Фразы и примеры предложений

soft drinks   (безалкогольные напитки)

Bokha is often consumed with soft drinks as mixers.

Besides beers, the company also produces soft drinks.

of pre-war Dutch soft drinks under the brand name Royal Club.

alcoholic drinks   (алкогольные напитки)

(Also see list of alcoholic drinks, and liquors by national origin.)

It is also a method of producing spirits from milder alcoholic drinks.

They also banned coffee, tea, alcoholic drinks, milk, and warm bathwater.

food and drinks

There, the men give the group some "traditional" food and drinks.

The singers stops at neighbors' houses to get some food and drinks.

They wanted a sexy Mexican party with all the traditional food and drinks.

energy drinks

The inaugural 2006 awards were sponsored by V energy drinks.

Guarana is now widely consumed as an ingredient of popular energy drinks.

Subsequently, he turned the Red Bull drink into a world market leader among energy drinks.