later dropped   (後で落とした)

Her uniform was later dropped to her by parachute.

The word "vereinigten" (unified) was later dropped.

He was later dropped form Cork's championship panel.

dropped off   (脱落)

By 2015 it had dropped off the bottom of the list.

In both robberies, someone dropped off the robbers.

The four adolescents are being dropped off by Zafer.

then dropped   (その後落とした)

His contract was then dropped by Interbox as a result.

Robson scored 9 and 43, but then dropped out of the side.

Fleisher then dropped into the USA2 finals.

dropped down   (落ちた)

The price dropped down to $3,995,000 in March 2018.

Kenny Roberts Jr. dropped down to 11th position.

The following week it dropped down one to #6.

dropped back   (ドロップバック)

Staubach dropped back and threw for Drew Pearson.

It dropped back to number 23 on the following week.

The league dropped back to Junior B in 1991.

eventually dropped

He was eventually dropped from the panel in 2012.

The criminal case against him was eventually dropped.

Charges against those students were eventually dropped.

charges were dropped

The total owed was $4,500, but the charges were dropped.

The charges were dropped after three years.

The charges were dropped in January 2019.

subsequently dropped

3 Arts Entertainment subsequently dropped C.K.

All charges were subsequently dropped.

He subsequently dropped down to the Isthmian League where he spent a season with Billericay Town.

dropped due

The charges were later dropped due to lack of evidence.

Counts 1 and 4 were soon dropped due to lack of evidence.

The charge against him was dropped due to lack of evidence.

dropped to number   (数に落とした)

The album dropped to number 84 in its second week.

On 27 October 2012, the song dropped to number 3.

It then dropped to number 4 the next week selling 75,000 copies.

dropped when   (落ちたとき)

It was dropped when India became a republic on January 26, 1950.

The charges were later dropped when Lawford completed his probation.

Ledden had already been dropped when Wilson went through several meetings with the BBC.

dropped all

Oregon dropped all three, the Cougars lost the last three, and Washington the last two.

Duval County prosecutors dropped all charges against Richard after he completed a diversionary program.

The companies agreed to pay $180 million as compensation if the veterans dropped all claims against them.

dropped in favor   (賛成した)

It was dropped in favor of the standard M61 Vulcan gun.

All individual brands were dropped in favor of the US Foodservice brand.

Eventually this idea was dropped in favor of staging an outdoor music festival.

soon dropped

Either way another similar prop was soon dropped.

He briefly attended law school but soon dropped out.

Counts 1 and 4 were soon dropped due to lack of evidence.

dropped in favour   (賛成した)

Following the Bolton match he was dropped in favour of Sørensen.

Jamie Mallender and Rolf Munkes were dropped in favour of Magnus Rosen and Dario Mollo.

He played in the first seven games before being dropped in favour of Kidd, who took over for the next eight games.

name was dropped

That name was dropped again in 1962 and turned back into DWS.

Later in 1976, Elshinta name was dropped from the band's name.

The Black Horse name was dropped by Bradford and Bingley in 1999.

dropped below   (下に落ちた)

In 1993, membership dropped below 1 million.

Austin's Non-Hispanic White population first dropped below 50% in 2005.

As with most sudden trends, however, by 1984 sales had dropped below 1979 figures.

dropped heavy

The storm dropped heavy precipitation in and around Belize.

On the island, the hurricane dropped heavy rainfall up to .

The storm dropped heavy rainfall while crossing the Lesser Antilles.

dropped significantly

Acetylene usage for welding has dropped significantly.

However, demand dropped significantly around 1988 and BMW ended production in 1991.

The country's unemployment rate has since dropped significantly to pre-recession levels.

bombs were dropped

Three M115 feather bombs were dropped

On May 30, 1944, 100 bombs were dropped on Borongaj, each weighing 250 kg.

Some 1,000 tons of bombs were dropped in 48 hours, more than in London at the height of the Blitz.

station dropped   (駅が落ちた)

At the same time, the station dropped its airstaff.

