most dramatic   (最も劇的な)

It was one of the most dramatic moments in bullfighting history.

It is one of the most dramatic and scenic landscapes in Britain.

Perhaps the most dramatic change in lifestyle affected the girls.

more dramatic   (より劇的な)

In some cases, however, more dramatic changes occur.

Some changes made the film's storyline more dramatic.

The effects of the war were more dramatic in the South.

dramatic increase   (劇的な増加)

He also oversaw a dramatic increase in spending on mining exploration.

The accelerating ice flow has been accompanied by a dramatic increase in seismic activity.

The rise in literacy across Europe led to a dramatic increase in the demand for reading matter.

dramatic effect   (劇的な効果)

Burgundians, Sciri and Franks) for dramatic effect.

But Édouard Manet used blacks for their strength and dramatic effect.

What befalls his parents on the cotton field was added for dramatic effect...

dramatic change   (劇的な変化)

But in 1956 the khell underwent a dramatic change.

Perhaps the most dramatic change in lifestyle affected the girls.

The war in the 1990s, caused a dramatic change in the Bosnian economy.

dramatic changes

Life has made dramatic changes in the environment.

In some cases, however, more dramatic changes occur.

It features modern animals, and dramatic changes in the climate.

dramatic fashion

The game ended in dramatic fashion after a back and forward 4th quarter.

They were also the Regional Champions and MSL Conference Champions, beating Fremd in dramatic fashion 485-480.

They won the Senior Final in dramatic fashion with a Ronan Kennedy goal with the last kick of the game beating Glencar/Manor 1-4 to 0-6.

dramatic works

The inhabitants formed a theatre company at the camp to perform classic Croatian dramatic works.

He has written more than a thousand different dramatic works for stage, screen, television, and radio.

In opera, vocal soloists and choirs perform staged dramatic works with an orchestra providing accompaniment.

dramatic roles

In the 2010s, Carell received attention for more dramatic roles.

In his stage career, Hitchcock went back and forth between dramatic roles and ones in comic opera.

After this, "she taught and coached many singers in New York and appeared in many 'spoken' dramatic roles on the stage."

dramatic arts

Alice Lewisohn was in charge of the dramatic arts.

He is a gold medalist in dramatic arts.

After a short period supporting the dramatic arts, the venue was reinvented as a porn cinema.

dramatic film   (ドラマチックな映画)

and in the dramatic film "Ordinary People".

A rare dramatic film part was in the 1992 movie "Roadside Prophets".

In 2006, he was the lead in the dramatic film "The Virgin of Juarez" (2006).

dramatic events

His sculptures also reflected dramatic events.

CHOGMs have been the venues of many of the Commonwealth's most dramatic events.

After many other dramatic events, the Dwapar era ends and Shri Krishna leaves Earth.

dramatic series

To this end, throughout the autumn of 1933, the government decreed a dramatic series of reforms.

"House" was nominated for best dramatic series again the following year, but did not win in the category.

The role has garnered him two Gemini Award nominations for best actor in a dramatic series; once in 2005 and another in 2007.

dramatic decline

The West Island little penguin population has suffered a dramatic decline since the 1990s.

Clarke also wrote, "Inspection findings at HMP Nottingham tell a story of dramatic decline since 2010."

The reference area also saw a dramatic decline in its marshland losing 7.4% at a rate of -5.2 acres per year.

dramatic role   (劇的な役割)

"Pennies from Heaven" was Martin's first dramatic role in a film.

It's a rare dramatic role for Kelly, who seems to be at home in this genre."

Noble, a comedian, was looking to take a dramatic role and wanted to avoid comedy.