Фразы и примеры предложений

dual carriageway   (двойная проезжая часть)

The remainder of the road is dual carriageway, in length.

It will carry a two-lane dual carriageway.

The highway from Muara Town to Kuala Belait is a dual carriageway.

dual role   (двойная роль)

Vijay played a dual role for the first time in his career.

Thus, credited with playing the first dual role in Indian cinema.

It plays a dual role of administration and a national campaign strategy.

dual citizenship   (двойное гражданство)

He holds Danish and Bahraini dual citizenship.

Today, she has the dual citizenship, she is Swiss and Vietnamese.

Ulrike Diebold holds dual citizenship of both Austria and the USA.

dual purpose   (двойное назначение)

The mounts were of the dual purpose, open-base-ring type.

Eel and elver passes have a dual purpose.

They can serve a dual purpose as an anti-submarine warfare escort.

dual enrollment   (двойная запись)

The high school offers a dual enrollment program.

dual roles

It has 2000 VFX shots including the dual roles of Rajinikanth.

In 2015, she played dual roles in the melodrama, "I Have a Lover".

There are actors who straddle the dual roles of acting and directing.

holds dual

He holds dual British and Canadian citizenship.

He holds dual American and Italian citizenship.

He holds dual Canadian and Polish citizenship.

dual enrollment program

The high school offers a dual enrollment program.

dual gauge

In 1940–41, the Flekkefjord and Jæren Lines were rebuilt to dual gauge.

Part of the line was converted to dual gauge in 1944 to serve freight depots around Bandiana.

Volos station was converted to dual gauge, in order to accommodate trains of the two branches.

dual degree

Dongguk University also offers dual degree programme with Stony Brook University.

MacGyver went to Western Tech where he graduated with a dual degree in Chemistry and Physics.

As of October 2018, IISERs admit 1325 students in total each year for their dual degree BS-MS Program.

dual citizen   (двойной гражданин)

She is a dual citizen of Germany and the United States.

Button is a dual citizen of the United States and Canada.

He is a dual citizen of both Canada and the United States.

dual nationality   (двойная национальность)

Whether the other country recognizes dual nationality is irrelevant.

Players with dual nationality:

dual space

This is explained in the dual space article.

That is, Let be the dual space of .

Consequently, the dual space is an important concept in functional analysis.

offers a dual

The high school offers a dual enrollment program.

dual player   (двойной игрок)

A dual player, McCarthy joined the Cork senior football team in 1985.

McCormack subsequently progressed onto the Mallow under-21 team as a dual player.

Tom Collins (dual player) Tom Collins was a dual player from County Kerry, Ireland.

dual controls

It has an enclosed cabin with removable doors and is fitted with dual controls.

Student and instructor sit in tandem with dual controls under a multi-framed, continuous, two part sliding canopy.

There were two tandem open cockpits with dual controls under the wing, which had a rounded cut-out in its trailing edge.