In July 2002, the station dropped Univision and joined Azteca America.

The station dropped its CBC programming after CBSM was launched in 1981.

dropped heavy rainfall

On the island, the hurricane dropped heavy rainfall up to .

The storm dropped heavy rainfall while crossing the Lesser Antilles.

In West Bengal, the storm uprooted trees and dropped heavy rainfall.

bombs dropped

812 Squadron FAA and heavily damaged by two bombs dropped by the aircraft.

On 5 February, "U-22" avoided being hit by seven bombs dropped by an enemy airplane.

Many of the bombs dropped were 1,000 kg SC 1000, 1,400 kg SC 1400, and 2,500 kg SC 2500 bombs.

before being dropped

They each burn for 130 seconds before being dropped into the ocean.

It was sold for only a short period before being dropped (along with OpenStep) in 1996.

He stood up at 8 and proceeded to get hit with more clean right hands from Arreola before being dropped again.

quickly dropped

However, the song quickly dropped off the UK chart after peaking, spending only five weeks in the UK top 100.

However he was regarded as an "enthusiastic novice" and quickly dropped by Preston, leaving the club in February 1891.

This did not last, however, and temperatures quickly dropped; at 1080 CE summer temperatures had reached a maximum of .

population dropped

By the late 1880s, the population dropped to 250.

By the 1920s, the town's population dropped.

The population dropped from approximately 120 to 60 million.

dropped dramatically

His draft stock dropped dramatically over the season.

Around 10,000 years ago, the lake's level dropped dramatically, probably even lower than today.

Consumer spending and foreign investment dropped dramatically and depressed growth in 2010 to 0.3%.

dropped because   (落とした)

The ħ is often dropped because it is the "fundamental" unit of spin, and it is implied that "spin 1" means "spin 1 ħ".

Lee Byung-hun was cleared of charges in 2010, and her claim for damages was dropped because she also refused to participate.

Lara said he declined selection in a stand of solidarity, when these players were dropped because of their sponsorship deals.

album dropped

The album dropped to number 84 in its second week.

In its second week, the album dropped to number 24 on the chart.

The following week, the album dropped out of the top 100 altogether.

having dropped

They find Jadis alone, having dropped her aloof nature.

After her return to Warsaw, having dropped out of college, she joined the Staff group.

dropped anchor

Christopher Columbus first dropped anchor in Costa Rica in 1502 at Isla Uvita.

She cleared Newport on 3 January and dropped anchor in Guantanamo Bay 11 days later.

After the radio transmission, "Bowbelle" travelled downstream to Gallions Reach, where she dropped anchor.

dropped during

The accusation was dropped during the second hearing.

Production dropped during the war.

In 2006 the band signed to major label Capitol, however they were soon dropped during the label's merger with Virgin.

team dropped   (チームが脱落した)

The team dropped to 7th place in the standings that year.

The team dropped to eighth in the Constructors' Championship by the end of the season.

He organized late night team meetings after the team dropped three straight SEC games.

charges dropped

In May 2018, Balogun had all charges dropped against him.

The boat was sunk by depth charges dropped by a Vickers Wellington of No.

On the 27th, she was sunk by depth charges dropped from Liberator S of No.

storm dropped   (嵐が落ちた)

The storm dropped heavy precipitation in and around Belize.

The storm dropped heavy rainfall while crossing the Lesser Antilles.

The storm dropped heavy rainfall, peaking at 10.29 inches (261 mm) in Little Falls.

ultimately dropped

However, Costas ultimately dropped out of the coverage entirely.

Support for the MEP ultimately dropped from eleven to eight seats in the Estates.

Terpstra ultimately dropped back into the main field to allow the gap to increase.

dropped sharply

Due to the many changes the listening figures dropped sharply.

However, enrollment dropped sharply because of the Panic of 1873.

After the IPO, shares of Bharti Infratel dropped sharply at the commencement of trading.