İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

drawn up   (çizilmiş)

A new general plan for Sätra was drawn up in 1962.

Plans drawn up for downtown's redevelopment by I.M.

A deed of surrender was drawn up on 19 September.

drawn against   (karşı çizilmiş)

He was drawn against Ronnie Baxter and lost 11-7.

Segunda División teams were drawn against each other.

Teams were drawn against a team from the same section.

drawn between   (arasına çizilmiş)

Comparisons were drawn between Willy Wonka and Michael Jackson.

No direct connection has yet been drawn between the two series, however.

A broad division may be drawn between "imperative" and "functional" definition styles.

teams were drawn   (takımlar çizildi)

The six teams were drawn into two groups of three.

The 32 teams were drawn into eight groups of four.

written and drawn

Strips are written and drawn by a comics artist/cartoonist.

This story was written and drawn by Ryan Dunlavey and shows M.O.D.O.K.

She then started inking the comic strips written and drawn by Toonder.

line drawn

Life is like a white canvas, each line drawn, smooth or rough is an action taken.

Third, the group in the area west of a line drawn along the ridge of Mount Lebanon.

drawn away

Colchester were drawn away to Cheltenham Town.

Red is drawn away by Pluto's cries, allowing Adelaide to break free.

They were then drawn away to Wolverhampton Wanderers in the quarter-finals.

not be drawn   (çizilmez)

Therefore, the solution line cannot be drawn to obey the rules.

Nations from the same group could not be drawn against each other.

Teams from the same association could not be drawn into the same group.

plans were drawn

Architectural plans were drawn up and approved by the government in 1963.

However, age took its toll, and in 2000 plans were drawn up to replace it.

In 1864 initial plans were drawn up, and William Lambie Moffatt was appointed architect.

drawn criticism

Such COIs with industry donors have drawn criticism.

This model has drawn criticism, however.

Wang Guangyi's successful career and fast growing wealth have drawn criticism.

match was drawn

The first match was drawn 2–2 and the second 1–1.

If a match was drawn, extra time was following.

If a match was drawn there was a replay.

drawn comparisons   (çizilmiş karşılaştırmalar)

His deep bass-baritone voice has drawn comparisons to Johnny Cash.

His stunts in the film series have drawn comparisons to Jackie Chan.

The story has drawn comparisons to fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood.

drawn attention   (dikkat çekildi)

Since her debut, she has drawn attention to her natural yet exotic beauty.

Detroit has also drawn attention from the federal government for incidents of human trafficking in its strip clubs.

James Rowley of "Businessweek" wrote that the incident had drawn attention to the Republican Party's advocacy for a total ban on abortion.

drawn match

Shrewsbury, one of ten debutants, scored 11 and 16 in a drawn match.

Marsh took 2/64 and 3/67 and Henry took 2/59 and 1/38 in a drawn match.

He made his test debut on the 9 November 2012 against Australia in a drawn match.

drawn together

Two teams from the same country could not be drawn together in the same Regular Season group.

Two teams from the same country or league could not be drawn together in the same Regular Season group.

The third-place teams (Bermuda, Dominican Republic, and Haiti) were to have been drawn together in Group J.

drawn at home   (evde çizilmiş)

The first round draw of the FA Cup saw Port Vale drawn at home to League One side Sunderland.

In the sixth round, Arsenal was drawn at home to Chelsea in a repeat of the previous season's final.

In the fourth round, Southampton was drawn at home to First Division club Millwall on 25 January 2003.

drawn and quartered   (çizilmiş ve dörde bölünmüş)

The younger Despenser was hung, drawn and quartered at Hereford the following month.

Even whilst being hanged, drawn and quartered, Wallace refuses to submit to the king.

In 1499 he was tried for treason at Whitehall and sentenced to be hanged, drawn and quartered.

drawn back   (geri çekilmiş)

A former jazz pianist visits a jazz club and is drawn back into the jazz scene.

The neck is long and flexible and the head and the legs can be drawn back inside the shell.

In 1881 a crowd in Port-au-Prince attacked a group of Jews but was drawn back by militia men.

then drawn

The espresso is then drawn into the cup.

Blood is then drawn from the rabbit and the blood is spun in a centrifuge.

They were then drawn away to Wolverhampton Wanderers in the quarter-finals.

drawn through   (içinden çizilmiş)

A centre-line is drawn through the centre spot parallel with the shortlines.

Then the air is drawn through a large carbon filter, which removes the nitrogen dioxide.

The gases must be drawn through the kiln, and the preheater if fitted, by a fan situated at the exhaust end.

drawn against each   (her birine karşı çizilmiş)

Segunda División teams were drawn against each other.

Nations from the same group could not be drawn against each other.

The teams that finished third in their groups are drawn against each other.

drawn to play   (oynamak için çizilmiş)

Ismail Qemali" was drawn to play against Teuta.

In the quarter-final, Hibs were drawn to play SPL club Falkirk away.

The club originally entered the FA Cup and were drawn to play Preston Zingari.

horse drawn

The first tram, horse drawn, ran in 1876 on Canebière.

This invention was the horse drawn forerunner of the modern day road grader.

Urban tramways were in operation between 1858 and 1954, initially as horse drawn systems.

not drawn

BYOV venues are run by artists who were not drawn in the lottery and are therefore arranging their own venue.

However, it is believed that these illustrations were made as copies of an earlier herbal and were not drawn from nature.

During visits to his sister at Port-Royal in 1654, he displayed contempt for affairs of the world but was not drawn to God.

drawn upon

Not everything is drawn upon.

However, it was heavily drawn upon by Storm in composing "Het Notite Boeck".

The philosophers Louis Althusser, Gilles Deleuze, Antonio Negri and Étienne Balibar have each drawn upon Spinoza's philosophy.

drawn towards

He was drawn towards it by the title "Tamas" (lit.

As a teenager, he was drawn towards films by his class teacher.

He had joined Hindu College in 1825 and was subsequently drawn towards Derozio.

first drawn

Attention was first drawn to "H. T. C .

It was first drawn up in the 1950s.

The series was drawn 2–2, the first drawn Ashes series since 1972.

often drawn   (sıklıkla çizilmiş)

The K complete graph is often drawn as a "regular pentagon" with all 10 edges connected.

His style of play has often drawn comparisons with that of his favorite NBA player Toni Kukoč.

Artistic parallels "are often drawn between the energy of São Paulo today and 1970s New York."

plans drawn

The Ernst Ludwig House was built as a common atelier following plans drawn up by Joseph Maria Olbrich.

The chancel, presbytery and tower were rebuilt in 1903 according to plans drawn up by the architect Frederick Walters.

Enlistment and organisation was primarily regionally based and was undertaken under mobilisation plans drawn up in 1912.