Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

drill hall   (sala de perforación)

The Baker Street drill hall was completed in 1896.

The drill hall is also home to Detroit Roller Derby.

The drill hall is long and has two tall mansard towers.

drill bit   (broca)

Such screws are best installed after drilling a pilot hole with a tapered drill bit.

A hole saw usually attaches to a mandrel, the latter being basically a drill bit with threads to secure the saw.

In "DTH" drilling, the percussion mechanism – commonly called the hammer – is located directly behind the drill bit.

drill team   (equipo de perforación)

It is composed of a Guard of Honour, a VIP protection company, a drill team, and a military band.

Even after he had become a general, Powell kept on his desk a pen set he had won for a drill team competition.

Cadet Powell joined the Pershing Rifles, the ROTC fraternal organization and drill team begun by General John Pershing.