İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

drunk driving   (sarhoş sürücü)

In 1991, Kentucky enacted stricter drunk driving laws.

The board also recommended stricter punishments for drunk driving.

In February 2011, Officer Rick Harmon was arrested for drunk driving.

gets drunk   (sarhoş olur)

When he fails to come to the restaurant, she gets drunk.

There is no limit for alcohol, before a man gets drunk."

One remains hungry, another gets drunk.

get drunk   (sarhoş olmak)

We'd just get drunk and wind up screaming at each other.

That night, a storm hits the island, and the two men get drunk.

Realizing it is a crime to take, they get drunk on the Seaside beach.

getting drunk   (sarhoş olmak)

He, Lister, Selby and Chen spend most of their free time getting drunk.

Banfield ends up getting drunk and makes a wild scene of entertainment in the hotel lobby.

On Vikram's birthday, the two men celebrate by getting drunk together, sharing bottles of alcohol.

drunk driver   (sarhoş sürücü)

Her friend's car was hit from behind by a drunk driver.

The drunk driver was the only one who survived the accident.

The trial court sentenced Verma Harrison, the drunk driver, to five years' probation on each count.

got drunk   (sarhoş)

He did not cry out, and the giant got drunk and slept.

On the train, all of them got drunk on cognac and champagne.

During Jeanne's wedding night, Tess got drunk and punched Brother Jacomo in the nose.