dry season   (乾季)

This black patches are absent in dry season forms.

There is frequent frost and fog in the dry season.

The city has a distinct wet season and dry season.

tropical dry   (熱帯乾燥)

It includes of southern tropical dry forest and a lake.

It likes tropical dry and moist forests.

The area is southern tropical dry deciduous forest with interspersed bush and grasslands.

dry forests   (乾燥した森)

Its natural habitats are rainforest and dry forests.

In Vietnam, it is described as common in dry forests.

The habitat consists of dry forests in Guinea savanna.

dry dock   (乾ドック)

The former dry dock now houses the Danish Maritime Museum.

The new dry dock was wide and deep, but only long at first.

Galați benefited of the country's only dry dock, built in 1937.

dry goods   (乾物)

After the war, he became a dry goods merchant in Halifax.

The people support two papers and there are several dry goods shops.

Once there, they opened a dry goods business on the courthouse square.

dry summers

This gives warm, dry summers and cold, snowy winters.

The city has hot, dry summers that last from June until September.

The climate is characterized by hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters.

during the dry

Forest fires are common during the dry season.

The whole country is windy and dusty during the dry season.

dry land   (乾燥地)

Now 90% of the Mongolian grasslands is fragile dry land.

Encroaching dry land trees began dying back.

The suffix “"-ey"” denotes an island or area of dry land.

tropical dry forests

Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical dry forests and subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests.

The pine-oak forests lie between elevation, and are surrounded at lower elevations by tropical moist forests and tropical dry forests.

The Atlantic Forest region is home to tropical and subtropical moist forests, tropical dry forests, tropical savannas, and mangrove forests.

dry air

The heptahydrate crystals effloresce in warm dry air.

The dry air travels up to and out of the discharge port.

It tolerates dry air and does not require constant spraying.

wet and dry   (湿気と乾燥)

The Kalinga practice both wet and dry rice farming.

It has a tropical wet and dry climate (Köppen: Aw).

Beriberi is seen in two forms: wet and dry.

hot and dry

Woss has long summers that tend to be hot and dry.

The hot and dry summer gives the deciduous forests.

The preceding summer had been unusually hot and dry.

dry conditions

Decomposition rates are low under very wet or very dry conditions.

In dry conditions, the gendarme can be bypassed on slopes beneath it.

Collagen normally converts to gelatin, but survived due to dry conditions.

dry climate   (乾燥した気候)

Kosti, like most of Sudan, has a very dry climate.

It has a tropical wet and dry climate (Köppen: Aw).

Vasai-Virar has a tropical wet and dry climate (Köppen: Aw).

dry shrubland

it is 4 km long with a sharp ridge rising to 233 m and is vegetated with dry shrubland and thicket containing baobabs.

very dry

Kosti, like most of Sudan, has a very dry climate.

This process required "very dry surface dirt."

The skin is also usually very dry and wrinkly.

dry up

Syria claimed that it would dry up of Syrian land.

A desiccant is added to the dish to dry up the solution.

The rivers dry up and the gods are stripped of their powers.

dry forest

The habitat consists of gallery forests and dry forest.

It includes of southern tropical dry forest and a lake.

The habitat consists of Guinea savanna and dry forest mosaic.

dry weather

The region excels at hot, sunny and dry weather.

The trail is passable to OHVs in dry weather.

In dry weather, white, paper spots with margins develop.

dry weight

Tea contains more caffeine than coffee by dry weight.

This urea is a major component of the dry weight of urine.

The S-II had a dry weight of about and fully fueled, weighed .

dry ice

In its solid state, carbon dioxide is commonly called dry ice.

It was a French scholar who revealed that he had discovered dry ice.

For example, dry ice has a sublimation temperature of which is equivalent to .

dry seasons

Benin has two rainy and two dry seasons per year.

These species survive the dry seasons through seed dormancy.

The area experiences an annual shift between rainy and dry seasons.

dry savanna

The habitat consists of very dry savanna.

The habitat consists of wet parkland savanna and dry savanna.

The habitat consists of dry savanna.

dry winters

Sidoarjo has a tropical savanna climate with dry winters.

This is followed by cold and dry winters.

Coming from monsoon areas, roscoeas are used to wet summers and dry winters.

dry goods store

Stevenson began his career as a clerk in a dry goods store in Nashville.

He migrated first to New Orleans, Louisiana where he worked in a dry goods store.

Barnes & Goodison continued to use the building as a dry goods store and drug store until 1904.

dry cleaning

The Viên family settled briefly in New Jersey, where his wife Tran Thi Tao ran a dry cleaning business.

Along the way she meets the owner of a dry cleaning business, whose sweater was wrapped around the baby.

Byyny claimed he incurred numerous dry cleaning bills and that his cheek was slightly bruised as a result of the pieing.

dry stone

Traditional stone masonry evolved from dry stone stacking.

The main structure is a one-story two-bay dry stone quarters.

It is a three-bay two-story hall-parlor plan dry stone house.

dry areas

It is frequent in dry areas at lower elevations (50–700 m).

