drug use   (薬物使用)

However, his drug use eventually gets him fired.

The song paints an unflattering picture of hard drug use.

His wife, Lauren Fisher, called his drug use body hacking.

drug trafficking   (麻薬密売)

The house was widely known for drug trafficking.

The state of Michoacan has been a "hot spot" in drug trafficking.

Meanwhile, connections to drug trafficking were evident at the compound.

drug addiction   (麻薬中毒)

Brody then tells her about his drug addiction.

's alcoholism and Emily's drug addiction.

Ruffin first sought treatment for his drug addiction in 1967.

drug abuse   (薬物乱用)

The despair he felt led him into alcohol and drug abuse.

While she seeks fame, she destroys herself through drug abuse.

Another use of LTP is in drug abuse.

drug dealer   (麻薬の売人)

It was then that he resorted to becoming a drug dealer.

He also played Dante the drug dealer in "1-800-Justice".

The drug dealer goes outside and is killed.

drug trade

However his knowledge of the drug trade would sometimes come in handy.

Crestmont saw a rise in crime in the 1980s due to the illegal drug trade.

He encouraged everyone not to buy in the black market and fight against Illegal drug trade.

drug dealers

Targets are drug dealers and other criminal elements.

Christ also released a defendant who was one of his alleged drug dealers.

Soo-jin joins his crackdown on drug dealers, and the two start to fall in love.

drug test   (薬物検査)

The ATP dropped the failed drug test as a warning.

He gets them the drug test documents.

On May 21, 2017, it was reported that Briggs had failed a drug test.

drug lord   (麻薬密売組織のボス)

Chris' friend tries to talk him into robbing Diego Garcia, a powerful drug lord.

He also said that the drug lord would ask his victims how they wanted to be killed.

The first Cairn drug lord killed is Kanis-Biz, father of Bek's estranged wife, Marij'n Bek.

drug addict   (麻薬中毒者)

He visits another ex-cop, Rojack, who has become a drug addict.

Later that year, Flockhart starred in "Jane Doe" as a drug addict.

For example, it is seriously disputed that Poe really was a drug addict.

drug and alcohol   (薬物とアルコール)

K wing is a drug and alcohol detox unit for 22 prisoners.

A wing provides drug and alcohol support for 134 prisoners.

The recovery houses use a 12-step program to rehabilitate drug and alcohol addicts.

drug overdose   (薬物の過剰摂取)

Police originally considered her death a drug overdose.

In 1968, she died from a drug overdose.

Nineteen months later, August 4, 1962, Monroe died of a likely drug overdose.

illegal drug   (違法薬物)

In Verdun, Quebec, Dany runs an illegal drug cartel.

La Mosquitia is used as a route for illegal drug smuggling.

Crestmont saw a rise in crime in the 1980s due to the illegal drug trade.

drug store

Out of work, Storey launched another drug store.

The two of them also worked together at a drug store.

In 1975 he built his first drug store in Kirchheim unter Teck.

drug delivery   (ドラッグデリバリー)

Such nanofibrous formats are also useful for tissue engineering and drug delivery.

There are many intravenous methods of drug delivery, known as vascular access devices.

Her research looks to design biocompatible functional particles for targeted drug delivery.

drug users

Many youth were hard-core delinquents and drug users.

It included serious criminals and drug users.

Kampia campaigned to end the arrest of nonviolent drug users.

drug dealing   (麻薬取引)

It is a story about illegal immigration, crime and drug dealing.

Eventually Jake fell into the easy money-making system of drug dealing.

Eventually being desperate for money led him down the path of drug dealing.

drug addicts   (麻薬中毒者)

Lake Eola Park became a haven for prostitutes and drug addicts.

Another young couple, Marybeth and Benny, are both drug addicts.

He often targeted drug addicts.

prescription drug   (処方薬)

Bicalutamide is a prescription drug.

In 2011, Harding went to rehab for alcohol and prescription drug abuse.

Ranitidine was introduced in 1981, and was the world's biggest-selling prescription drug by 1987.

drug traffickers   (麻薬密売人)

Because of this, many drug traffickers and money launderers utilize banks in Belize.

In Naples the Inspector Rizzo, nicknamed "Flatfoot", defeats a gang of drug traffickers.

This entices drug traffickers and money launderers who want to utilize the banking system.

drug discovery   (創薬)

Features of morpheeins can be exploited for drug discovery.

He has contributed much to the field of drug discovery and development.

In 2002 he was hired by Microbia to lead their antifungal drug discovery efforts.

drug cartels

It was believed that drug cartels were responsible.

It is one of the weapons of choice of Mexican drug cartels.

Mexican drug cartels thrive in Atlanta.

new drug

Clinical trials showed that the new drug is relatively harmless.

He was seen peddling a new drug called "Icarus" throughout the streets of Chinatown.

