hard drive   (ハードドライブ)

The hard drive is also easily upgradeable.

This is the first Xbox 360 to come with a 250GB hard drive.

Small BBSes copied each file individually to their hard drive.

wheel drive   (車輪駆動)

The transmission was 5-speed manual with rear wheel drive only.

The powertrain comes as a rear wheel drive or four wheel drive.

next drive   (次のドライブ)

Connecticut promptly responded on their next drive.

Following the safety, the Mustangs' next drive ended in a punt.

During the next drive, he broke free on a 49-yard touchdown run.

disk drive   (ディスクドライブ)

Amstrad used Hitachi's 3" floppy disk drive.

The disk drive industry has followed a different pattern.

Floppy disks are read and written by a floppy disk drive (FDD).

drive away   (追い払う)

The city of Chania is about 22 minutes drive away.

Indeed, Dale had earlier managed to drive away Josie.

They drive away towards a better life away from Sin City.

drive off   (追い払う)

They get themselves ready and drive off to work.

Then they drive off to start their "scavenger hunt".

Rodney and Albert drive off in the van after the ambulance.

final drive   (ファイナルドライブ)

The NP transfer case gave a 4.88:1 final drive ratio.

The transmission went to the front to the final drive.

The Model A had a wheelbase with a final drive ratio of 3.77:1.

first drive   (最初のドライブ)

This year also saw his first drive in the Le Mans 24 Hour race.

On their first drive, Darriel Mack Jr. led the Knights on a 6-play, 69-yard drive.

Carter was sacked twice on the first drive of the half, with the Red Raiders having to punt.

drive through   (ドライブスルー)

The driver attempted to drive through the intersection.

Thomson became the last motorist to drive through the tunnel.

The men notice that the seal is a hologram and drive through it.

drive system   (運転システム)

The biggest difference compared to the DUT11 was the four-wheel drive system.

It is available in both front-wheel drive or "E-Four" all-wheel drive system.

The R uses an updated, fifth-generation Haldex 4MOTION four-wheel drive system.

opening drive   (オープニングドライブ)

For the first time in the 2006 season, FSU scored a touchdown on their opening drive.

On the opening drive, Notre Dame drove the field for an unsuccessful field goal attempt.

After the game, Schembechler said the opening drive of the second half was the "turning point."

used to drive   (運転に使用)

A silent chain is used to drive the camshafts.

Many kinds of power plant have been used to drive propellers.

A KWL chart can be used to drive instruction in the classroom.

afternoon drive   (午後のドライブ)

In afternoon drive time, attorney Dan Caplis is heard.

Legend Joe Niagara soon joined the station with an afternoon drive show.

Ken Matthews hosted the morning show and Chuck McGee did afternoon drive.

morning drive   (朝のドライブ)

KFXX starts the day with "Dusty and Cam" in morning drive time.

The station started to air the syndicated Opie & Anthony during morning drive.

First is KFI's local morning drive time show, in which he comments on current events.

flash drive   (フラッシュドライブ)

Anton then copies the phone's recording onto a flash drive.

Peter steals the flash drive with Drew's memories to conceal his identity.

Cruzer Enterprise Developed by SanDisk, the Cruzer Enterprise was an encrypted USB flash drive.

ensuing drive   (続くドライブ)

The ensuing drive resulted in a 38-yard Leigh Tiffin field goal and a 3–0 lead.

On the ensuing drive, Michigan faced a fourth down with one yard to go at its own 29-yard line.

On the ensuing drive, Bills quarterback Rob Johnson led a 5-play, 37-yard drive to the Titans' 24-yard line.

able to drive   (運転できる)

Mike informs Gus they may be able to drive Walter and Jesse apart.

However, the Confederates were able to drive back each Union attack.

These were able to drive her at a maximum speed of 8 knots (15 km/h).

drive up   (ドライブアップ)

Continued participation would drive up project support costs.

This money was used to drive up the prices of stocks in the stock market.

Competition was fierce and the energy crisis had begun to drive up the price for resins.

drive time   (運転時間)

In afternoon drive time, attorney Dan Caplis is heard.

KFXX starts the day with "Dusty and Cam" in morning drive time.

A year later, he moved to afternoon drive time, the time slot he hosts today.

hard disk drive   (ハードディスクドライブ)

All hard disk drive manufacturers state capacity using SI prefixes.

The use of solid state drives is also beginning to rival the hard disk drive.

The first terabyte (SI prefix, bytes) hard disk drive was introduced in 2007.

front wheel drive   (前輪駆動)

The 440 was a five-door front wheel drive hatchback and the 460 a saloon.

