drastic changes   (抜本的な変化)

17, and featured some drastic changes from the final product.

Fnatic made some drastic changes with the departures of flusha and JW to GODSENT.

Nazism made drastic changes to German society, restructuring it around Nazi values.

drastic change   (抜本的な変化)

Hazlitt, at the start of his essay, focuses on this drastic change.

That drastic change in the balance is mostly the result of SYRIZA abandoning Euroscepticism.

Stimulation or lesion of this region results in drastic change in the sexual activity of lab animals.

drastic measures   (抜本的な対策)

Anas believes drastic measures need to be taken to tackle the level of corruption in Ghana.

Niharika as his protector chooses drastic measures and leads him and herself to death by suicide.

Realizing the degree of destruction caused by the opposite sex, Arcadia decides to take drastic measures.