İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

played drums   (çalınmış davul)

Pink played guitar and sang while Brown played drums.

Ley first played drums and boogie-woogie piano.

Jeff Clyne played bass and Nigel Morris played drums.

playing drums   (davul çalmak)

Dancing and playing drums accompanies Bhadu.

He started playing drums at the age of ten.

He began playing drums at the age of three.

play drums   (davul çalmak)

Biuso play drums at the Cat Club in Los Angeles.

Evan Railton of Swords was asked to play drums.

He asked his classmate, Yu, to play drums.

drums and percussion   (davul ve perküsyon)

Alan Fish had joined the band by this time on drums and percussion, replacing Chris Watson.

Bob Bozina played guitar, John Craviotta drums and percussion, and Rick Oxendine played bass.

Like many other Big Pig songs, "Breakaway" features plentiful drums and percussion, but no guitars.

bass and drums

He learned to play guitar, bass and drums.

After high school he played bass and drums in new wave bands.

His rhythm section (piano, bass and drums) was Briggs, Putnam, and Carrigan.

plays drums

Echosmith’s youngest sibling, Graham, plays drums.

Welch herself plays drums on four tracks on the album.

His brother, Félix, plays drums on this album.

guitar and drums

He started playing guitar and drums in different bands.

Two different instruments are available; guitar and drums.

The music is provided by a live band including keyboard, trumpet, saxophone, bass guitar and drums.

playing the drums

Dahl began playing the drums at age 9.

He soon began playing the drums in church, and in Secondary School.

He likes playing the drums.

played the drums

Sidney played the trumpet and Leo played the drums.

Vallance played the drums on this recording.

Keith Levene: "Martin played the drums and I played the bass.

drums and vocals

Founder Michael Wadada performs on this album with sajoe, guitar, drums and vocals.

The group consists of Lindsey Troy (guitar, vocals) and Julie Edwards (drums and vocals).

Its members are Rachel Aggs (guitar and vocals), Gill Partington (bass guitar), and Rachel Horwood (drums and vocals).

bass drums

Some drummers may use two or more bass drums or use a double bass drum pedal with a single bass drum.

Snare, tom-tom and bass drums are always counted; Other drums such as octobans may or may not be counted.

By World War I, drum kits were often marching band-style military bass drums with many percussion items suspended on and around them.

drums and bass

All songs are played on the acoustic guitar, and some also include drums and bass.

The album was recorded in Roy's studio, and featured session players on drums and bass.

He notes that the song never gets boring, even when only the drums and bass are playing.

play the drums   (davul çalmak)

He began to play the drums at age 6.

I have to play the drums on it."

From there, he went on to play the drums, bass guitar, organ and piano.