The AD van used a front wheel drive engine configuration shared with the Sunny.

Nissan FF-L platform The Nissan FF-L is an automobile platform for front wheel drive automobiles.

drive shaft   (駆動軸)

The drive shaft and final drive assembly are built into the left side of the double sided swing arm.

On many shaft-drive motorcycles the drive shaft is contained in one of the long sides of the swingarm.

The drive shaft was upgraded by HUSS in 2003, but by then many units had been scrapped or sold for parts.

drive back   (ドライブバック)

Becky decides to keep her baby as they drive back home.

However, the Confederates were able to drive back each Union attack.

Guards in Sana'a used tear gas and a water cannon to drive back the crowd.

scoring drive   (得点ドライブ)

At the start of the third quarter, Reich led the Terrapins on a scoring drive after scoring drive.

With just over four minutes remaining in regulation, the Knights went on a swift 75-yard scoring drive.

line drive   (ラインドライブ)

He threw a sinker to Harold Baines, who hit a line drive into McLaughlin's face.

The line drive resulted in a broken nose for Matthews; surgery followed the incident.

The Senators' Sam Rice ran after an Earl Smith line drive hit into right center field.

drive down   (降りる)

"The cars, in fact, drive down the middle of the road."

This and later privatisation of Český Telecom helped drive down prices.

Toledo continued their drive down the field as the second quarter began.

drive vehicles   (運転車)

Access is limited to 4-wheel drive vehicles.

The Leyland plant also had the ability to produce four wheel drive vehicles.

Those wishing to access the mountain are suggested to use four wheel drive vehicles.

minutes drive   (分のドライブ)

The city of Chania is about 22 minutes drive away.

It is just 50 minutes drive from Fuzhou city.

It is just 30 minutes drive from Hubli.

not drive   (運転しない)

He did not have any extra base hits and did not drive in a run.

He did not register an extra-base hit, and did not drive in a run.

Drivers who do not drive for at least one hour do not receive points.

rear wheel drive   (後輪駆動)

The transmission was 5-speed manual with rear wheel drive only.

The powertrain comes as a rear wheel drive or four wheel drive.

It has been a huge success for the company, along with the rear wheel drive Nissan FM platform.

hand drive   (ハンドドライブ)

It was the first Scania-Vabis truck with left hand drive.

The 350 was right hand drive model like all trucks built in Italy until 1974.

Many rural United States Postal Service routes used specially ordered right hand drive Legacys to deliver mail.

drive that ended   (終わったドライブ)

Lefors first arrived in Wyoming in 1885 after working on a cattle drive that ended there.

South Carolina responded with a quick drive that ended with a 31-yard Lanning field goal as time expired in the first half with the score 13–6.

On Buffalo's first play of the third quarter, Antowain Smith broke off a 44-yard run, sparking a 62-yard drive that ended with his 4-yard touchdown run 4 plays later.

touchdown drive   (タッチダウンドライブ)

Tampa's final touchdown drive of the night was again set up by a Kent turnover.

Florida followed with what turned out to be its only touchdown drive of the game.

After forcing UCF into a 3-and-out, the Tigers went on a 4-play, 66 yard touchdown drive.

drive train   (ドライブトレイン)

Cars use clutches in places other than the drive train.

The engine and drive train were constructed by French at Brownsville.

Daniel French's steam engine and drive train were substantially different from Fulton's.

chain drive   (チェーンドライブ)

Power is transmitted to the road through a five-speed chain drive.

Later models used a chain drive.

Bogies with flanged wheels were fitted, and power was taken to the wheels by a chain drive to the axles.

drive around   (走り回る)

They all wear black and drive around in a menacing fashion.

It was instructed to stay stationary until October 5, 1997 (sol 91) and then drive around the lander.

He started his drive around the final turn and drew off to win by lengths over a fast closing Seek Gold.

long drive   (長いドライブ)

There are several well-known names in long drive.

This number was worth the long drive from downtown Washington”.

Many animals weakened by the long drive died in transit, further increasing the per-unit shipping cost.

floppy drive   (フロッピードライブ)

A limited number of 1040STFs shipped with a single-sided floppy drive.

The user could drag the image of the floppy drive to the trash can on the desktop to eject the disk.

The BIOS was hard-coded to boot from the first floppy drive, or, if that failed, the first hard disk.

drive home   (家に帰る)

Swanson left Canby for the drive home before midnight.

On a drive home, Ethan nearly runs over Lena, whose car has broken down.