The oxaprozin new drug application (NDA 18-841) was submitted to the FDA on August 10, 1982.

drug development   (医薬品開発)

In 1999, Merck started a drug development program on DPP-4 inhibitors.

T98G T98G is a glioblastoma cell line used in brain cancer research and drug development.

It focuses on drug development in several areas of medicine, in particular cancer therapy.

drug testing

Cousins attended drug testing in early November with no body hair long enough to sample.

In 1986, Reagan's Executive Order 12564 authorized drug testing for all Federal employees.

He reports on baseball's drug testing policies before 2002 and the newer policies after 2002.

drug smuggling

La Mosquitia is used as a route for illegal drug smuggling.

Bond goes to Holland to kill an IRA hitman involved in drug smuggling.

The region has long been plagued by lawlessness and is notorious for drug smuggling.

drug cartel   (麻薬カルテル)

In Verdun, Quebec, Dany runs an illegal drug cartel.

A note written by a drug cartel was found near his body.

They are aided by an undercover agent within Cota's drug cartel.

drug policy

1989, but through his lawyer challenged the legality of the CBA's drug policy.

He continued to write and give presentations on policing and drug policy up to his death.

Maher has strong opinions on US drug policy, advocating for the legalization of marijuana.

drug rehabilitation   (薬物リハビリテーション)

On 21 March, Cousins was admitted to drug rehabilitation.

The incident took place shortly before Jensen's entry to drug rehabilitation.

Online" reported that Patrick had entered a drug rehabilitation facility in New Jersey.

drug treatment   (薬物治療)

Sometimes systemic drug treatment is necessary.

Management usually consists of multiple debulking surgeries and/or drug treatment.

However, a significant proportion of these patients are intractable to drug treatment.

drug possession   (麻薬所持)

He also later spent time in prison for drug possession .

He was arrested for drug possession and refusing to submit to a blood test.

He was later also charged with drug possession and two counts of kidnapping.

alcohol and drug

The despair he felt led him into alcohol and drug abuse.

The album mostly consists of songs about decline due to alcohol and drug abuse.

A week later he flew to the Gold Coast for a three-day alcohol and drug binge during Schoolies week.

recreational drug

In many countries, cocaine is a popular recreational drug.

He refrains from recreational drug use.

Ketamine, a dissociative anesthetic, is sometimes used as a recreational drug.

drug used

Semustine Semustine is a drug used in chemotherapy.

Ortataxel Ortataxel is a drug used in chemotherapy.

Etoglucid Etoglucid is a drug used in chemotherapy.

drug resistance

Additionally, drug resistance can be acquired through epigenetic mechanisms.

The problem of drug resistance in malaria has driven efforts to develop vaccines.

The plague bacterium could develop drug resistance and again become a major health threat.

drug charges

He was arrested again in June 2006, on drug charges.

Bond was arrested and indicted on Federal drug charges.

Uptown broke up in 2000 after several group members were arrested on drug charges.

drug lords

He was among Mexico's most-wanted drug lords.

He was also considered one of Mexico's most-wanted drug lords.

He was widely regarded as one of the most violent drug lords operating in Mexico.

drug tests

Further drug tests returned positive for EPO and HGH.

These compounds may produce positive results for amphetamine on drug tests.

Failure to pass scheduled or random drug tests can result in ineligibility.

illicit drug   (違法薬物)

By 2006, the cartel sought to control most illicit drug sells.

Senator Ernesto Sanz criticized that it did not mention the high inflation, crime rates and illicit drug trade.

Murray in August 2018 returned a positive test for a matchday positive for an illicit drug, believed to be cocaine.

illegal drug trade

Crestmont saw a rise in crime in the 1980s due to the illegal drug trade.

Today, espionage agencies target the illegal drug trade and terrorists as well as state actors.

Prostitution and the illegal drug trade (including the overt sale and use of illegal drugs) was common along the street.

drug deal

Macbeth leads Duncan's gang to a drug deal with Macdonwald and his men.

Renny's drug deal goes wrong, and he is shot dead, leaving Cruz distraught.

Both worlds collide when the drug deal stumbles into the imploding stag weekend.

drug trafficker   (麻薬密売人)

But in spite of his misery Mat hesitates to become a drug trafficker.

The series stars Javier Rey as Sito Miñanco, an infamous Galician drug trafficker.

Dillon Wagner, an amateur drug trafficker, emerges from a coma and tries to figure out how he ended up in a hospital.

drug companies

However, this rule failed to motivate many drug companies to conduct additional pediatric drug trials.

But those colleagues can be in the pay of drug companies – often undisclosed – and the journals are too.

ICI and Glaxo licensed three “brand name” drug companies to make and sell the drug in finished form only.

drug problems

Baseball has been taken to task for turning a blind eye to its drug problems.

Due to drug problems within the band, they were forced to cancel an Australian tour.