The habitat consists of forests and disturbed and dry areas.

It is native to Australia, where it is widespread, especially in dry areas.

dry summer

The hot and dry summer gives the deciduous forests.

It is adapted for Western Oregon's wet winter and dry summer.

Harvest was in the late spring and during the dry summer months.

dry mouth   (口渇)

Other side effects can include irritation, dry mouth, nausea, and dizziness.

The main two side effects that occur from taking amitriptyline are drowsiness and a dry mouth.

Alcohol-containing mouthwashes may make dry mouth and halitosis worse since it dries out the mouth.

during dry

In summer, during dry times, it is only about 10 l / s, but in the spring the waterfall is a majestic sight.

Some of the flow of the Chess results from the outflow of treated sewage from Chesham Sewage Treatment Works, which is material during dry conditions.

The majority of islands in the Maldives do not have a secure supply of fresh water or distribution networks that can ensure sufficient safe freshwater during dry periods.

relatively dry   (比較的乾燥している)

Winters are relatively dry and chilly with cold wind.

He uses a relatively dry style of writing.

Lampang has a relatively dry climate relative to nearby provinces.

when dry   (乾いたとき)

Acrylic paints are water-soluble, but become water-resistant when dry.

Trackbite contains no petroleum distillates and is biodegradable when dry.

It is a reddish-brown color when moist, but becomes lighter brown when dry.

dry periods

It adapts well to ultisols and oxisols and can tolerate long dry periods.

It grows best in moist soils but will tolerate extended dry periods once established.

Small pores are critical for water retention and help a crop endure dry periods with minimal yield loss.

dry deciduous   (乾燥した落葉性)

It is not as often found in dry deciduous forests.

Teak occurs mixed with dry deciduous species.

The dry deciduous forest consists of teak, tendu and bamboo.

dry docks

It had four berths and five dry docks.

Three large dry docks were constructed and plans were available by 1894.

The yard has two dry docks and six cranes ranging up to forty tonnes lifting capacity.

hot dry

Menifee has mild winters and hot dry Summers.

Pô has an increasingly hot dry season and a warm wet season.

The region has a semi-arid climate with hot dry summers and cool winters.

dry lowland

They also are known to occur in dry lowland areas.

It lives in dry lowland forests.

It is found in wet and dry lowland forests in Panama, French Guiana, Venezuela, eastern Ecuador, Peru and Brazil.

warm and dry   (暖かく乾燥した)

The climate is mild subtropical, warm and dry.

Due to desert exposure, the climate of the area is warm and dry.

Summers are warm and dry and winters are chilly and wetter, with snowfalls.

dry lake

It grows in montane to desert habitats with saline soils, such as dry lake beds.

The earliest known human remains were found at Lake Mungo, a dry lake in the southwest of New South Wales.

The highway continues north following the western edge of Winnemucca Lake, a dry lake that once also was the terminus of the Truckee river.

dry rot   (乾腐)

Inadequate roof renovation work subsequently caused damage through damp and dry rot.

Phil imparts this good news to Edith, along with the bad news that a surveyor has found dry rot.

In 1967 the chapel closed because of dry rot, and the schoolroom was used as a chapel for a time.

found in dry

It is not as often found in dry deciduous forests.

It is found in dry forests with calcareous outcroppings.

It is found in dry woods and calcareous rocky habitats, from .

tropical dry forest

It includes of southern tropical dry forest and a lake.

Cerro Blanco Forest Cerro Blanco Forest (Spanish: "Bosque Protector Cerro Blanco") is a tropical dry forest reserve in the Guayas Province of Ecuador.

The forest fragments that still survive are primarily found along the coastal mountain ranges of Mache-Chindul, Jama-Coaque, and Chongon-Colonche, and include tropical dry forest, tropical wet forest, tropical moist evergreen forest, premontane cloud forest, and mangrove forest.

tropical dry lowland

Its natural habitats are dry savanna, subtropical or tropical dry lowland grassland, and subtropical or tropical high-altitude grassland.

dry sclerophyll

The fruit bodies of "Cortinarius basorapulus" grow underground in dry sclerophyll forest.

The dry sclerophyll bush is home to several walking tracks and lyrebirds are not uncommon nearby.

The subspecies occurs in New South Wales and Victoria in dry sclerophyll woodland and on coastal dunes.

dry lowland grassland

Its natural habitats are dry savanna, subtropical or tropical dry lowland grassland, and subtropical or tropical high-altitude grassland.

completely dry

Summers are warm to hot, and nearly completely dry.

It was completely dry as of 2004 and it is doubtful that it ever 'flows'.

Thinner and taller work can be built with partially dry or completely dry paper clay.

cold and dry

Kapkot is cold and dry for eight months of the year.

experienced cold and dry climatic conditions.

This is followed by cold and dry winters.

dry and wet

Jacó lies in a tropical climate zone mainly defined by distinct dry and wet seasons.

The prevailing climatic conditions in the barangay are categorized into two (2) types: dry and wet season.

It is one of the most common dragonflies in Asia, found in both the plains and hills and in dry and wet areas.