Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

drawing room   (sala de dibujo)

Her father was a hairdresser and held a large drawing room.

After breakfast, Margaret and Paul are in the drawing room.

This included renovation of the medieval chapel and drawing room.

drawing up   (dibujando)

He was responsible for training the division and drawing up battle plans.

The list of the documents necessary for drawing up the Fire Safety Certificate:

In 1519, De Vio helped in drawing up the bill of excommunication against Luther.

drawing and painting   (dibujar y pintar)

Zeid began drawing and painting at a young age.

He started drawing and painting as a child.

Behring studied drawing and painting with Candido Portinari.

drawing attention   (llamando la atencion)

He instead advocated not drawing attention to oneself.

So I'm really delighted to participate in drawing attention to it."

To avoid drawing attention to the grieving family, the three surviving Monkees did not attend.

began drawing   (comenzó a dibujar)

She began drawing comics full-time in August 2003.

Zeid began drawing and painting at a young age.

Rosa also began drawing comics before being able to write.

painting and drawing

However, she never stopped painting and drawing.

He started painting and drawing in his early childhood.

His other focus was painting and drawing.

drawing board

However, these plans remained on the drawing board.

However, such proposals never got beyond the drawing board because of cost concerns.

Due to the expectations of an imminent war, the design was ordered "off the drawing board".

drawing upon

It does this by drawing upon its database of knowledge of discrete facts.

Songs vary from melancholic to anthemic with many of them drawing upon art rock and pop references.

As a music producer and songwriter, Goldner is known for drawing upon both acoustic and electronic textures.

drawing inspiration

He has a multitude of tattoos the vast majority drawing inspiration either from his family or his faith.

Noted architect John Steinmann designed much of the 1957 church, drawing inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright.

Music verged toward lo-fi, noisy punk rock, occasionally drawing inspiration from Russian reggae and folk tunes.

drawing comparisons

There were also calls to boycott the Games, drawing comparisons to the Summer Olympics of 1980 in Moscow.

This release marked a push towards a more indie-influenced sound, drawing comparisons to bands such as The 1975.

It is probably unique among gardens, drawing comparisons with a similarly abstract garden in Scotland, Little Sparta.

studied drawing

He studied drawing privately in Frederik Hammeleff's studio.

Behring studied drawing and painting with Candido Portinari.

Ulloa also studied drawing with illustrator and painter Domingo Liz.

started drawing

He started drawing and painting as a child.

He hated to write, so he started drawing family portraits.

He started drawing at a precocious age.

taught drawing

In 1925-1926 she taught drawing at the French Lycée in Hanoi.

She taught drawing from 1831 to 1833 at her mother's private school.

From 1957 to 1968, he taught drawing at an industrial school in Budapest.

drawing style

Many reviewers praise Ashinano's drawing style, meticulous pacing, and engaging characters.

Chast's drawing style shuns conventional craft in her figure drawing, perspective, shading, etc.

Marc Brown's depictions of the other characters also slowly changed and shifted, as did his drawing style.

drawing lessons

However, by 1835, was also taking drawing lessons.

The company paid for his drawing lessons with Carl V. Meyer.

Later he took drawing lessons.

life drawing   (Dibujo de la vida)

Most instruction focuses on the use of models in "life drawing" courses.

A "life drawing" is a drawing of the human figure from observation of a live model.

During this time women were not permitted to take life drawing classes with nude models.

drawing of lots   (sorteo)

The final part of the ceremony was marked with the drawing of lots.

Subsequently, Charles Asgill was chosen instead, by a drawing of lots from a hat.

After the qualification, Japan won the qualification to 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne by the drawing of lots.

drawing classes

He also attended drawing classes at the "Bolt Court School".

During this time women were not permitted to take life drawing classes with nude models.

Before the late 19th century, women were generally not admitted to figure drawing classes.