İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

drew up   (çizdi)

Zhang Zhizhong drew up a plan of burning the city.

Seth Raynor drew up re-design plans in 1921.

Paul M. G. Lévy drew up the exact design of the new flag.

drew attention   (dikkat çekti)

In 1927, Bohr drew attention to a consequence of non-separability.

The book also drew attention for Sparky's colorful manner of speech.

The proposal drew attention and some action but was never implemented.

drew inspiration   (ilham aldı)

He drew inspiration from the ideas of Joseph Rabinowitz.

In creating "Tetris", he drew inspiration from these toys.

She drew inspiration from John Laughlin’s work in abstract art.

drew criticism   (eleştiri çekti)

This position drew criticism from a number of corners.

Levitt drew criticism for writing an article called "Hoodwinked?

The length of "The Velvet Rope" drew criticism from certain music critics.

drew the attention   (dikkat çekti)

This drew the attention of a barman named Alex Charlson.

His artistic talent drew the attention of other artists.

Violence in Medan drew the attention of national security officers.

drew upon   (üzerine çizildi)

The paper drew upon Book of Mormon imagery.

Brooks drew upon his own battles with alcohol for his act.

The Cave 19 drew upon on the plan and experimentation in Cave 9.

drew comparisons   (karşılaştırmalar çizdi)

The book drew comparisons to "Where the Wild Things Are".

Smith drew comparisons to Ryan Clady.

The goal drew comparisons to former Rangers favourite Ian Durrant.

drew heavily

"I Love Lucy" drew heavily from both film and radio.

Hugo Grotius drew heavily on "De officiis" in his major work, "On the Law of War and Peace".

Matos drew heavily from Baroque influences such as the Spanish poets Luis de Góngora and Francisco de Quevedo.

drew away

Salsabil drew away from her opponents to win by six lengths.

He drew away near the finish to win by two and a half lengths from First Lieutenant.

In the straight he drew away from his rivals and won easily by five lengths from Maiden Erlegh.

drew more

who drew more wrath from the faithful."

She drew more votes than any other Republican candidate on the ballot.

The first year for the Challenge drew more than 250 entries to select from.

drew many

Her particular style of singing drew many comparisons to Billie Holiday.

The relics drew many devotees to the church, which became a center of pilgrimage.

drew up plans

Kenji G. Taguma drew up plans for it.

Wright drew up plans for the building with his close assistant, John Howe.

Meanwhile, he drew up plans for the ideal city he planned to build on Bermuda.

then drew   (sonra çizdi)

Loan then drew his sidearm and shot the prisoner.

Senio then drew his machete and raced to halt the logging.

Luton then drew 0–0 away to Blackpool.

drew national   (ulusal çekti)

The Massena blood libel drew national attention.

Health: There was an epidemic of Dengue illness in this village which drew national attention.

The fire drew national attention and a visit from Governor Tim Pawlenty, who inspected the damage first-hand.

drew praise

Their comedic routine drew praise from the "Jamaica Gleaner" in 1927.

The admiration was mutual: a performance of some of Wolf's compositions in 1752 drew praise from Bach.

Nunez received much attention over the summer scouting period and drew praise for his shooting ability.

drew much

La India's involvement with Santería drew much criticism.

"2TV" drew much criticism for its limited choice of musical style.

"The Monk by the Sea" furthered his success and drew much attention.

drew the ire   (öfkeyi çekti)

It also drew the ire of some athletes.

This drew the ire of many East Asian listeners, who felt that the flag represented Japanese militarism from World War II.

His remarkably animated displays of emotion on the mound made him a fan favorite, but also drew the ire of opposing teams.

drew a crowd   (kalabalık çekti)

The match in Yallourn was affected by rain, but still drew a crowd estimated at 3,500 people.

This first meeting drew a crowd of more than 500 people and was presided over by Bishop Hugh Boyle.

The 1995 edition was also a success as it also drew a crowd of 11,500 people but was not equivalent to the 1994 tournament.

event drew   (olay çekildi)

The event drew spiritual luminaries from across the world.

The event drew 420 entrants, generating a prize pool of €4,032,000.

According to Annie Van Tornhout, a Showtime Sports publicist, the event drew an average of 529,000 viewers for the live and delayed broadcast.

wrote and drew

He wrote and drew Dan Dare's Venus and Red Moon stories, plus a complete storyline for Operation Saturn.

Between 1995 and 1998 Dawson wrote and drew a daily comic strip for his college newspaper "The Daily Targum".

He also wrote and drew all but two issues (#7 and #12) of the 20-issue comedic adventure series "Plastic Man" vol.

drew closer

As the end of the lease drew closer, Hong Kong's future was uncertain.

Additionally, over the next two years, the city of St. Gallen and Appenzell drew closer.

As the date for the centre's closure, set for mid-2004, drew closer, both sides increased the pressure.

drew large

The Ting Tings also drew large numbers to the O2 Stage.

These performances drew large audiences.

The discovery once again drew large crowds to Attercliffe Common.

drew national attention   (ulusal ilgi çekti)

The Massena blood libel drew national attention.

Health: There was an epidemic of Dengue illness in this village which drew national attention.

The fire drew national attention and a visit from Governor Tim Pawlenty, who inspected the damage first-hand.

team drew   (takım çekti)

The team drew with Tonga and then lost to New Zealand.

The team drew only 39,000 fans all season.

Vietnam women's team drew Thailand 0–0 and won 3–0 on penalty in final match.

drew parallels   (paralellikler çizdi)

The media in India drew parallels to Dhoom 2.

Camus drew parallels among football, human existence, morality, and personal identity.

Benjamin provided his own evaluations of various cultures he encountered and, sometimes, drew parallels between customs he encountered.

drew near   (yaklaştı)

The end of the once grand racetrack drew near.

Both cities proved to be corrupt as the second election drew near.

As the law drew near, Lansky forced Siegel to drop a gun that Siegel was trying to brandish.