On her frantic drive home, she hears a voice in her head and loses control of the car.

drive towards   (に向かってドライブ)

Hee-ju requested to drive towards In-pyo short of crashing into him.

This drive towards lightening was based on a misunderstanding of the component's mechanical behaviour.

Until the drive towards economic and monetary union the development of the capital provisions had been slow.

direct drive   (ダイレクトドライブ)

Systems that use magnetic direct drive turbines require greater amounts of rare metals.

In the 1970s, DJs would have to lug heavy direct drive turntables and crates of records to clubs and shows.

In aviation applications it is used as a direct drive engine, turning a propeller without a reduction drive.

short drive   (ショートドライブ)

Bendidee National Park is located a short drive to the north east of the town.

It is notable for its proximity to the International Peace Garden, a short drive south on Highway 10.

The Three Sisters Wilderness, the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, and Smith Rock are just a short drive away.

drive the car   (車を運転する)

Plus, she was given permission to drive the car.

One teammate has to drive the car off road.

It was tough to drive the car, but not the short Quattro before."

drive cars   (車を運転する)

Four-wheel drive cars cannot be raced in any of the above categories.

Two-wheel drive cars and Group R2 and R3 cars are still eligible to enter rallies.

These were restricted to two-wheel drive cars with atmospheric engines up to 2000cc.

drive ended   (ドライブ終了)

Following the safety, the Mustangs' next drive ended in a punt.

The drive ended when a Shawn Robinson pass was intercepted in the endzone by Jordyn Brooks, who returned the interception to the Texas Tech 3-yard line.

Texas continued to struggle for offense in McCoy's absence, and on the next possession a Texas drive ended when Javier Arenas intercepted a Gilbert pass at the Alabama 25.

floppy disk drive   (フロッピーディスクドライブ)

Amstrad used Hitachi's 3" floppy disk drive.

Floppy disks are read and written by a floppy disk drive (FDD).

The CPC664 features 64 KB RAM and an internal 3-inch floppy disk drive.

electric drive   (電気駆動)

The next phase of technology Audi is developing is the e-tron electric drive powertrain system.

Since 2010, BYD Auto, the global leader in electric vehicles, builds buses with electric drive.

The ship's electric drive supplied about 55% of Anchorage's electricity requirements from 1946 to 1955.

main drive   (メインドライブ)

The main drive is also popular with cyclists, runners, and skaters.

After 1990 she was refit with Caterpillar diesel main drive engines.

managed to drive   (運転できた)

Indeed, Dale had earlier managed to drive away Josie.

Together with the Tibetan army they managed to drive out the Nepalese by the autumn of 1792.

Mithqal and his escort fired back and managed to drive off their attackers, but Mithqal was badly wounded.

petition drive   (請願ドライブ)

A petition drive was launched demanding Littlejohn be sacked.

While the petition drive for the 2014 effort failed, Johnson has continued to work towards marijuana reform.

Fans in Rockford, Illinois staged an (unsuccessful) petition drive to get Springsteen to add their city to the tour's routing.

shaft drive   (シャフトドライブ)

The two larger cars had four speed gearboxes and they all had shaft drive.

A very small number of bicycles use a shaft drive to transmit power, or special belts.

The CB900c had a front and rear air assisted suspension, shaft drive, and a dual-range sub-transmission.

test drive   (試乗)

In 1973, Mason and fellow neo-Nazi Greg Hurles went to a car dealership in order to test drive a car.

A test drive of a Formula 2 was awarded to the most meritorious driver of the year, which was Aaron Steele.

It also greatly reduced the space available in the boot/trunk, which was something customers might notice even before asking for a test drive.

drive across   (横切る)

The drive across may take up to two months, after which "Curiosity" will stay at Glenelg for a month.

It was named for Dave Geeting, who owned land to the south and west of the bridge, and was the first to drive across it.

This they convert into a holiday caravan, which they drive across continental Europe, intending to reach the South of France.

order to drive   (運転する)

Nimzowitsch's colleague Tartakower observed of him, "He pretends to be crazy in order to drive us all crazy."

One monster breaks free from the Vortaak's control, and battles the other monsters in order to drive off the Vortaak.

The player assumes the role of a pilot who manns an advanced fighter in order to drive the aliens invading the Earth away.

sex drive   (セックスドライブ)

He has less wit, less wardrobe and less sex drive.

He has commented on the possible link between the sex drive and risk taking.

Kimberly had originally hired Megan, a prostitute, to service Michael until her sex drive returned.