Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

draws upon   (se inspira)

This draws upon Loan Market Association documents.

She draws upon a diverse musical background.

In the second dispute, Malachi draws upon the Levitical Code (e.g.

draws inspiration   (se inspira)

The game draws inspiration from Space Station 13.

He draws inspiration from people he meets in New Orleans.

Williams also draws inspiration from numerous video games.

draws attention   (Llama la atención)

The audible alert draws attention to the scrolling notification.

Hugh Lloyd-Jones draws attention to Richard Wagner's reverence of Aeschylus.

Gore Vidal also draws attention to this link in a BBC documentary about oration.)

draws heavily   (dibuja mucho)

Paul draws heavily here from the Wisdom of Solomon.

It draws heavily on graph theory and mathematical logic.

This article draws heavily on the in the German-language Wikipedia.

draws against   (empates contra)

They got two points both from 0–0 draws against PAOK.

Nepal had two successful draws against much stronger Philippines and Yemen at home, both ended 0–0.

Coventry City tie with Tottenham Hotspur for most league draws against Southampton, with 39 in 122 meetings.