for more than a dozen years.

dozen books

A dozen books followed her debut, including novels and memoirs.

Ibbotson wrote more than a dozen books for children, including "Which Witch?

Ismail wrote more than a dozen books which include poetry, criticism and translations.

dozen or so

Around 1950 he had compiled a list of a dozen or so ships worth investigating further.

Toc the Younger sacrifices himself to save a dozen or so Awl children, witnessed by Tool.

By 1930 there were a dozen or so families living in small cottages at the foot of the hill.

half dozen

There are like half dozen of private schools too.

A half dozen singles charted in the Top 100 as well.

By 1914, Centerville contained but a "half dozen houses".

least a dozen

At least a dozen spacecraft imaged Comet ISON.

There have been at least a dozen papers (some are name changes) over the years.

Nevertheless, in 1851 there were at least a dozen families living in the community.

dozen people

It is not uncommon to have a couple dozen people on this route on a busy weekend.

In December 2017, Duncan was accused of sexual misconduct by over a dozen people.

It was built to accommodate several dozen people and each of its stone bungalows contained five rooms.

dozen times   (Birkaç kez)

""I've advised her to do that myself a dozen times.

The digest has been commented on more than a dozen times.

He claimed he had been married 28 times and wounded more than a dozen times in action.

nearly a dozen   (neredeyse bir düzine)

Between 1951 and 1969, he was also in nearly a dozen teleplays, television movies, and television series episodes.

ASCI has since grown to include researchers from nearly a dozen universities in The Netherlands, Belgium, and France.

A force of nearly a dozen Fatah fighters landed their boats near a major coastal road connecting the city of Haifa with Tel Aviv-Yafo.

dozen different

Pre-Hispanic Chile was home to over a dozen different Amerindian societies.

A large table is prepared with over a dozen different types of rice cakes or "ddeok" (the main food).

About a dozen different Gd-chelated agents have been approved as MRI contrast agents around the world.

dozen countries

It advocates for public policies in over a dozen countries.

His compositions have been performed in about a dozen countries.

The P-40 was used by over two dozen countries during and after the war.

around a dozen   (yaklaşık bir düzine)

There is a large foodcourt with around a dozen food retailers.

There are around a dozen of bus-routes in Slonim and half a dozen of mini-buses routes.

William, a jolly, portly man, was publican of around a dozen hotels, the last of which was Crafer's Inn.

dozen men

The camp comprised four families with children and about a dozen men.

Amid the chaos, Travis continues to write for reinforcements, but only a few dozen men arrive.

The Macedonian security forces had a dozen men wounded in the battle but sustained no fatalities.

dozen languages

His works have been translated and/or published in a dozen languages.

Bonds is a regular on bestseller lists and has been published in more than a dozen languages.

His essays have been translated into half a dozen languages, and taught in hundreds of classrooms.

dozen or more

Mail that has had complex routings can have a dozen or more backstamps.

During summer month weekends, it is common for a dozen or more people to reach the summit.

They exist all over Japan and women who work in them may service a dozen or more men per shift.