He recovered from his drug problems and started his own surf school on Oahu's North Shore.

drug stores

Mostly, grocery and drug stores offer e-coupon services in loyalty program events.

The company's products are often sold at discount and drug stores, but rarely in other markets.

Students from Livingston College joined in the movement as well, and went to Salisbury drug stores to sit-in.

such as drug

The show featured officers within Homeland Security, who fought various crimes such as drug trafficking.

Storylines focussed on tackling 'issues', such as drug dealers, eco-warriors, religious cults, and a transsexual woman.

The novels frequently deal with some of the major issues of modern Spain such as drug trafficking or the relationship of religion and politics.

involved in drug

Bond goes to Holland to kill an IRA hitman involved in drug smuggling.

Diplomats and officials involved in drug smuggling have benefited from diplomatic immunity.

Flunitrazepam is a drug that is frequently involved in drug intoxication, including overdose.

drug war

Journalists have been killed every year since the drug war began.

For example, "El Mañana" has stopped its coverage of the drug war.

He was best known for his reports on the Mexican drug war and drug trafficking.

international drug

After leaving the force, Riley became an international drug smuggler.

Bush was assigned by Reagan to chair two special task forces, one on deregulation and one on international drug smuggling.

The international drug control system is overseen by the United Nations General Assembly and UN Economic and Social Council.

orphan drug   (オーファンドラッグ)

US FDA designated Pexa-Vec as an orphan drug.

APO200 gained orphan drug status from the FDA in February 2006.

Belinostat has been granted orphan drug and fast track designation by the FDA.

drug therapy

Another intriguing approach being tested is that of drug therapy.

The mainstay of drug therapy for PEA is epinephrine (adrenaline) 1 mg every 3–5 minutes.

After treatment, drug therapy is usually continued, and some patients receive maintenance ECT.

drug money

This is not drug money.

Skyler also promises to continue laundering Walt's drug money as long as the children stay away.

The scheme was based upon a Ponzi Pyramid; and it is alleged that drug money laundering was also involved.

local drug

The film is about two teenage boys from Helsinki who owe money to a local drug dealer.

Little Melvin, a local drug dealer, makes a large bet, defies expectations and hits the number.

He decides to help her kick the habit and fight the local drug mafia responsible for her condition.

drug problem

Crystal meth seeping across the border from North Korea has led to a drug problem.

Male gamblers were more likely to report a drug problem or being arrested on account of gambling.

"Government officials in a majority of U.S. counties now report that meth is their counties’ most serious drug problem.

drug design

Loteprednol etabonate was developed using retrometabolic drug design.

In turn, this has medical applications to rational drug design, through the field of molecular dynamics.

He is known for his work on protein-protein interactions, protein engineering and structure-based drug design.

drug kingpin

Ayman Saied Joumaa Ayman Saied Joumaa is a Colombian/Lebanese national and alleged drug kingpin.

Ramon Cota (Billy Drago) is a wealthy and powerful drug kingpin who controls the cocaine industry with an iron fist.

An unnamed U.S. official said that Treviño Morales may have been the man who fired the bullet that killed the drug kingpin.

other drug   (他の薬)

Plasmids responsible for ESBL production frequently carry genes encoding resistance to other drug classes (for example, aminoglycosides).

It is typically combined with a proton-pump inhibitor (such as omeprazole) and a macrolide antibiotic (such as clarithromycin); other drug combinations are also effective.

However, unlike other drug control laws, "possession and use" together will be subject to control, whereas the Cannabis Control Law can not punish for "cannabis use only".

against drug   (薬物に対して)

She also recorded public service announcements against drug driving and drug use in 1989.

She also founded "To Be Number One Project" to campaign against drug usage among teenagers.

Since December 2006 the Mexican government initiated a drug war against drug trafficking in Mexico.

designer drug

They raid a manufacturing plant of Nuke, a new designer drug that plagues Detroit.

CUMYL-PEGACLONE CUMYL-PEGACLONE (SGT-151) is a gamma-carboline based synthetic cannabinoid that has been sold as a designer drug.

Trip City Trip City is a novel set in the underground world of London nightclubs and concerns a fictional designer drug called FX.

drug laws

All three were arrested and charged with five separate violations of federal drug laws.

It is argued that as with alcohol, sobriety is the only safe alternative, and existing drug laws should be enforced.

Other state and local governments ask law enforcement agencies to limit enforcement of drug laws with respect to cannabis.

drug user   (麻薬使用者)

"He's not a steroid user or a drug user.

Higgins was a heavy drug user during his childhood and teens.

I have never, and can never, see the drug user as a 'criminal'.

drug interactions

The risk of drug interactions is increased with polypharmacy.

Induction or inhibition of these enzymes can cause drug interactions.

As such, estetrol is expected to harbor a low risk for drug interactions.